Serial dating: 5 efficient ways how to spot a serial dater

Serial dating

Serial dating is becoming quite popular nowadays but there is hardly someone who would like to come across a serial dater. Being able to spot such a person is crucial for anyone, so below, you will find out how to define serial daters and how not to get into their traps.

Although they do not scam anyone, such partners are not the best ones. You will learn:
➢Who are they: serial dating definition
➢What is the scenario of serial dating
➢Top 5 tips on how to spot a serial dater

Serial daters: who are they?

serial datingDon’t worry if you have never heard of serial daters because you are not alone. Serial daters are not as scary as scammers, of course, and you should not be terrified with that word.

However, meeting a serial dater is not that pleasant if you’re intended to meet the love of your life online.

So, a serial dater is someone who dates many people in a short period of time. There is no crime in it, of course, these people just adore the feeling of “the chase”.

Their favorite thing is the first date and they can have more dates with you. However, once a serial dater finishes getting to know you, she or he leaves the soonest.

Of course, it may not be the worst tragedy you face when dating online but becoming a serial dater’s prospect is not something you were dreaming of. Anyone who meets a serial dater gets only confusion and heartbreak. You are sure the relationship is growing into something deeper but it ends up suddenly. 

The meaning of serial dating is to end up the relationship the soonest. Serial daters are not interested in any development.


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Serial daters’ scenario....

serial datersAs far as such a relationship doesn’t lead to anything serious and more than a couple of dates, there is nothing pleasant in meeting serial daters.

What does serial dating mean:

  • Quite often, to leave you, a serial dater will ghost you.
  • Sometimes, you will have a real breakup. 
  • But in all cases, you are left hurt.
  • The worst thing is that a serial dater can date multiple people at a time. So you may not be the only person she is seeing, there might be five or six more people having hopes as well. 

Of course, it is not about online dating while talking to several people at a time is normal for this type of dating but it concerns mostly real-life daters.

Spotting a serial dater is not as easy as you may think. But in that article, you will find out how to do this.

Of course, it is not about online dating while talking to several people at a time is normal for this type of dating but it concerns mostly real-life daters. Spotting a serial dater is not as easy as you may think. But in that article, you will find out how to do this.

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Top5 tips how to spot a serial dater...

serial dater manOf course, now you are eager to know how to sport a serial dater. We from best-matchmaking would like to warn you at once that it is not easy and it might take a couple of dates until you understand that you faced a serial dater. However, it is possible to master some techniques that would allow you to do that.

Keep in mind that:

  • As a rule, serial daters progress things very quickly and are always in a rush.
  • Moreover, they look at other people while being on a date with you.
  • These people easily change the topic because they get bored quickly.
  • They prefer talking about their other dates and dating online. 
  • Their dates are usually pretty short.
  • But despite all that, these people are very charming and you are very attracted to them, so it is quite difficult to believe he or she is a serial dater.

So below, there are some red flags you should pay attention to and spot your serial dater.

#1: Serial daters are really casual

serial dater definitionWhen you start dating someone casual, accept it as a red flag. Of course, it doesn’t mean at once that your person is a serial dater, but you should notice such things.

Yes, first dates are casual and many people behave this way on their first date. But serial daters are always like that!

A serial dater is simply chasing his first dates and is not intended to really get to know you. Even if the first date seems fantastic, you will find it difficult to find her after it.

Such people may not answer the phone or texts, not show up after agreeing about something with you. Ghosting you is a casual thing for them.  

Of course, if you see such “symptoms”, you cannot tell at once that this person is a serial dater. A woman may simply not like you during the first date and not reply to your messages after it.

➢ Not everyone who behaves casually is a serial dater but all serial daters behave casually! 

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#2: A serial dater gets physical

serial online datingRemember that serial daters adore the feeling of the chase, so getting physical with you the soonest is one of their goals. Intimacy and physical intimacy is something they strive for. Normally, people do not push each other to intimacy on their first date.

However, a serial dater will always push you to intimacy. You may always feel that this person wants to pull you away for a kiss even before you start talking to her. So, if it’s too soon, you should consider it to be a red flag, too. Unless you both are too much attracted to each other and want to push things.

But as a rule, people control themselves and check how the date is going on. It is quite weird that a person wants to kiss you before you even say a word. ➢ So we recommend not melting if someone wants intimacy so soon but considering it as something wrong.

#3: Serial daters do not discuss life beyond the date

serial Dating As we mentioned, serial daters do not care to get to know you. And they also do not care whether you get to know them.

Moreover, these people often choose places for their dates where no one who knows them could see them. By the way, if they meet someone they know, they will not introduce you anyways.

So this is another red flag. If your serial partner is talking to someone, you just sit there waiting. Pay attention to it, too.

They do not introduce you because they do not plan to keep you in their life any longer after that date. You should notice that a serial dater doesn’t put much effort into your date. 

Their dates are mostly casual and they don’t discuss any private things.

➢ These people also do not care much about you; they just talk to talk about something. Most likely, you will have a feeling whether they like you at all after the date. 

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#4: The relationship isn’t going anywhere

serial daterThe relationship with a serial dater is not supposed to go anywhere. You just have a feeling of your relationship to be at a standstill.

Everything looks more physical than anything else. And it is normal while serial daters do not want anything to get serious. 

Serial daters do not have any plans for you in their lives. Once they experience the date with you, they will move forward and find another “victim”.

It means that you will find it really hard to make the relationship go somewhere. If you feel like there is no progress, you may have faced a serial dater.

But don’t get too desperate because you are not alone. Lots of people suffer from serial daters.

➢Do not blame yourself if you get stuck in serial dating, it is not your fault. It even doesn’t depend on you because no matter what you do, such a relationship won’t go any further. 

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#5: Serial daters never settle down

serial datersUnfortunately, it doesn’t depend on you and you can do nothing with it. Serial daters really never settle down.

This is happening on their emotional level and they need that feeling of the chase throughout their life. They cannot allow themselves to settle down.

These people are not worried about you or what you want to offer them, they care only about their own emotion – chasing.

They just care about looking for the next person to get to know and date for a while. As a rule, serial daters use different dating apps and are seeing multiple people.

They are dating only for dating, the relationship is not their purpose unless he or she stops being a serial dater. Until then, they just like the feeling of lust but not of love.

➢They are not really interested in true love or real relationships. They are constantly looking for someone new.

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Conclusion: Serial daters exist but they are not that scary!

serial dater man We hope that now you are aware of serial daters and how to spot them. Yes, meeting a serial dater is not that pleasant but it is not a catastrophe.

After all, if someone disappears after just one or two dates is much better than she will do it after a year of relationships! 

Just listen to your intuition and pay attention to different red flags to realize that you met a serial dater. And if your goal is not to meet a serial dater but the love of your life and lost-lasting relationship, check out our dating membership and International matchmaking plans at reasonable prices!

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Now Please let us know if current post was useful. Have you ever met serial daters? Do you know anyone whose heart was broken by serial dater?   What ever it is - leave your comment  ⬇bellow⬇

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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