Why are women of Latvia so beautiful?

Latvian women ✓ Everyone who visits this amazing European country named Latvia remarks on how beautiful women there.

 ✓ Sure, Latvian brides possess gorgeous features and high cheekbones. Their look is full of mystery. Women from all over the globe envy their northern exotic looks. Any man can only hope for all that beauty a Latvian wife can give him.

Women from that country are intelligent and sophisticated. They make perfect matches, while they are great and devoted wives and mothers, but at the same time, Latvian women are fond of going out to various concerts, theaters, art galleries, and they adore doing it with their men.

In this article, we from Best-Matchmaking will tell you everything about the beauty and appearance, as well as personal traits of Latvian ladies. You will find out why you can stare at the pictures of Latvian women for hours being captivated and charmed by their natural beauty. We hope it will help you choose the right match and realize what it is like to love a beautiful Latvian lady and get so much more in return!

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Baltic roots of Latvian women

Baltic tribes arrived in Latvia (as it is called nowadays) around 1000 B.C.E. from the Pripet Marshes. And the Baltic Germans was the most important minority group, which settled on the territory in the thirteenth century. In the seventeenth century, Jews also arrived in the Latvian territory. Later, a pretty large Russian community also moved to the Latvian cities, and especially to Riga.

Modern Latvia comprises more than two million people, but they are not Latvians only, there are lots of various ethnic groups there, including Latvian, Russia, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Belarusian, and even Polish. Check our guide on dating:

latvian womenSo, it is obvious that Latvian women are the mixture of different nationalities and cultures, and that is what makes them so beautiful.

Anyways, women having Baltic roots traditionally possess blond hair, blue or light grey eyes. Most of the girls have thin and even fragile figures and look very aristocratically. Their skin is very fair and even pale, sometimes browned by cold Baltic sun. Blue eye color is very rare; however, Latvian women have blue eyes most often.

This is what makes them so unique and exotic. Their blue eyes are usually harmoniously combined with a slight flush on cheeks and light brown or blond hair. Once you come to Latvia for the first time, you think that you are in a fairy tale surrounded by blue-eyed beautiful fairies. But it is not a fairy tale at all, it is Latvian reality, all of these ladies have Baltic roots, very often mixed with the blood of other nations, and they look incredibly beautiful.

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Genuinely Baltic Latvian girls have naturally blonde hair. But their hair is not cold; it is very warm and soft. Don’t forget that the climate in Latvia is very humid, so their beautiful blond hair is very shiny and even more attractive to men all over the globe.

We can’t tell for sure that all the Latvian girls wear long hair because modern culture and trends influence their look a lot. They wear both long and short hair, but, anyways, it is very beautiful and well-cared still, as it was many centuries ago.

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Latvian women know sense in beauty

slavic womenYes, Slavic women can be beautiful naturally, but if they don’t take good care of their appearance, it doesn’t make any sense. It is not about Latvian women though. They have a perfect sense of beauty and know how to look stunning.

Can you imagine that Latvia produces more female models per capita than any other country in the world? Only Estonia, Iceland, Lithuania, and Denmark have a higher rate. We bet it tells a lot about Latvian girls, they are extremely beautiful, slim, and feminine. And Latvian women are the tallest women in the world, according to a recent survey conducted by BBC. It’s no wonder they have so many models per capita.

But natural beauty is also emphasized by the ability of those Baltic blue-eyed fairies to take care of them. They use only top-quality cosmetics for their hair and body care. They have a perfect sense of style, so you will never see a Latvian woman who looks too masculine or unkempt.

All of them, especially women after 30 years look very elegant. They wear beautiful dresses and expensive shoes. But even if you meet a woman in Latvia in jeans and a T-shirt, she will still look gorgeous, while their magnificent sense of style and dignity is impressive.

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A Latvian woman doesn’t need much to emphasize her natural beauty. They never wear too much make-up, so don’t worry, you won’t be badly surprised when seeing her with no make-up. As well as everything else, their make-up is very elegant and stylish.

Latvian women are very family-oriented, they are very good housewives. But they never forget about themselves. They adore attending various events, such as theaters, shows, art galleries, etc. And, of course, they look their best when doing it.

If you ever attend one of such shows in Latvia, you will be really surprised and impressed, while you will be surrounded by so many beautiful and gorgeous-looking women in amazing dresses and wearing perfect hair-styles. And no matter if a Latvian girl has long or short hair; it always looks wonderful and well-cared. Very often, Latvian women do not wear long hair as their Slavic neighbors, but even with shorter haircuts, they look amazing.


Eyes are the window to the soul

Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Were you successful to find your match over the video chat?  Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.  Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.  Learn more about the matchmaking service by Best-Matchmaking.comYes, Latvian females are very beautiful outside, but it could never happen if they weren’t beautiful inside. They have very beautiful personalities, they are loving and caring, they make perfect wives and mothers. But that is not all.

These beautiful blondes are very educated and well-mannered. Sometimes, Latvian girls seem very moderate outside, but they are very friendly and soft by nature. Women in Latvia are not only beautiful and kind, but they are also very responsible. Their attitude to family and work obligations is very serious.

When they communicate with you, they are very tolerant and easy-going. However, when talking to unknown people, they are able to hold distance. These Baltic beauties always make a pleasant impression on any person. Their appearance is irresistible and thanks to it, they will remain in your memory forever.

Sure, appearance is one of the most important parts of a woman’s nature. But the beauty of a woman is not only about her appearance. Even a really stunning lady can spoil the impression about her with her improper behavior.

But it is not about girls in Latvia. Women here are not only beautiful but smart, wise, and elegant. What can be more beautiful than a feminine, elegant woman who knows how to present herself? A woman who makes you think of her days and nights once you saw her is undeniably a real woman.

A Latvian female will never make any scenes to you; she is not a drama queen. Remember that wisdom is their common feature. A wise woman is a perfect woman! And that concerns all ladies in Latvia. So how can a woman possessing all those personal qualities and inner features be not beautiful? You will have no choice but only admire your Latvian bride! Learn more in our guide:

Latvian women are simply gorgeous

Why are women of Latvia so beautifulGirls in Latvia are gorgeous in many aspects. Yes, they are beautiful, tall, slim, have wonderful hair, and tender skin. They all speak English and that is amazing. But have you ever tried to talk to a girl from Latvia? Her English accent is one of the sexiest in the world. Any western man can just listen to a Latvian woman speaking English with his mouth open. Because the way she speaks English seems really sexy to men all over the world.

Everyone knows that Baltic people, including Latvian women, are never in a hurry. They do everything without any fuss, including the way they speak. And when a beautiful and slim woman is talking to you slowly, you want to listen to her again and again.

The manner of communication of Latvian women with kids is also amazing. They have time for everything. A Latvian wife will never stay at home while her husband is working. She works as well. But she finds time to do the home task with her kids, to take them from kindergarten or school, and to cook a tasty dinner for everyone. When you come home, dinner is waiting for you and your home is always clean and cozy, because it is very important for your Latvian bride.

A Latvian woman will put her supportive arm around her husband, so he could rest after a long working day, and she will take care of everything. But she is a not a housewife, she is a successful working lady who will want to travel and go out to attend various events on the weekends, so she won’t make you bored for sure.

A Latvian woman is a real decoration for her man. She looks amazing, she makes everyone admire her and envy you, but at the same time, she is wise enough to let you be the head and leader in your relationships. She is a strong woman, but always seems to be weak to her husband and makes you want to protect her as your most important treasure! And she is worth that!

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.


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