What are the average Russian women metrics: The Stereotypes & Reality

Average Russian girlHello, our dear friends!

We bet you are here not just because you are curious but for the reason of searching for your future wife! Then congratulations, because a Russian woman is one of the best choices for your future family life!

There are lots of myths and legends about these wonderful ladies, and we have heard lots of various stereotypes and beliefs about them from our customers from various countries of the world.

And now, we decided to provide you with the full information about how Russian women look like, what are average Russian women parameters and metrics, and their general characteristics.

If you have heard something about Russian ladies, you can now make sure if that was true or not. Ready to find out more about Russian girls and all Slavic ladies? Then make yourself comfortable and keep reading till the end. We hope this information will help you understand your potential wife and her background better!

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All Russian women are tall, blonde, and beautiful – is that true?

Well, we can offer you to browse our gallery and check the profiles of women on our site. Now tell us, do all of them look the same? The answer is – not at all. They are very different, like people in any country.

We always hear from our customers – wow, your women are so beautiful. Yes, they are, and we believe that women in any country on Earth are also beautiful. But they are all different. We guess that the beauty of Russian women is more a stereotype spread all over the Earth.

However, when speaking about Latvian women, for example, it is possible to say they are the tallest ladies in Europe currently. Their Baltic appearance is pretty outstanding. They have blonde hair, are tall, very slim, and often have blue or green eyes.

By the way, women in Lithuania become models very often. This country produces the biggest number of female models after Estonia. So we can truly say that Baltic women are really very tall, slim, and beautiful.

But what about Bulgarian brides? Bulgarian women are the shortest in Europe. Yes, they are often very slim but short. Bulgarian ladies often have a wonderful tan and dark hair. Their appearance is pretty exotic, as well as the appearance of Romanian women. Women in Bulgaria tend to have very big breasts, it is a new trend in the country, and they even spend money on plastic surgeries to make their breasts bigger.

When speaking about Russian and Ukrainian women as well as Belarussian brides, necessary to admit that their appearance is very diverse. They are really very attractive, but there are very different women in these countries. Due to the historical background, people in Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus were mixed with other nations, so their blood is not pure. And in these countries, you can really meet women of any appearance, for any taste so to say.

In Ukraine, for example, there are lots of brunettes, especially in such cities as Odessa, i.e. in the south of Ukraine. Women there adore getting tanned, so they often have darker skin and hair. And there are lots of blondes, as well. They may have green, grey, blue, or brown eyes.

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There are also women having naturally red hair in Ukraine and Russia. These girls have very light, even white skin, and freckles. Russian women have lighter skin and lighter hair. But since the mixture of various nations, including Armenian and Georgian blood even, took place, women in Russia and Ukraine have really different metrics and appearance.

We cannot claim that average Russian women have long and light brown hair, wear braids, and are slim and fit because this is not true. Such a woman is more a stereotype than true.

Of course, Russian ladies are more traditional and keep wearing long and beautiful hair but modern technologies and beauty trends can make wonders. They really wear wonderful haircuts, some of them prefer long and natural hair, others dye it blonde or black; some girls wear shorter hair and some incredible hair colors.

buy Russian womenWhat about their body metrics? Well, modern girls prefer leading a healthy lifestyle and can have some incredible hobbies, such as bodybuilding, for example. By the way, this kind of sports is really popular in Bulgaria, Russia, and Ukraine now. So many girls simply create any body they want to have.

Of course, Russian women do not tend to be fat, but you can meet here both very slim and curvy ladies. Some of them are very fit, others are really tiny.

One thing is very true – Russian women have the wonderful and well-developed bone structure to their faces. There are also lots of girls of a “model” type, so they could easily become models if they wanted to.

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What is average Russian women appearance?

Beautiful Russian womanA marriage with a Russian woman became a real dream to many western men. Why is that? Is that a new trend or really the only way for them to be happy? Let us find out, what attracts western guys so much in Russian ladies.

We all hear every day about the beauty of women from Russia and other Slavic countries, about how feminine they are, what great wives and mothers they make. And this is really true.

Some men are so obsessed with the idea of marrying a Russian woman that after one failure, they spend tens of years in search of their only one. By the way, with Best-Matchmaking, there is no need to spend years searching for your Russian wife.

Our Russian and Ukrainian matchmaking services allow finding your potential match within the shortest time frames. We offer hundreds of profiles of wonderful single Slavic women. For your convenience, you can use our video chat option to make sure your future bride really exists and see her face-to-face before meeting in person. Once you choose the best matches, you may use our Ukrainian Romantic tour to come and meet as many ladies as necessary in person.

So, when you look at the profiles of our Russian women, you can understand that their beauty is not only about their appearance. Sure, the appearance is really important and this is the first thing that grabs your attention.

But there should be something more behind the average Russian women profiles to keep you being attracted to her for life. This is their natural beauty. They possess an amazing ability to be natural despite all the make-up and beauty trends.

Russian ladies know how to behave, how to present themselves, they have dignity. In fact, they know how to make a man want and like her within many years. It is not about their physical features. Even a pretty curvy lady who is not young already may keep your attention and make you desire her. That’s because of their inner world.

First of all, Russian ladies know how to keep their bodies look sexy no matter what body type they have. Yes, most of them are slim and have wonderful proportions. Their height is very often above average. But they also have a great sense of style. In the west, women often do not pay attention to how they are dressed. But Russian women know how to look classy without looking provocative. Unlike Latin American girls, for example, Russian girls look very sexy in a classy way. They are always elegant and almost never wear a provocative or too skimpy outfit. There are a mystery and puzzle in these girls. And that makes men want to solve that puzzle.

So, most guys are attracted to Russian women, not because of their appearance, undoubtedly they are very beautiful, but because of the way they present themselves. This femininity, elegance, and natural sexuality combined with intelligence disarm any man in any country.

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Other characteristics of average Russian women or why they make perfect life partners

Most beautiful Russian womenLots of men wonder what are average Russian women like – are they really as gorgeous as they say? We can tell you that these ladies are high maintenance ladies for sure. And this makes dating them not that easy.

Some western men have a big stereotype that Russian girls are ready to marry any foreigner just because he is a foreign citizen and can offer them a better life than in their country. After the refusal, they become very disappointed and only then start wondering what exactly a Russian woman needs and wants.

In fact, these ladies have very high expectations of a man. Yes, they can make amazing wives and mothers; they can really become a “decoration” of any man and make other guys envy you. But these females know what they are worth of and expect you to meet their requirements as well. Each guy wants to have a beautiful, sexy wife, who would be hard-working, sociable, would cook him breakfasts and dinners, take care of their home, and become a great mother for their kids. Every man wants to be proud of his wife.

But getting such a treasure is not easy. Such women also have some expectations, and if you do not meet them, then do not be offended. Average Russian women know they are top quality ladies, they believe to be best of the best, so if you think the fact you are a western guy is your biggest benefit to them, you are very wrong.

These ladies are not deprived of men’s attention in their countries and there are lots of wonderful and rich men in their countries, as well. So why would they want to marry the first stranger?

All they want to have is love and good attitude. So once you prove her to be worth, she will be yours forever. Remember that Russian women adore confident men. They are real ladies and want to meet a real gentleman. They do not really care where you are from. They are in search of a man, real man so you will have to meet those demands.

Russian women are well-known to be notoriously loyal. And this is absolutely true. When they are in relationships, they are absolutely devoted to their partner and will never betray him. Lots of our customers complain that western women often are not faithful and they lose trust in relationships at all. Well, with Russian girls you can acquire that trust in pure love again, while they will never betray you and will support their husbands no matter what.

If you want to have a top quality woman, you have to prove to be a top-quality man for her. Give her some care, show her your strength, confidence, and ability to provide for your family and protect her from the whole world. Once you do that, you will get so much in return and will be able to enjoy the rest of your life with the best wife ever.

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