How to treat a woman: Top 6 proven ways to keep a woman

Estonian women for datingHello guys!

If you are reading this post, you probably are not very successful in your relationships and have doubts about treating women properly.

As a rule, men recall that they should be gentlemen and impress their women only for special dates or holidays.

But this is not the best strategy. If you want to find a woman for dating but all the time fail, the reason could be in your attitude to women.

But don’t worry, we from best-matchmaking prepared this post to let you know how to treat a woman, and after it, all of your problems with women should quickly disappear. 

How can I treat my woman better?

Ukraine girls datingUsing the holiday season as a reason for treating your woman like a queen is, of course, right. However, don’t forget that love is an act of devotion and it should not be done once or a couple of times a year but it should last lifelong.

Although love is a mutual feeling and both should put effort into it, showing your woman how you love, admire, and respect her every day is a must.

After all, your woman will show the same in return. There is no one unique scheme on treating a woman while all women are different and what is good for one woman is not good for another one. So here your personal feeling should help. Only you know your woman well and should know the way to her heart. 

Remember that everything you give to a woman will be returned tenfold. So it is better to treat her well for being treated even better by her. Below, you will find all the proven ways to treat your woman.

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#1: Direct your woman but don’t control her

Giving direction to your woman is a must. But don’t mistake direction with control. As a man, you should always be sure of your actions and words, don’t allow yourself to second guess. A woman can allow herself to be indecisive but you can’t do it.

You should be always sure of what to do or where you both will eat. If she wants to be initiative, it’s fine but if she doesn’t know, she relies on you. If you doubt yourself all the time, she will think you mistreat her. Women can handle everything and can make any decision instead of you but they don’t want it. 

You should be a confident leader in your relationships. Sooner or later, if you don’t lead your relationships, this woman will leave you and find a more confident and mature man. So being confident and decisive (not controlling) is a must, otherwise, you a prior mistreat your woman.

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#2: Allow your woman to be weak

Ukrainian girls for datingEach of you has probably heard how strong Slavic women are and how much they can handle. This is true, Russian brides and Ukrainian brides can cope with any situation and solve any life trouble, and they will always support their men no matter what. But having a weak man is not what they want.

Any woman, even the strongest one, wants to be weak and her man to be strong. If you want her to feel this way, be a gentleman. Always let her enter a restaurant (or wherever) first, guide her to the door, give her your hand. Don’t forget that a woman should order her food first.

Women also eat first at the restaurant, so don’t start eating right away, wait for her food to arrive. These things seem to be easy and may not seem natural for your culture. But they are a must for Slavic culture. This way, you show a woman that she is a real weak and fragile lady and you are her protection.

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#3: Never lose your temper around your woman

Women can be moody and capricious, especially with their men. Once again, they do it not on purpose to irritate you or show how spoiled they are. They want your attention and strength. They want to be treated like girls.

You should be patient with that. There are arguments in any relationship and they are a natural part of it. But a man should control his temper and behaving like a child is not proper for you. Handle your emotions and don’t insult her. Be a wise man with your woman, it will be much appreciated.

If you are stressed, it is easy to stress someone else, however, don’t do it with your woman, especially, if she is dear to you. Never make your problems her problems, a woman needs also your respect and she will respect you more in return.

#4: Treat her like a gentleman not only in public

Slovakian datingBeing a gentleman in public is easy and all men (at least we want to believe that) do it. But showing your good manners when you are in a public place is not enough. You should not forget that she is a lady at home, as well.

Yes, you didn’t misunderstand us. You should be a gentleman at home and whenever you are with her, even on the phone. Always open the door for her even if it is the door to your house or apartment, let her in first. 

Don’t let her do all the housework, especially, if she works just like you. Behaving like a gentleman at home doesn’t mean showing chivalry. But don’t forget that you can also help her around the kitchen or clean the house. Things like that show that you really care and will be much appreciated.

#5: Surprise your woman

best dating sitesAll relationships have their ups and downs and there is nothing wrong in it, life is just a rollercoaster.

But if you want to show a good attitude to your woman, better don’t forget that she is a woman not only on her birthday or St. Valentine’s Day. Your surprise will be much more admired when it is unexpected.

It doesn’t mean that you should buy her expensive gifts every day. Surprises can be not materialistic even. For example, take her to new places, be adventurous and invite her to try something new together. Don’t be afraid to spice up your intimate life, as well. 

Even if something seems awkward, take the risk together – it will help you gain some more trust. Remember that in relationships, everything matters, even the smallest things. Of course, flowers should be offered when she doesn’t expect that, for example, when she returns from work. 

#6: Know and respect the boundaries

Entertaining a woman is necessary not only at the primary stage but also after she became your girlfriend and even wife. Telling jokes and keeping your relationship interesting from time to time is a must. It will bring joy and positive to your family life. 

Small things can make a woman melt. You can walk towards her in the morning, wrap your arms around her, and out our chin on the top of your woman’s head when she’s putting on her makeup. Do nothing more, just wait a bit and you will see her melting in your arms.

Teasing her is also possible but know the thin line between teasing and being a jerk, especially in public. Embarrassing each other casually and laughing at each other’s jokes or flaws is wonderful, so remember these boundaries and respect them. 

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How you should be treated in a relationship?

You already know how to treat a woman you love. But you probably wonder that if you do all the above-mentioned, what will you get in return? How will she treat you back? Don’t worry, a man also deserves a good attitude from his woman.

As we already said, love is a two-way effort and when you give something to a woman, you will return the same tenfold. So when you treat your woman with love, attention, and respect, she will do the same. She will show her love by cooking amazing meals for you.

She will show her attention by washing your clothes and preparing your clothes for the next working day. She will pack delicious things when you leave for work in the morning so you would not be hungry there. 

Women can do so many things for their men when they feel to be loved. So don’t neglect showing her your love and feelings, attention and respect, and become the happiest man on the planet. 

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Conclusion: Treat her as you want to be treated!

legitimate Ukrainian dating sitesThere is a golden rule of life – treat others as you want to be treated yourself. So if you want your woman to love and respect you, do the same.

Remember that for ladies, even the smallest things matter. Women are tender creations and they want you to remind them about it every day.

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We will be happy to help you understand our services better and find the woman you are looking for the soonest!

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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