How to find the best Ukrainian dating service - Step by Step Guide

Ukraine PartnervermittlungUkrainian and also Russian online dating is one of the most popular ways for modern busy people to meet each other for a long-term relationship. And it’s really good that it doesn’t have any borders, while people from various corners of the globe can meet each other, fall in love, and get married.

There are hundreds of dating services all over the web. And it is really important not to get lost in that variety of sites and agency because scammers do not sleep and wait for their victims.

For that reason, we from Best-Matchmaking have come up with the idea of creating a sort of a guide for all the Western men on how to choose the best online dating service. This topic refers not only to Ukrainian and Russian ladies but to all Slavic women (e.g. Romanian and Bulgarian women). When thinking of this guide, we tried to proceed from the experience of our clients, both positive and negative one, before they applied to our dating service.

If you are intended to find your better half through Ukrainian and Russian online dating, this guide will be especially helpful for you. It will allow you to avoid mistakes and not to get trapped, as some other people did.

So, let’s start!

Factors to consider when choosing the most reliable and best Ukrainian dating service

Below, you will find the list of very important factors you have to pay attention to when choosing the most reliable Ukrainian dating service. Remember that an agency or dating site with a suspicious reputation will hardly help you find a lady for serious relationships. That’s why if you have come across a dating site and saw hundreds of profiles of beautiful women from all over the globe; do not hurry to sign up with that site.

Take your time and pay attention to many things, as well as to some red flags. Take into account everything, its reputation, experience, customers’ reviews, testimonials, prices, contact and legal information, etc. Make a short investigation taking into account the factors below.

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1) Reputation of the Ukrainian marriage service

Ukrainische Frau heiratenBefore registering on a dating service, try to check its reputation. Any service with at least one year operating experience must have at least testimonials on its site or some reviews on the web. When choosing the best Ukrainian dating site, try to make a short investigation.

Just type its name or domain in the search engine and see what happens. If there are reviews of this service, it’s already good, it means people have already tried it and shared their experience.

But pay attention to reviews as well, they might be both good and bad. But do not judge by one bad review, too. There are different people and different situations, there are people who might not be satisfied with the policy of the agency and they leave bad reviews in return. Also, the competitors might also leave bad reviews for reputable dating sites. So try to check all the reviews and make your own conclusion, taking into account the situation described.

You have to pay attention to whether the service is new or well-known. When the service is widely known, of course, you will find much information about it on the web. Such services usually have lots of experience and reviews. And when the service is new or less popular, you’d better check all the information about it.

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2) Membership plans and additional services

Any reputable dating service is not afraid to post the information about its membership plans, prices, and additional services in a free access. As a member of the site, you have to be able to determine the cost of each service and decide whether it is affordable and necessary for you.

Check the availability of such services, as gift delivery, video chat, etc. along with their prices. If the site doesn’t let you know the prices or you have doubts about it and can’t find proper information about all the membership plans on the site, this is a big red flag.

3) Testimonials of the marriage agency's customers

It is very important to check for the testimonials. When the service has at least some testimonials, it is a good sign, it means it really works and they are oriented to serious relationships. The testimonials are easy to find on the website of any dating service. Good and reputable dating sites are proud of their love stories and they try to post them on their site the soonest. You can check for the reviews of real couples, for wedding videos, etc. on the site of a dating service, it is a very good “proof” of their reputation.

4) Anti-scam policy

Anti-scam policyEvery reputable site must have its anti-scam policy because serious Ukrainian matchmaking services take care of the security and safety of their customers. Try to browse the site you come across for this information. If there is nothing about its anti-scam policy, it is also a red flag.

Experienced and trustworthy reputable services take check carefully both their women and men. Before posting the profile of a woman, the site administration has to check her personal data according to her ID or passport.

The site must check whether the woman is really single, divorced, or widowed. Women sign also certain contract with the agency where they state they provide real data. Also, the pictures of the woman in her profile have to be real. This is what a reputable agency has to guarantee.

Also, not only women but men can be scammers as well. For that reason, do not be offended or confused if the site asks you to provide the proofs of your family status because there are married men who sign up for the dating sites just to communicate with women.

A good dating service will never let this happen.

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5) Refund policy

If you decided to sign up for a dating service, another thing you have to check is the information about their refund policy. Browse their site and search for this information.

There are different situations in life and sometimes, it happens not as it had to be or as it was planned. So check the selection of such situations on the dating site and find out whether you can get your money back if something goes wrong.

6) Ukrainian brides' profiles

Facts about Ukrainian womenIt might sound weird, but you have to check Ukrainian and Russian women's profiles, as well. Just open the women gallery and see how the women look like. If you browse several pages and all of the Ukrainian women look like models, it is a real red flag.

You have to realize that not only models or young girls join the dating services. There are different women in Slavic countries, and all of them want to find serious relationships. There should be women of various ages, even women in their 50’s and 60’s, not only 20-year-old models. There also should be women of different body types, slim and curvy.

If each of the ladies looks like a fancy model, and there is no diversity, the photos and profiles are most likely fake. Try to avoid such a dating service.

7) Contact details and About us page

This aspect is actually really important when it comes to picking a dating service for you. Open the site, browse it, and find the contact us or about us section. There must be a contact phone number, Skype, email address, social media profiles, etc.

Try to check at least one of the contact information provided. If the phone doesn’t work or you get no answer via Skype or email, avoid this dating service. It’s most likely a scam. When the company doesn’t provide its contact details so you could get a feedback, it is a huge red flag. It means that if you have an issue with the site or women, they are not going to respond to you or solve it. It is obvious that you will not be refunded, too. So be careful and check the site’s contact information.

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Some words about Best-Matchmaking, your Slavic marriage agency

Best-Matchmaking is a matrimonial agency with over 10 years of successful dating and matchmaking experience. We are aimed not only to make people meet each other but also to get married!

Best-Matchmaking is not just a dating and matchmaking service, our team has a unique ability to distinguish the needs of our customers and find a solution to any of their problem. If your intentions are really serious, you will definitely get married with our help.

If you have any questions, our team is ready to listen to you personally and create a detailed plan to find a solution to your personal problem, to choose the right match for you, in particular.

If you have any doubts or questions, you can always contact our managers via our Contact us form.

If you browse our site, you can easily find our testimonials in the About section of it. Here we have gathered all the love stories of our customers starting from 2008, it means for 10 years. We are very proud of these marriages and stories of our happy couples and do not want to hide them. On the contrary, we want everyone to see these stories and get inspired. They are a perfect example of our work, aims, and success. Even if you have doubts about online dating, they will all fade away once you see those happy people and read their stories. These success stories mean that there is nothing to be afraid of and that it is always necessary to give it a try!

In our gallery, you will find the profiles of the ladies starting from 18 and their age is unlimited. We have gathered profiles of women who have different age, appearance, profession, or hair color. However, all our ladies have something in common – the desire to find serious a relationship and get married!

On our site, you can easily find information about Slavic ladies, including Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian, and Belarussian brides.

We from Best-Matchmaking provide a very wide range of services, from video chat to arranging all the documents for her visa.

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Find out what Slavic dating and marriage services we provide:

  • Gifts Delivery. If you want to make a pleasant surprise for your girlfriend or even friends, we provide a great gift delivery service. The good news is that you do not pay for the delivery, only for the gift you want to make. The list of gifts is very large, and it includes flowers, perfumes, fruit baskets, teddy bears, a bottle of wine, chocolates, etc. The full list you can find on our site in the Gifts delivery section.

The gift is to be received within just a couple of days. We give a guarantee that the gift is delivered for sure because we make pictures of your lady or friends with your gift right at the time of delivery. We guarantee only fresh flowers and all the gifts of the top quality. If you are not satisfied with the picture of the delivered gift, or if we do not find the recipient, we guarantee a 100% money back policy.

  • Matchmaking service. Our Best-Matchmaking service provides Slavic matchmaking services for more than ten years now. Best matchmakers and dating coaches in our team select a perfect couple for you. In 99% of cases, our couples are created thanks to our top matchmakers. We listen to you attentively and use only the individual approach. We select your perfect partners due to your personal preferences, interests, and wishes.
  • Romantic tours. If you are single, such a romantic tour to Ukraine would be perfect for you. This tour is also calculated individually for you, according to your needs, wishes, and opportunities. We want you to find a great Ukrainian lady for marriage. Thanks to this unique feature, you can meet women from various Ukrainian cities. We can arrange the dates in one and the same cities if you wish. The basic price starts from 2100 EUR per tour. It includes your stay in Ukraine for 4 days and 3 nights if you plan meeting girls from one city only. The prices vary depending on your personal wishes and desires. Regardless of the tour price, any romantic tour includes meeting with at least 5 ladies; professional interpreter; accommodation in the heart of the city; transfer from the airport and back at the end of your stay. The members of our special program can use our up to 15% discount. Anyways, each of the tours is being planned individually, and the price will be also calculated individually according to your personal wishes and requirements. For more information on romantic tours, check our Romantic tours or FAQ section, or contact us directly.
  • Videochat service. This service is a great opportunity for each man not only to talk to his woman but to see her in live mode. It is really so necessary because you have a chance to see her moving, talking, smiling. And, last but not least, you have a chance to check whether your lady looks in life as she does in her pictures. All the information about the prices for this service, you can find in our Videochat section.
  • Special event. Special event service means that you make your first meeting with your lady a special one. We help you to arrange everything. You know why this service is so important? Because you will have exclusive photos of your happy meeting. And it is very important later, as you prepare documents for a visa. This way, such pictures help you to prove your story.
  • English classes for a lady. If you have found your special one, we are happy for you. But if you have faced a situation where she doesn’t speak English, you can simply order English classes for her with the best professors. While you are away, she learns to speak English! All the information about the prices for this service, you can find in our English classes for a Slavic lady section.

This is just a short list of the services provided by Best-Matchmaking. In order to be aware of all the special offers, check our news constantly; we have lots of things to offer our special customers.

We hope that these tips will help you to pay attention to the red flags and choose a great dating service meeting all of your demands and needs!

Learn about the Best-Matchmaking agency in our introduction video:

Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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