How to date beautiful Lviv women: Your Step-by-step guide

Dating in LvivHello guys!

You often ask us whether there is a difference between Ukrainian women from megacities and village girls, women in Eastern Ukraine and those in the West. And the answer is yes, there is a difference and you cannot use the “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to Ukrainian women.

All of them are different and depending on their age, education, and, of course, location, their personality, and attitude towards relationships and dating in general.

We from Best-Matchmaking have told you a lot about women from different megacities, southern Ukrainian girls, as well as ladies from villages. But today, we would like to tell you more about women from one special Ukrainian city called Lviv. You will find out the peculiarities of dating them and how to conquer the heart of one of them.

Let’s start our trip to Western Ukraine dating right now!

Where you can find beautiful Lviv women

Lviv is a Western Ukrainian city with nearly 750,000 inhabitants. The city is not a big one and not a megacity at the same time and it is located very close to the Polish border. The architecture in the city is influenced by Polish culture a lot and it reminds more a city of Poland than of Ukraine. And Ukrainian influence is Lviv can be felt more than in any other city of the country.

Lviv is full of beautiful Ukrainian women who are modern, feminine and have wonderful personalities. So if you want to meet one of Lviv girls, you should come to that amazing and absolutely beautiful Ukrainian city. Its views are stunning and the women there are extremely nice and beautiful, so you surely won’t be disappointed. 

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What is the dating culture in Lviv?

Flirting with Women of UkraineWhen we spoke about Odessa women for dating and marriage, we told you that these southern girls are very hot and open to international acquaintances. When it comes to women from Lviv, you should know that they are much more conservative than ladies from other Ukrainian parts. If you ever come to Lviv, you will notice that the way these ladies dress is a bit different from that in Eastern Ukraine.

Dating here reminds a chess match. Men have to be really witty and intelligent to interact with local women. Unlike Russian women, those in Lviv are less emotional and are very wise when it comes to dating. Women here are pursued by men all the time and don’t lack men’s attention, so you can imagine they can be picky. 

These ladies know well how to spend quality time and will be very careful in their choice of a man. With them, you will always have a good time and see lots of interesting places and new things, there are so many of them in Lviv. 

What are Lviv women characteristics?

When you come to Lviv, don’t expect local women to hang up on you. Local girls are pretty shy and not likely to be too open with men, especially with foreigners. Although Lviv is a big city and lots of people speak English there, their knowledge of English may not be as good as you expect to communicate with you freely. But as with any other Ukrainian woman (check also our dating guide: Essential Tips How to Date Single Poltava Women), you should be persistent (feel the difference between being persistent and annoying though).

Local girls prefer short dates at the stage of getting to know you, just drinking a cup of tea or coffee. Lviv women remind angels, they are sweet, tall, and slim. They attract men all over the world. But their wonderful elegance and appearance is not their main characteristic, of course, there is something more about these girls. 

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    46 y.o, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

They are not only sweet but family-oriented!

Lviv women are different from those from other cities of Ukraine. They are also very feminine and beautiful but even the way they look is different. However, their education is different, as well. They are very old-fashioned ladies and they are often brought up in old Ukrainian family traditions. 

They highly cherish all old family values and choose a man for the whole life, not for a couple of years to divorce in the future. As a rule, their families are strong and the divorce rate is very low. The reason for that is their strict and old-fashioned upbringing. They still believe in an old family model where a woman is a caretaker and a man is a leader and provider.

These women are obedient and listen to their men blindly, as it was hundreds of years ago in Ukraine. So if you choose one of Lviv women, you can be sure your children will get one of the best upbringing in the world. 

Lviv women are real fighters

Ukraine a safe country for datingDon’t worry, it doesn’t literally mean they are going to fight you or they are bodybuilders or MMA fighters. No, it means they have a very strong will and character.

Due to their traditional upbringing, these girls know what patience is. They are not only patient in any sphere of their life but they also can cope with any issues.

Moreover, Lviv women will always support their husbands no matter what. We all know that men are often weaker in some life spheres than women and need a good lady who will trust them and guide them throughout life.

And if you want to have a strong lady who will guide you and support you in all your beginnings, help you overcome all the troubles in life, one of Lviv women would be perfect for that. 

She will teach your children the best Ukrainian traditions

Lviv women are not only old-fashioned and family-oriented but they also make wonderful moms. Their traditions and values are one of the most important parts of their lives. They inherit these values from their mothers and grandmothers and believe us a woman from Lviv will do everything for her children to inherit all those qualities.

If you want your family to gather together for all the holidays and even for no reasons, choose a woman from Lviv. Your children will surely know what a real family is and how to treat their parents and grandparents with love and respect. At the same time, Lviv women are not housewives, they are modern and educated ladies for whom their family is their priority. 

How to date Lviv girls

Well, first of all, Lviv girls have to feel that you have noble intentions and are not one of those sex-tourists coming to their country in the search of easy girls. You should be ready for certain questions; she will ask a lot of them to make sure you are worthy of her time. She has to understand you are here because you are a serious man who wants long-lasting relationships.

So if you prefer dirty jokes, leave them for some Brazilian women, while they will not work with girls from Lviv. You can try and date women right in their main square; this is a wonderful place to meet hundreds of beautiful Lviv girls. There are lots of ladies worthy of your attention, so make sure to look your best and show your good manners. 

Nightlife in Lviv 

Nightlife in Lviv Lviv nightlife is full of opportunities for dating. If you ever go to one of Lviv night clubs or bars, you have all chances to meet the woman of your dreams. Don’t think that women here are not serious or waiting for rich foreigners to get a free drink.

No, all those intelligent, educated, and family-oriented Lviv girls may have rest in such places and spend their weekends with friends in night clubs. 

Some places, including the Rafinad People Club, are perfect to meet some diligent women in Lviv. It is a good club where only worthy people spend their time.

However, Lviv is not as big as Kiev, for example, so the nightlife is not that rich here. In that case, a day game or online dating could be a better option for you. 

How to meet Lviv girls online

Once again, we from Best-Matchmaking remind you that women in Lviv are pretty shy and they don’t speak perfect English, so they are not likely to get acquainted with foreign guys like that, right in the streets. So meeting one of Lviv women through online dating could be a good decision. You can browse our foreign women gallery right now and check their profiles to see if there are some you would like to meet.

We offer a unique video chat option where you can talk to your lady directly face-to-face and hear her speaking and laughing. Everything is transparent and there is no pre-recorded video, you just communicate with her on Skype as you do with your friends or family. Try out our Ukrainian romantic & marriage tour to come and meet her in her city, so no nightlife dating scenario will be necessary – everything will be arranged by us.

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Conclusion: single women from the very West of Ukraine are worth dating them!

Mature Ukraine brideNow we hope that you know more about Lviv women. They are not usual Ukrainian women, yes, they are also beautiful, feminine, and intelligent. But even regardless of their proximity to Poland, they don’t have those western qualities, they are real women with old-fashioned family values and able to make any man in the world happy. By the way, they cook excellent dishes and do it with pleasure for their men.

So don’t hesitate to choose these women from western Ukrainian city as the candidates for being your future bride and wife, it will be a wise decision.

If you still have questions concerning our site or online dating or matchmaking, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kate, your matchmaker and dating blogger who will recommend you one of the dating membership plans at a reasonable price to meet your love the soonest!

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