How much does it cost to marry a Russian woman?

how much does it cost to marry a Russian womanSooner or later, each of you starts wondering how much does it cost to marry a Russian woman? This is a natural question while everyone who is searching for a Russian or Ukrainian woman needs to know that meeting her is not all yet.

Meeting your lady is just half success, and real challenges start one you decide to marry and move to your country together. We from best-matchmaking will tell you everything about marriage with a Russian woman and Russian bride cost. Keep reading till the very end and do not miss this valuable information. ➔


Russian bride cost – what does it depend on?

marry a Russian womanIf you want to marry a Russian woman, you should realize that its cost starts much earlier than your marriage. We all spend money on dating and dating a Russian woman is not an exception. But when you meet a Russian woman, as a rule, you use online dating for it.

And online dating also requires certain investments. So, before you even decide to marry your Russian woman, you should be ready to spend some time on dating her, coming to visit her, and only then marrying your lady.

Moreover, the cost of your Russian marriage will depend on where you are going to marry – in her country or yours. Your marriage with a Russian woman will pass through a couple of stages and each of these stages will require certain expenses. Below, we will see which ones exactly.

Online communication – your first expenses before marrying a Russian woman

If you want to know your Russian bride cost, let’s consider online communication first. This is a prior stage and it will be also not free in most cases. You can choose the following options:

  • Free dating sites;
  • Dating apps;
  • Paid mail-order brides services;
  • Matchmaking sites.

The cost will depend on your choice. Needless to say that a free dating site or a dating app won’t cost you much. But you should not hope to marry a Russian woman if you choose those options. So the only option allowing you to meet a real Russian woman is to pay for your Russian mail-order brides services or matchmaking.


The cost will depend on your choice. Needless to say that a free dating site or a dating app won’t cost you much. But you should not hope to marry a Russian woman if you choose those options. So the only option allowing you to meet a real and scam free Russian woman is to try matchmaking. Service.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the site you choose. Be ready that matchmaking will be more expensive but the most effective.

For instance  The cost of Best-matchmaking’s high-quality matchmaking starts at 650 eur only. And you have the opportunity of contacts exchange with selected matches, while other sites do not allow it untill you come over and meet in person.
Being professional matchmakers we must admit that most of our couples have gone through our Matchmaking program and  According to our observation  95% of those couples  are married now. WHY?? Because we work together to build an archetype of the sort of woman who might be a great fit for you at this point in your life. That’s why it costs more than any other memberships but we think that it worth that money ( By the way, comparing to other agencies best-matchmaking's fees are the lowest)


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Meeting your Russian woman in person

Meeting your Russian woman in personNow, as you have met your Russian woman, you need to see her in person and arrange a real date with her. Going to another country is not cheap, so you should consider these expenses as well. You will need to take into account the cost of flight tickets, transfers, accommodations, etc.

But you can also choose a Romantic tour according to your needs and rely on your matchmaking agency that will take care of your trip, accommodation, and meetings with your woman. By the way, if your Russian woman doesn’t speak English, you will need a translator and you should also take into account it.

If you get a Romantic tour, you will have a translator included in your tour. The cost of such tours starts at EUR 1800. It is pretty convenient while you do not have to think about anything, the agency does everything for you.

But at the same time You are not obliged to order the whole tour.

For example your match speaks English and you have been to her country already many times so you can surely organize everything on your own:

you can just order meetings with selected matches. Find out more information about it from a video on this page !

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How much does it cost to marry a Russian woman in her country?

How much does it cost to marry a Russian woman in her countryNow everything depends on what kind of wedding you and your woman are going to have. As a rule, a moderate wedding in Russia or Ukraine would cost you a couple of thousand dollars. Keep in mind that a wedding in Russia will cost more than in Ukraine.

A Russian wedding would cost you from $15,000 to $25,000 and more depending on the extent of your wedding. It depends on such factors as:

  • The choice of a ceremony site;
  • Live music;
  • Entertainment;
  • The master of the ceremony;
  • Flowers, decorations;
  • Wedding rings;
  • Photographer, etc.

The cost of your wedding would also depend on the number of guests. Weddings in Russia and Ukraine are very big and it is normal to invite lots of people. It is possible not to buy lots of things but rent them to save money. Make sure to order a limo.

Russian bride cost in your country...

Russian bride cost in your countryAll these prices concern only your wedding in the country of your bride. If you decide to get married in your country, you will have all the same expenses according to your mutual wishes and needs. But apart from it, you will need to think of:

As you can see, the cost of your marriage with a Russian woman in your country will be almost the same, and you should know the wedding expenses in your country. According to The Knot’s statistics, the average wedding cost in the USA in 2017 was about $33,000. But once again, it all depends on your needs and desires.

If you both are not young and this is not your first marriage, you may not want any big celebrations, so just wedding rings and respective clothes will be enough for you. Keep in mind, you will be waiting for your fiancée to come to your country for about 6 months-1 year.  You ken come to see her during that time but she won’t be able to come and see you. All that means extra expenses.

Wedding expenses in the USA

Wedding expenses in the USA According to The Knot’s data, the wedding expenses in the USA are as follows:

  • Wedding invitations - $408;
  • Photographer - $2 630;
  • Wedding dress - $1 509;
  • Bridegroom’s suit - $286;
  • Flowers and decorations - $2 379;
  • Renting the place for your ceremony - $15 163;
  • DJ - $1 231;
  • Food - $70 per person;
  • Wedding cake - $540.

Everything is not that heap as you can see but, of course, all the same expenses are much lower in Russia and Ukraine. So if you are going to have a big celebration, it is reasonable to have it in her country.

More and more people refuse to have such big weddings and prefer saving money for their honeymoon trip or a new car. So if you also come up with that idea, your wedding won’t cost you much.

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Other wedding expenses

Apart from all the above-mentioned, there are always extra expenses and you have to be ready for them if you want a big wedding celebration. They include:

  • Video operator;
  • Transporting;
  • Make-up services;
  • Dinner rehearsal;
  • Musicians;
  • Professional wedding planner.

The most expensive places for having a wedding in the USA are:

  • New York – Manhattan - $76 944;
  • New York – Long Island - $61 113;
  • New Jersey – North/Center - $62 074;
  • New York – Westchester/ Hudson valley - $55 357;
  • Cape Cod, Massachusetts - $55 083.

The cheapest states for having weddings:

  • Utah - $18 516;
  • Montana - $20 814;
  • Idaho - $21 987;
  • Oklahoma - $22 373;
  • Missouri (Kansas-city) - $22

How to save when you marry a Russian woman

How to save when you marry a Russian womanFirst of all, you may not need all that celebration and may just conduct an official ceremony.  Inviting her family members to your wedding will be quite expensive if you lie in the USA or Australia, so better have a separate celebration in her country with her family only before she leaves for your country.

Keep in mind that Saturday is the most popular wedding day, so the wedding on that day is automatically more expensive. Pick Thursday, Friday, or Sunday for your wedding. You can avoid all those expenses by having a moderate ceremony and inviting only the closest people.

After an official ceremony, just go to a restaurant with your friends and have dinner. Big celebrations are the priority of younger couples. As a rule, people who marry Russian women are older and have a second or third marriage already, so no one needs fancy weddings.

-Or it can be celebration in your country on her arrival. Where the minimum of close people can be invited from bride’s side. Also you can always discuss with your bellowed on whether you need a ceremony at all.

Post-wedding expenses when you marry a Russian woman

Post-wedding expenses when you marry a Russian womanAs we mentioned already, apart from the wedding, there are other things to consider when you marry a Russian woman. Once she is there in your country, congratulations because you both were waiting for it for a long time.

But keep in mind, if you arranged a fiancée visa for her, you both will have 90 days only after her arrival to get married. So you need to do everything quickly and most likely, you won’t have time for a big and fancy wedding.

During 6 months, your wife won’t be entitled to work in your country, so be ready to fully support her financially during that period. It might be tough but since you married a foreigner, be ready for that.

Also, her English may not be perfect, so she might need time to learn it in your country – consider paying for her English classes in your country. It would be good for her to take driving lessons and get a driving license in your country, so this will be also totally your responsibility.

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Conclusion: It is not cheap to marry a Russian woman

As you can see, marrying a Russian woman is connected with different expenses apart from just a wedding. Visas, travels back and forth, English lessons, different professional courses will be one of the challenges you both will need to go through. But, for sure, any marriage is a challenge and this one is not an exception.

If you want to know more about how to meet your Russian woman, we from best-matchmaking are ready to help you. Take a look at our membership and matchmaking plans at reasonable prices that will help you marry a Russian woman the soonest.

Now Please let us know if you are married to a Russian woman or just going to... or already have been?. What would you suggest to those who is looking to marry a Russian Woman? What ever it is - leave your comment  ⬇bellow⬇

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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