What is mutual love? – 5 signs of mutual love everyone should know about

Mutual love meaningGreetings, our dear readers!

We believe that since you are reading this post, you have questions about love and relationships. Don’t worry, you are in the right place while here, we try to answer all of your questions about love, dating, and relationships.

Some people are able to love unconditionally while others are only ready to accept that love and not to give anything in return.

So what is mutual love?

Let us try to understand it today and dispel all of your doubts. We from best-matchmaking hope this guide will be helpful for your current or future relationships. 

What's a mutual loving relationship?

Serial datingPeople often ask themselves how to know if they are in love (read more: Love vs Like: What is the difference between love and like?). But it is not that difficult. If you are in love, you know it actually. However, the question should be whether you are mutually in love or you are simply wasting your time. 

We always say that any relationship is hard work. And it is hard work for both, not only for you or for your partner.

It is important to know how to create mutuality and work on it together. Loving someone without getting anything in return might be great for Shakespeare’s poems.

However, in real life, it has nothing to do with pleasure and happiness. Not mutual love can bring you only heartbreak and suffering. So if you want to know how to achieve mutual love and what it, actually is, keep reading this article. 

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Mutual love meaning explained

Nowadays, everyone wants to love and be loved, however, not everyone, and we would say even no one wants to put the effort into relationships. Instead of that, many people simply follow the flow of the relationship and end it up easily being afraid of overcoming challenges and putting some work into it.

Mutual love isn’t about feelings only but about putting equal effort into relationships. It means that you do not only love someone unconditionally without getting anything in return but when this person gives you the same – the feeling of being loved, cared, and respected.

So if you want to know where your relationship currently is or you wonder what your partner really feels about you, whether your feelings are mutual, check out the following list to understand it all.


5 signs of mutual love everyone should know about

Find out whether you really have mutual love or just figure out how to distinguish it in the future when you find your partner.

Sign 1: You support one another no matter what

Internationales DatingSupporting each other in all current and future endeavors is crucial for any relationship. It cannot be mutual if only one person does it and another one only accepts his or her support. People should grow together but not apart in any relationships, it is crucial.

People’s needs and desires tend to change with time, this is normal. But because of that, lots of relationships fall apart. But if you are really mutually in love, you will make efforts to understand each other’s needs even with the change of time. 

Different obstacles may separate people and relationships may turn into long-distance ones. For example, due to job, college, army, etc. This often makes people break up because another person couldn’t understand the needs of his or her partner. 

However, if your love is mutual, you will not worry about it at all. You will feel secure within this relationship and will know that these obstacles can be easily overcome. It is crucial to understand and accept the needs of your partner and support her or him.

Sign 2: You text each other 

mutual loveNot all people are good writers and love sending SMS or text to other people. But we live in a digital era and talking online or texting each other is inevitable nowadays. When you love someone and are far away you, naturally, text or call this person.

But if you are ignored and your partner doesn’t write you back, this is not a mutual feeling. Of course, we all can be busy and we are not talking about texting while being at work or something. But when having free time, naturally, people text each other because they miss each other.

Keeping the interest of each other is important. You know that when people love each other, their feelings go far beyond the physical level, they experience it on the emotional level. It is important to see each other. But if your love didn’t survive because you didn’t have a chance to see each other, it wasn’t love. 


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Sign 3: You are best friends

dating coupleIf you love your partner deeply and want to spend all your time with her but she wants to talk to her friends instead, it is not mutual love.

No, we do not say that you both should forget about your identity and dissolve totally in your partner. It is important for each of you to have your friends, hobbies, and some social life.

But you should also be best friends with your partner. Even if you are in romantic relationships, finding your friend is extremely important for everyone. Spending time together, have common interests, and discussing things that only you can discuss is the sign of mutual love. 

After all, communication is one of the most important aspects that keep relationships alive. If you and your partner cannot communicate daily and, moreover, enjoy this communication, this is not mutual love. Talking about everything with your partner is one of the signs of mutual love, of course, if your partner does the same. 

Sign 4: You never complain about each other to other people

Let’s be honest, we all have friends who complain about their spouses, girlfriends, or boyfriends to their friends. How often do you hear such complaints when you communicate with your friends? It happens, doesn’t it? Yes, having bad days is normal for everyone and we can never be satisfied with everything in our partners.

But the main difference between people who love each other mutually and those who just waste their time with one another is that the first ones understand that their partners also have their flaws and bad days and do not pay attention to it. People who love each other mutually keep it in the family.

But if you or your partner complains about one another to your parents, friends, or anyone else – this is not love. It means that one of you (or you both) is not satisfied with your partner, so we cannot even talk about love here, especially, if you do not discuss the problems of your relationship with your partner.

Sign 5: You are loyal and honest with each other

Online Dating CoupleWe all know very well that lies can destroy relationships. People often lie about something they think is not so meaningful, something “small”.

A white lie is also a lie and even if you think it was necessary, it may ruin your relationships because your partner has a different opinion about it.

Being honest with each other is crucial for all relationships. You should both feel comfortable with each other.

And you should not be afraid to tell your partner about your fears, concerns, or dislikes. Don’t be afraid to make her sad because if it is mutual love, she won’t be, she will understand everything.

But people who lie to each other or at least one of the partners does, are not mutually in love. They are afraid to tell the truth to their partners and this means they are not confident with them. Love is not the case when people are not confident about each other.  

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Can love be real if it’s not mutual?

Dating & relationship definitionOf course, it can. If your partner or you doesn’t reply to your feelings or doesn’t contribute as much as you do to your relationship, it doesn’t mean that your love is not real.

And we often face such situations, unfortunately, when one person loves and another person only accepts this love.

But according to psychologists, there is nothing wrong in such a relationship, too. They say that such a relationship when one person loves and another one simply allows to love is one of the most harmonious ones.

So if you put all your efforts and your partner just allows you to do that, don’t be sad, this might be the most appropriate model of relationships for you.

But of course, we all want to find mutual love when not only you but also your partner is committed to a relationship. For that purpose, we recommend you to check out our gallery of beautiful Slavic women who are very caring, devoted, and loving, and will surely build mutual love with you. 

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Is it an obsession or mutual love?

Stages Of DatingWhen we are talking about mutual love, we understand two individuals who have their personal space, social life, friends, families, interests, etc., but still are committed to each other.

These people do not interfere with each other’s lives and only support one another no matter what.

However, if you “love” your partner so much that you forgot about yourself, that you do not have your own life, interests, hobbies, stopped seeing your friends, parents, people you cared about, it is, most likely, an obsession. If your partner made you lose yourself, she is obsessed with you. 

The situation can be vice versa – if you are jealous of your partner, do not want her to talk to other people, go to work, gym, or see her friends, you are obsessed. People should not lose their identity in relationships. Love is when both people are happy and not when one of them is miserable. 

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Conclusion: Mutual love makes you happy!

We from best-matchmaking hope that these signs of mutual love will help you understand what true feelings mean and distinguish them from passion, obsession, or any other type of relationship.

Remember that true and mutual love makes you nothing but happy. 

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Were you successful to find your love yet?  Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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