TOP tips on how to find dominant women for dating

dominant woman for datingHello gentlemen!

You probably have already heard how strong and reliable Slavic women are. They all want a man to lead the relationship and bear responsibility for them both.

This is a part of their culture and because of that, our women are so demanded among men all over the globe.

But some men prefer dominant women. A dominant woman is in control of all aspects of her life and relationship is not an exception for her.

Just like there are alpha males, there are also alpha females. So right now, we from best-matchmaking will tell you how to find dominant women and how to date them. 

How to find a dominant woman for dating: Do you really need it?

Dates & sexThere is no special secret on how to find a dominant woman. There are also no special places where such women gather.

You can meet them just in a traditional way like any other woman. The question is whether you handle such a woman and whether you really need it.

A dominant woman is strong and confident. She knows what she wants in her career, life, relationship, and even bed. And of course, such a woman is often so much desired by men. But you should realize that not everyone can handle such a woman. 

A strong character is often an obstacle for such women to build their relationships successfully. So before trying to find a dominant woman, think well whether you really need it and can handle her. When choosing such a woman, you might confess about your weaknesses. This is not bad but it is just not for every man.  

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Dominant woman - submissive man relationships: do they really work?

As we all probably know, there should be one dominant person and one submissive in a relationship. Both men and women can be dominant and submissive. Dominant people are uncontrollable. And if you try to control such a woman, your relationship will fail.

In other words, you should be submissive to your woman if you want your relationship with a dominant female to succeed. If you accept your woman to be strict and command, your relationship with a dominant woman will work out. 

But do not think such a woman wants a weak man because it is not true. A lot of such submissive guys are very successful in life and earn good money. But they are ready to do anything for their dominant girls and pamper them in all possible ways. 

This way, a dominant woman feels needed and loved. So she also enjoys her benefits in such a relationship. It is important for such a lady to feel her significance and if you accept her strength, you both will succeed. 

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Are Slavic women dominant?

Woman to DateMost Ukrainian and Russian women are submissive but not as you imagine it. They want their men to be leaders and bear responsibility for their actions and their women, too.

At the same time, these women have very strong characters but do not want to lead their relationship.

They want a man to do that. This is their heritage and it has always been like that in the Slavic countries (s. more Ukrainian bridesRussian bridesBelarusian bridesRomanian brides, and Polish brides). But of course, modern Slavic ladies are different from those one hundred years ago. They are still that strong but already less submissive and more independent. 

And there are dominant women among them, too. Even though most women still prefer their men to dominate, you can meet some dominant Ukrainian or Russian ladies nowadays. They are too independent and want to control everything in their lives – from work to relationships. 

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Submissive dating: gender and psychological types

Needless to say dominant people are strong personalities. But it doesn’t mean that submissive partners are weak. No, they are not weak at all – they are simply softer and more sensitive. We used to think that all men are strong and all women are weak. 

But this is just a stereotype. Personal traits and psychological types have nothing to do with your gender. Not all men are born to be leaders and not all women are born to be submissive to men. According to many psychologists, dominant women-submissive men couples are perfect. 

But the question is whether your society is ready to accept such a couple? Most likely, men are afraid of dominant women because they are simply afraid of what society will think of it. they cannot accept looking weak in the eyes of others. 

What if both partners are strong?

Ukrainian women for marriageIt often happens that a strong woman and a strong man meet each other and fall in love. But does such a couple have at least a single chance to succeed?

Quite frequently, none of the partners wants to give up. Too many conflicts arise.

When you and your partner are both dominant, you cannot live normally because you fight for your territory and want to be right always.

You cannot find any compromises because each of the disagreements grows into a big fight. And a strong man often leaves his dominant woman.

He leaves her not because he doesn’t love her but because he wants some peace and a weaker woman to create a family. So such a relationship rarely succeeds. That’s why, if you consider yourself a strong dominant man, better do not search for a dominant woman.

Submissive men - submissive women dating

Let’s imagine another situation – a weak man is dating a weak woman. They surely won’t argue and fight every day as in the previous case. So can their relationship succeed? Most likely, no, and here is why.

Such people are both weak and want someone to bear responsibility for them. Both their heads are in the clouds. Who will bear responsibility if both partners aren’t able to do that?  These people are not ready to make decisions. 

They will start suffering in various difficult situations. For example, when they have babies. A woman usually has more responsibilities with a baby, so she becomes more down-to-earth. And she starts thinking to meet another, stronger man who would take all the responsibility and solve all her problems.

Sooner or later, such relationships end up or both people suffer in it. So if you consider yourself a weak person, you should really search for a dominant woman. Only then your relationship will be successful and pleasant for you both. 

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How to attract dominant women

Ukrainian and Russian womenIn the modern world, it often seems that men and women have reversed their roles. A lot of men prefer remaining in the background while their women are dominant in all aspects of their lives.

Especially when a man is younger than his woman. He feels very comfortable with such a lady.

It is no wonder because they are confident, experienced, interesting, mature, and financially secure.

It is a great chance for a younger guy to feel comfortable in relationships and simply do nothing. But if you think dating a dominant woman doesn’t require any effort, you are wrong.

Such a woman will not do everything for you and your relationship. You will need to do a lot for her as well, otherwise, why she would need you.

At least, she should be happy in bed with you. But she also wants you to pamper her and make her happy as a woman. For that, she will take responsibility for you both. 

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Sexually dominant women

Usually, if a woman is dominant in relationships, she is also dominant in bed. Of course, all men love it and everyone wants his woman to take the initiative in the bedroom. But is this really so easy? Such women always want to initiate a sexual connection and might refuse if you initiated it.

Their pleasure is their priority, so she will not be shy to tell you what she wants, where she wants to be touched, and what she wants you to do. Men adore it but keep in mind that she won’t allow you simply do nothing. Even in bed, you will need to work hard to please her.

If you have met a dominant woman, try to dominate in sex from time to time. Even very strong women will prefer you to take the lead at least sometimes, especially in bed. But sometimes, strong women do not want to dominate in bed. They want to be weak at least there. 

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Conclusion: Dating a dominant woman can be a benefit and a challenge at the same time!

Ukrainian women for marriageNo matter how much you want to date a dominant woman, you should know that it cannot be easy and you will face some serious challenges.

Men are often simply not ready for having a relationship with such women. So think twice before you choose to date an alpha female.

And if you want to know more about Slavic dating, check our gallery of foreign women, Romantic and marriage tours, and online dating membership and International matchmaking plans at reasonable prices.

It all will help you find your dominant or submissive woman depending on your personality and needs. And we from best-matchmaking will guide you in the right direction.

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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