TOP5 things to do in Kiev when dating a girl

kiev  by best-matchmakingHello guys! 

Kiev is an amazing city which makes every visitor be in love with it. The capital of Ukraine is genuinely beautiful and you can feel its amazing history on every corner of Kiev.

Those of you who have visited the city shared with us your impressions and we can truly say that none of you stayed indifferent after seeing it. 

So from a current article you will learn...
➢ Is Kiev safe for foreigners?
➢What are the most popular sightseeing of Kiev you should visit when dating
➢What other awesome things you can do in Kiev and much more.....

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If your girlfriend is from Kiev, then you will surely need to know how to behave and what to do in that biggest city in Ukraine. So today, we decided to tell you about five top things to do in Kiev when you come to visit your Ukraine girl. You will find out if Kiev is safe for foreigners and where you should definitely go when being there! Let’s start our mini-tour to Kiev!

Is Kiev safe for foreigners?

Any city in any country can be dangerous. But if people were afraid of it, they would never travel. But don’t worry. Kiev is absolutely safe and by the way, very friendly to foreign guests. One of our customers spent almost a month in Kiev this summer and fell in love with the city.

It is full of beautiful ladies, but this is not his biggest advantage. This guy made hundreds of friends there. Everyone was so open to him and wanted to talk and practice his English even. Kiev is absolutely safe, like any other civilized city. 

Of course, there are bad people everywhere and incidents may happen. But you don’t have to worry about coming there. Your trip will be not only safe but also really exciting! 

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So what awesome things you can do in Kiev?

Kiev is an ancient city with a very rich and large history. Moreover, it is huge and has more than 3 million inhabitants. It is not that much as in Moscow but still, there are plenty of things to see and to do in that amazing Ukrainian city. 

First of all, you should know that one or at least a couple of days are not enough to feel and see all the beauty and majesty of Kiev. So if you come to date your Ukrainian girl, you should ask her to show you everything possible during the time of your stay. For that purpose, we provided our list of 5 top things to do in Kiev, so you could know for sure what you should you’re your girlfriend for.


Visit the most popular sightseeing of Kiev when dating

As we mentioned already and as you could probably find out with the help of Google, Kiev is teeming with sightseeing, monuments, old churches, monasteries, museums, and everything else telling you the history of this city and of Ukraine I general. We know that you won’t be able to see them all during one of your trips. But we want to tell you about must-see places!

Frankly speaking, Ukrainians living in other cities of the country also come to visit Kiev often and do not manage to see all the interesting places at once. So they keep coming and exploring the city again and again. So here you have the list of the most popular and most interesting sightseeing places to see during your first visit to Kiev!

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Interesting facts about Kiev

  • Andrew's Church in Kiev has no bells. They believed that underground waters may be back if the bells ring. Therefore, one of the most famous churches in Kiev and Ukraine, in general, will never let you enjoy its wonderful bells.
  • Kiev was built by three brothers — Kyi, Shchek, and Khoryv, and their sister Lybid, according to the legends.
  • The shape of the Right bank of Kiev reminds the shape of a human body. Do you think it is a coincidence?Kyiv-Petchersk Lavra
  • Kyiv-Petchersk Lavra is one the most visited place in Ukraine. There are multiple museums on the territory of this monastery, including a very famous and unique museum of miniatures.
  • The Arsenal underground station is the deepest station not only in Kiev or Ukraine but in the whole world. They say that it is connected with the tunnels for the salvation of the most powerful people in the case of apocalypses. The depth of the station is 105 meters.
  • Kiev has a real waterfall. Not many people know that there is a real waterfall in Kiev. Although it is anthropogenic, it is very beautiful and looks like a real one.
  • Kreshchatik is the shortest central street in the world. Its length is only 1.33 km. It is the broadest central street in the world at the same time. Its width is 75 meters. We would say it is the most controversial central street in the world also!
  • The highest monument in Kiev is the one called Homeland-mother! It also is on the top-5 highest monuments of the world. Its height is 102 meters.
  • There is a monument devoted to a garbage truck in Kiev. It is the only monument of a kind in the world! It was installed to thank the workers who work hard to clean the city from the garbage.
  • The only water-based church is located in Kiev on the river Dniepr. It is a St.Nicolas church. By the way, it’s worth seeing.
  • The Golden Gates metro station is the most beautiful station in Kiev and is on the top-10 most beautiful metro stations in the world.
  • A famous Kiev cake is the most popular souvenir tourists buy. It’s no wonder while the cake is very tasty and no one in the world can copy the same receipt.
  • The smallest elevator in Kiev can be used by one person at a time only! It is as big as just 0.5 square meters. The elevator is located in one of the Kiev buildings and it was built by one civil servant who experienced difficulties when using the stairway.

The Great Gates of Kiev – Our Number 1 in your Must-See list! 

The Great Gates of KievIn Ukraine, this monument and sightseeing is called The Golden Gate. This is a real face of Kiev history taking you to the roots of Ukrainian history.

When in Kiev, you should definitely see it. So ask your Ukrainian girlfriend to take you to that place full of history and Ukrainian spirit! 

This gateway is one of the three created by Yaroslav the Wise. It was created at the beginning of the 11th century.  By the way, the St. Sofia’s Cathedral was erected nearly at the same time. The Golden Gate was one of the three main entrances to Kiev. And it is the only of them that survived. 

You may think that there is nothing to see in that sightseeing, just not a big wooden building. But the most interesting thing is that it is located in the old part of Kiev and is surrounded by amazing old squares, parks, and other beautiful places. So take the hand of your Ukraine girlfriend and have a romantic walk around. 

1. Visit Mother Homeland Monument – A Legendary 335ft Statue

One of our customers came to Kiev last year and saw this statue when having a taxi ride from his hotel to the place of his date. The next day, he called the taxi and asked to take him to that place. When coming to the monument, he was absolutely amazed by its size and beauty. Even Ukrainian winter didn’t scare him; he took tens of pictures and spent there a couple of hours.

This titanium statue commemorates the Victory of the USSR in the war against Nazism in 1941-1945. A big titanium woman holds a 52ft sword. By the way, there is the Museum of the Great Patriotic War nearby so you can attend to places at a time. A similar statue is in Russia, Volgograd city. 

2. Be amazed at the Museum of Miniatures

This museum is worth seeing. And it would be a great place to have a date with your Ukrainian woman. If you have ever dreamt of seeing the world’s smallest book or a golden set of chest on a pinhead (we bet you have not even thought of it), then you should definitely visit this museum. A great bonus is that it is situated on the territory of Kiev Pechersk Lavra.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra is Eastern Orthodox Cave Monastery inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. So you can visit it as well. There are lots of wonderful ancient churches and monasteries on the territory.

The museum exhibition is really mind-blowing. In a microscope, you can see a rose in a hair, mock windmill on half of the poppy seed, and even a golden caravan of camels in needle’s eye!  

3. Hang out at Sculpture’s Alley

If your Ukrainian girlfriend is from Kiev, you can be sure she will take you there. But if not, you can just ask her to do that. This alley is the kindest place of Kiev. You surely won’t pass it without a smile, while it is a great place for having a date. 

You will see lots of romantic couples here. It was built in the 1980’s but in 2009, it started to grow with contemporary art sculptures. You can easily find it when walking from St. Andrew’s Descent towards Kiev Museum of History. This place is also one of the most romantic places in all Ukraine. 

It is also very cute and loved by Ukrainian children. It’s no wonder while the sculptures include the characters from Alice in Wonderland book. Apart from them, there are lots of other amazing sculptures in the alley. You will be impressed!

4. Pray at St. Sophia’s Cathedral

St. Sophia’s CathedralThis place is also worth seeing! This place is dating back to the glorious times of Kievan Rus. This outstanding architectural landmark is one of the most-visited places in Kiev. This cathedral is very beautiful, calm, and serene. 

It is represented by mosaics of the 11th century. You will be simply captivated by the spirit of that place. The most ancient history is presented by that building. You will feel the history in every stone of it. 

You will be able to see the paintings over 1000 years old. They decorate an amazing interior of the cathedral. Although the place is now more a museum for visitors than a cathedral, it is really worth seeing it. We are sure your Ukrainian girlfriend will take you there. 

5. Go the museum of one street and buy local souvenirs at Andreevsky descent

They say it is small in size but very deep in substance. It will be one of your favorite things to do in Kiev! Andreevsky descent (or Andriyivsky Uzviz in Ukrainian) is one of the Kiev’s most famous streets. It is a small down-hill street connecting the Upper Kiev and Podil, the more commercial district. 

This street is full of historical landmarks, including baroque St.Andrew’s Church and the Castle of Richard the Lionheart. Here you can even take a master class of Ukrainian crafts, while there are plenty of various souvenirs and handy crafts sold there. If you come here in a warm time of the year, you surely have to take your girlfriend from Ukraine and walk this amazing and beautiful street. 

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Conclusion: One time is not enough to see Kiev, so come back for more!

Ukraine a safe country for datingWe have provided you with 5 must-do things when coming to visit your girlfriend in Kiev. However, one time is really not enough to see all the beauty and the most amazing places in this historic center of Ukraine.

So you definitely will need to come back here to see more of it. The center of Kiev is amazing, too, so you should at least have a cup of coffee at the Independence Square, while Kiev coffee houses impress.

Still don’t have a Ukrainian girlfriend? Never mind, you can easily find one in our gallery of Ukrainian women. Moreover, on Best-Matchmaking, you can meet a Russian woman, as well as a beautiful Latvian woman. We hope that once you meet your girlfriend, you will be able to use our Romantic tour to Ukraine and come and see Kiev with your own eyes! You won’t be able to forget it.

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful?  Have you ever been to Kiev or other cities of Ukraine?  Feel free to share your opinion and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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