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 professional matchmaking

Are you one of those who is not lucky in relationships or maybe disappointed with your ex, you may want to find a special service or site that would help you build successful relationships?....

In a current post you will find out:

➤ How NOT to  get heartbreak and disappointment from unprofessional matchmaker

➤ What is professional matchmaking services alike.



Can prime matchmaking services be cheap?

MATCHMAKING SERVICESLet us make clear now that good matchmaking services cannot be cheap or even free. We often hear the question from many men whether the site is free. But no, guys, how can real professionals provide services for free? When you come to the shop or hotel, do you ask anything for free?

The same is about matchmaking – a good service cannot be cheap and, all the more free of charge. Matchmaking is a long and thorough process and it requires lots of time, efforts, and the soul of the matchmaker. Yes, exactly, her or his soul and understanding of people and situations. And if you didn’t find your soulmate for many years, don’t expect a matchmaking service do it within a matter of days.

So, guys, if you are promised a quick result for a low price, run away and never get back to that service because that promise will never come true. If you want really high-quality services, don’t expect them to be cheap or free. 

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Best matchmaking services are a revolution in dating

matchmaking internationalThere is no wonder everyone wants to be happy. And each of us chooses its way to make this dream come true. If you are an alpha-male who managed to find a great girl nearby in your country, lucky you! And we from Best-Matchmaking wish you a lot of love and happiness forever.

But not everyone is as happy as you are and some people are too shy or too busy to find a woman themselves, so a matchmaking service is their salvation. We from Best-Matchmaking have united hundreds of people and helped people with different problems find their better half. These people couldn’t find their better halves for various reasons and we did that for them.

So if you are too shy, too busy, or just have too many disappointments with various online dating sites, prime matchmaking services will do all the job for you. They can do something you considered impossible for many years. 

Lack of trust

matchmaking servicesPrime matchmakers do screen their members and ensure safety that you will never find using online dating sites. Very often, when you use online dating sites, the person you have communicated with appears to be different from what you imagined or, what’s even worse, may not exist at all. Often, their pictures are different from what you have seen on the screen of your PC. Unfortunately, most online dating sites do not guarantee any security.

Joining the cheapest sites often causes lots of problems and thus, people are too disappointed with the result or its absence, and they do not trust professional matchmaking services anymore. And that causes lots of problems while due to their suspicions and bad experiences, they lose their chance to meet a real soulmate and remain single for more years.

No one is protected from bad experience but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust a reputable matchmaking service. To prevent you from the worst experience, check out this guide on how to find a reliable service.

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What do other customers say?

Testimonials Ukrainian datingNo matter in what country you leave, you should first check the reviews and testimonials of other people about the matchmaking service you are going to use. It won’t take much of your time, will it?

So better spend a couple of minutes exploring the search engines and check whether that service helped lots of people.

If you don’t find any reviews, neither good nor bad, think whether this service has ever had customers at all. If they claim to be an experienced service, they should have at least a couple of reviews from their satisfied or disappointed clients. If they don’t, this service is already cheating on you. 

Also, check whether they have testimonials. Even if people want to keep the information and pictures of their customers confidential, they will ask them to write a review or record a video. We from Best-Matchmaking do not post the pictures of videos of all our customers while not all of them want it. But still, there are people willing to share their happiness.

How to check a matchmaking service?

professional matchmaking servicesOnce you have checked the testimonials and reviews of other people (keep in mind that thousands of positive reviews may be just bought by the service and fake), you may want to schedule a phone or Skype consultation with your potential matchmaker. As a rule, prime matchmaking services have a contact form or means of communication stated on their site. So it would be great to choose whether they work at all. 

But before doing it, think well what questions you should ask your potential matchmaker and be aware of what kind of questions a good matchmaker should ask you. Below, we prepared the lists of both types of questions so you could be ready to ask them and reply. Be sure a professional matchmaking service will ask you questions helping identify your goals and perspective.



Questions professional matchmaking services will ask you:

Here are some questions from a potential matchmaker you should be ready to answer. Of course, if this matchmaker is interested to find a match for you and not only make money on you. 

  1. What is your reason to hire a matchmaker at this point in your life?
  2. What are your goals in relationships?
  3. How can you describe your past relationships? What was positive and negative in it?
  4. Why do you think you do not manage to meet a high-quality person on your own?
  5. How can you describe your perfect partner? What are your expectations and requirements?
  6. Are you ready to travel a lot for making your international relationship work? 

We do not ask exactly these questions, we choose them depending on the situation and after communicating a couple of minutes with you. But this is the information any matchmaker will need to know to have an image of your personality and expectations.

You should interview your matchmaking service

professional matchmaking servicesNormally a prime matchmaking service will interview you in some way. They need to know a lot of things about you to help you. But the questions have to be asked both ways, while your task is to audit them too. If you do not ask any questions, you will never know whether this service is here to help you at all. 

You should check whether you and your matchmaker are “compatible” so being shy or not sociable when communicating with that service is not the best tactic. If you do not ask the questions, how can you check whether this service is good for you? We from best-matchmaking are sure when you are trying to purchase something expensive, you ask the seller many things about it.

And when it comes to finding reputable professional matchmaking services, you should do the same – ask them questions and investigate. After all, you are looking not for the process but for the result which has to be positive. 



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Crucial questions to ask your professional matchmaking service

  1. How many potential matches are there in your database for me?
  2. Am I able to choose matches myself, too? Or I should rely only on your opinion?
  3. What if there are not enough good matches for me in your database?
  4. Should we sign the contract and what are the prices?
  5. Where can I check your testimonials?
  6. What does the overall process look like?
  7. What if it doesn’t work for me with the selected matches, will we keep cooperating or I am out?

Such types of questions will help you choose your matchmaking service while finding your match is a really important step and you cannot make a shot in the dark when it comes to it. So we from best-matchmaking recommend you devote enough time to preparing such questions and choose the right service. 

Online dating VS professional matchmaking services

Online dating


·       You date on a casual basis and the result depends mainly on you

·       Matchmaking services provide individual approach to each customer and work with you face-to-face. The result depends not only on you but on your matchmaker

·       Ladies’ profiles are often not verified and there are lots of fake profiles, thus you can be easily scammed

·       All the candidates are verified manually and the possibility of scam is excluded while both parties pay for the services

·       The price for online dating varies from one site to another; you can find relatively free or cheap services, as well as very expensive ones. High prices do not guarantee quality though

·       Matchmaking services are never cheap, especially those in the western countries. Lots of work and effort is involved in the process, thus, getting such services at a low cost is impossible.

·       Online dating doesn’t guarantee results: you can spend thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars on communication, gifts, online chats but never meet any lady in person. Unfortunately, you are often wasting your time because no one guarantees a woman is real and she will eventually meet you

·       Matchmaking doesn’t guarantee your marriage because it depends on different factors but it guarantees you meetings in reality and dates with real women. Matchmakers work with you until you get the desired result

·       Online dating doesn’t provide any consultation or coaching

·       When using matchmaking services, you can get coaching sessions, consultations, and a lot of support during the overall matchmaking process

·       Online dating is a shot in the dark

·       Matchmaking is a process targeted to find your perfect match


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What does professional matchmaking mean?

Ukraine dating appsWhen you choose to apply to a prime matchmaking service, you should know that you will go through a qualifying process.

For the reasons of safety, get ready to be checked by your matchmaking service carefully. A professional matchmaking service will be looking for a long-term relationship for you, so if your goal is different, better choose online dating.

A professional matchmaking service will require a lot of your personal information so get ready to share it with them.

Face-to-face interviews are a must for them, while they should know their customers very well. Be ready to provide lots of pictures as well. You will also need to meet your potential matches in person, so be prepared to travel half of the world to do it.

If you are not intended to travel in the near future, better do not try matchmaking, while then you will have no result. Women on the other hand of the service expect to meet you the soonest and are not inclined to have an endless video chat. 

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Professional matchmaking services are those that can refuse you

Latvian dating serviceYes, guys, sorry to say that but a good and reliable matchmaking service may refuse to provide its services to you.

This may happen for a couple of reasons. For example, if your expectations or requirements are the ones they cannot meet. We from best-matchmaking refuse men who want a woman 30-40 years younger than they are. 

Any professional service will realize it is impossible to find a serious woman with such an age gap.

Also, we may refuse if we know for sure we do not have candidates for you in our database (if you are from the country none of our women will move, you are not looking for marriage, etc.). So we are not trying to make money on you no matter what, we are selective towards our matchmaking customers.

If you want a free consultation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kate and find out more about matchmaking packages and online dating membership plans at reasonable prices. We from Best-Matchmaking accompany you before, during, and after your Romantic and marriage tour to Ukraine even. So don’t doubt you will be safe during your search and personal meetings.

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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