TOP5 useful tips how to date Polish women

Why you should consider dating Polish womenPoland is the country situated in Central Europe, it has the Baltic Sea to the north, Russia to the right, and Germany to the left. It is the country not only of lakes and forests but also of beautiful and intelligent women.

The country welcomes 16 million travelers yearly. Who knows, you might be one of them? We from Best-Matchmaking work hard to help you find your love in any corner of the globe.

And we want to let you know something about these kind, nice, and honest Polish ladies who seek serious relationship and marriage with a western man.

You probably have heard already that girls from Poland are slim, pretty, and highly intelligent. Any western man would be happy to have one of them as a wife. But if you have no idea how to approach your Polish bride, we are here to help you.

Make yourself comfortable and read everything about dating Polish females below. We will let you know about all the pros and cons of dating women from Poland, and how to approach these modern beautiful ladies. Don’t miss this valuable information!

Why you should consider dating Polish women?

Why you should consider dating Polish womenBefore talking about why you should date Polish ladies, let’s try to understand what characteristics these women possess.

Polish ladies are well-educated and have strong beliefs. Their attitude to life is really positive and they know how to live to the fullest. Besides, they can teach you how to enjoy life!

A man is in charge in Poland as well as in other Eastern European countries. Despite that, girls in Poland live with pride and are very tolerant. You will never meet an aggressive Polish lady; she will tell you what she thinks directly but in a very polite manner. It means that these ladies are sincere and do not like playing games.

Your Polish bride will never stay at home and wait for you to earn for the living of your family. Any lady in Poland is really educated and knows how important education is. She will build her own career and will be a good professional. But along with that, she will never prefer her career to her family. Family values of women in Poland are really impressive.

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polish women to dateSo, here are the main characteristics of Polish women making them such perfect wives:

  • Natural beauty. Polish ladies are naturally beautiful. They never use tons of make-up, they were born to be beautiful. Moreover, women in Poland are very slim and tall. Is that a type of a woman you dream of?
  • Family values. A lady from Poland is grown in a family with Catholic values; she knows that family is the most important in life. When a Polish female chooses a man for life, she respects him and does everything to have a really harmonious relationship. Polish women are monogamous and when it comes to relationship and marriage, they are really serious.
  • Perfect sense of humor. Polish ladies have a great sense of humor and understand even American jokes very well. Most of them speak English, so you will not have any difficulties when communicating and understanding each other/
  • Well-educated. As it was already mentioned, girls in Poland are modern European ladies who know how important education is. When choosing a lady from this country, you can be sure she will be smart and intelligent. So your kids will have a perfect mother who can teach them lots of things.

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Where and how start the Polish online dating

Where and how start the Polish online datingOf course, you can simply come to Poland as a visitor and see all the interesting places, walk along those beautiful ancient streets, and just start talking to Polish girls in the streets or some public places. Polish women are very friendly and they will surely support you, show you the city, and lead an interesting conversation.

However, this way you will meet not more but a friend to talk and spend some time with. Ladies in this country are pretty serious and they will not meet a foreigner like that. Even if your intentions are serious, they will not think so.

The best way to meet a bride from Poland for any foreigner is online dating. Good dating sites are full of Polish profiles with serious intentions.

Of course, when considering such way of meeting your Polish wife, you should be careful and make a short investigation. Check whether the site you have chosen is reputable enough. Browse users’ reviews online; check the testimonials of other clients on the site. Check what percentage of happy couples this matchmaking agency has if any. And last but not least, check how many years of experience this agency has. Beware if it is a new site with less than a year of experience. It might be another scam.

Trustworthy dating sites usually have very strict rules. They check their ladies, as well as men, before posting their profiles on the site. We from Best-Matchmaking, for example, have a special registration procedure. It means that the documents of each of our lady are checked carefully. We make sure that is a real person with serious intentions only. We select only those women who are really intended to have relationship and get married. Our ladies fill in special survey.

dating Polish ladiesDo not be surprised if a site doesn’t allow you to exchange personal information with a lady. It is absolutely normal and it is done both for your safety and for the safety of a woman. After you exchange your contact info and are scammed, you will not prove that already. And when you communicate through the site, the history of your communication is saved and can be always checked if any unpleasant controversial situation occurs.

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What should you consider when dating Polish ladies?

dating Polish ladiesPoland is a sort of a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe. As you are in Western Europe, you see their lifestyle is more American-like. But once you come to Poland, things change here…

Lots of western men are really tired of their Western dating and start looking for a wife abroad. Polish ladies are a very good option to consider in that case.

First of all, they speak excellent English and are interested in Western culture, but they are still different from women in the West.

If you decided to search for a Polish bride, you have to know some things about Polish dating.

 ➔ Polish ladies love the West.

Unlike Ukrainian or Russian ladies, Polish women are very westernized. Poland has acquired Western culture a lot. And Polish girls are very fascinated by Western culture. It means that you will mostly not have any culture barriers.

 ➔ Polish girls are open to the idea of dating a foreigner.

Women in Poland do not mind meeting a foreign man, dating and getting married. They are open to foreign culture and international marriages. It means that if you have met a Polish lady, she will not change her mind suddenly after you decided to get married.

 ➔ Be ready to answer questions.

If you want to date a lady from Poland, get ready for multiple questions. Polish girls want to make sure your intentions are really serious and they will wonder why you came to their country, why can’t you meet your woman in your country, why you decided to search for a bride from Poland, and so on.

Prepare to be asked lots of questions by your Polish girl. These ladies, who know how to live with dignity and know what they are worthy of, will have to make sure you are no one of the sex tourists. And, this deserves respect while it proves these ladies are really serious about dating and marriage.

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 ➔ Your girlfriend will be feminine and sweet.

Once you start relationship with a girl from Poland, you will find out how sweet, feminine, and caring she is. Polish ladies bring their best to their relationship. This aspect shows they have Eastern European roots because they are real women.

When you date a Polish girl, you have the best of mixture of both Western and Eastern European worlds.

Pros and cons of dating Polish women

polish woman to dateLadies in Poland are not going to marry within a matter of days. They take their time and look for a really serious relationship. They do not tell each person and do not post information about their new relationship on social media. They need time to understand everything is serious enough. For the same reason, do not be in a hurry with the words of love. A lady from Poland needs time to realize how serious you are and needs time to express her true feelings.

Polish ladies are polite and not demanding because of coming from the country with strong beliefs. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of dating Polish women below.



Pros of dating a girl from Poland

Pros of dating a girl from Poland ➔ Their outfit is always elegant and natural. If you expect to see a Brazilian-styled sexy Polish girlfriend, you will be disappointed. Polish ladies never wear such sexy outfits; they never show much of their bodies. They dress with style, wear very little makeup, and have beautiful well-done hairstyles. If you want to have an elegant and stylish girlfriend, then a girl from Poland is a perfect variant.

 ➔ They are not afraid of hard work. Polish ladies are not afraid of hard work. But it doesn’t mean they pursue a high-flying career. She needs her work to bring her satisfaction. Polish women are able to combine happy family life with their steady job. So if you don’t want to be the only provider for your family, a Polish wife will be a great choice.

 ➔ They are beautiful and slim. Polish ladies are real women; they are tall, beautiful, sexy, and slim. They do not wear tons of makeup and always look stunning, even in the morning when you wake up. So if you want to have a beautiful and sexy wife, welcome to Poland.

 ➔ They are smart and intelligent.

 ➔ They speak more than one language fluently. It is really good for Western men.

 ➔ They look really young. Polish ladies in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s look at least 10 years younger.

 ➔ They have perfect family values. Polish women can sacrifice their job for the sake of their families. They love and respect you and each member of your family. They are amazing and loving moms.

 ➔ They are proud of their culture, country, and history. That is something she can teach your kids.

 ➔ They cook well. Of course, not every girl in Poland is a perfect cook but most of them know how to cook pretty well.

 ➔ They are very hot. These ladies look really stunning and sexy. If you want your wife to look like a fancy model, choose a Polish woman.

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Cons of dating Polish women

If you are not afraid of a cultural barrier, then we do not see any disadvantages of dating Polish women.

When dating or marrying a woman from Poland, you have a really beautiful, sexy, caring, and intelligent wife who knows how important family is. So if it is what you are looking for, then do not have any doubts.


How to approach Polish girls on dates

Pros of dating a girl from PolandIrrespective of her age, a woman from Poland is serious when it comes to relationships. And when it comes to dating a foreigner, a Polish lady has no problems with communication because she speaks at least one foreign language and is intelligent enough.

Girls in Poland consider Canadian, American, and men from European countries as potential husbands with pleasure.

Once they establish strong and serious relationships with their men, they are ready to move to another country. But before that, you have to realize how to approach your Polish bride at your best.

Polish girls are very easy-going and try to enjoy every moment of life. However, you will have to learn some rules for your Polish dating to be successful.

  1. Kissing on both cheeks. This tradition is very common in Poland even among young people. That’s why don’t be afraid to kiss the Polish girl’s cheeks on your first date, it doesn’t mean anything intimate. Just remember to be confident, polite, and smiling.
  2. Hand-kissing. This is a sort of chivalry and it can influence her attitude towards you a lot. But it should be done properly. Never lift her hand up to your mouth. Remember that it’s you who should bend your head down.
  3. This element is very important in Polish dating. Polish ladies, like those in any country, adore receiving flowers. And you do not have to wait for an occasion. Just a date is a perfect occasion!
  4. Pay the bills. Of course, lots of Polish girls are pretty independent now and do not feel comfortable when a man pays for them. However, you should at least suggest and maybe insist on paying the dating bill. This way you will show her your good manners.
  5. Learn at least a few words in Polish. If your relationship is developing fast and you believe this lady is the one you need, it would be good to start learning her language and culture. She will see your attempts and will appreciate that a lot.
  6. Respect her. It is not good to make fun of your Polish girl, of her friends, or other close people. A lady from Poland has self-dignity and requires respect. Don’t doubt that she will respect you back.

dating polish womenPolish women are charming and beautiful. Mother Nature empowered them with amazing appearance. They follow the latest fashion trends but choose only the ones to emphasize their natural charm. When you choose a bride from Poland, you can be sure to be really proud of her. You will have a beautiful, independent, and at the same time, loving and caring wife and mother.

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Now Please let us know if the information above was useful? Do you know Polish women well? have you dated one? Let us know your experience by leaving your comment  ⬇bellow⬇

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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