Hot Russian Girls: Three Best Methods to Meet Them

European girls for dating and marriageHello guys!

We often hear about your terrible experience with various dating sites when trying to meet hot Russian girls. You then start wondering what would be the best way to meet eligible single Russian girls for dating and marriage.

Some of you simply ask if it would be a good idea to just go to Russia or Ukraine and meet your woman there. Maybe it would but there are some things to consider.

Lots of you want to find a hot Russian girl for dating and marriage. But not each of you knows how to do it better. So today, we decided to let you know everything about hot Russian girls, about the perks of dating and meeting them, and about three best ways to do it. Ready? Let’s start!

What are the best ways to meet hot Russian girls?

buy Russian womenThere are so many gorgeous women walking around in Ukraine and Russia. And if you ever come to one of these countries, you will see how many hot Russian girls there are in every city, from megacities to villages.

We can’t say the all look model-like but they are all really charming and have their dignity. So it’s no wonder nearly every western guy wants to date one of these hot beauties.

You may see some of these wonderful Slavic women in your country, as well. There are really lots of hot Russian and Ukrainian women in western countries, they come there for work or just move there forever for a better life. But how to make at least one of those hot Russian women your girlfriend or at least ask her to go out with you? Let us consider the three most efficient ways of meeting hot Russian ladies below.

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Method 1. Meeting hot Russian girls right in your country

It is not a secret many Russian, Ukrainian, and even Belarussian women move abroad. They do it for various reasons. Some of them are students and come to study or using different exchange programs. Others come to work there temporarily. There are ladies who decided to stay in a foreign country; others just live there for some time and then go back home.

So if you have such Russian, Ukrainian, or even Latvian brides living in your country for some reason, you can easily try and get to know her. We are almost sure if they are single, they would not mind going out with you and, if everything goes well, dating you. But you should be aware that if these ladies live in your country for quite a long time, they may not be that Slavic lady you have always wanted.

These women become more western-like with years. You can find out more about dating them in our previous post called Russian Dating in USA: What to consider?

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Method 2. Welcome to Russia!

Russian women for datingYes, you got it right! To meet hot Russian girls, you surely need to come to their country. So no matter what country you choose, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, or any other country, you will meet thousands of local women there walking right in the streets. And they will be those hot Russian women you have always dreamt of! But does this method really work?

Let us try to consider the examples of some of you. Some of our customers often meet women in cafes or hotels when coming to Ukraine or Russia.

They communicate and drink some coffee together but does it go somewhere further? No, unfortunately, we don’t know such examples. So is it possible to meet your future girlfriend or wife this way, let’s try to see below?

Meeting hot Russian girls in the night clubs is not the best idea

What can be easier than coming to Russia or Ukraine, going to a night club or a local pub and meet one of those hot girls there? It is really easy, while such fancy places are really full of gorgeous local girls. But if your goal is to pick up a girl in a night club for just a one-night stand or flirt, then it would work. But if you wish to meet a serious lady and get married, then forget about it.

First of all, serious girls do not get acquainted that easy with foreigners in such places. They come there to spend their weekend evening with friends or boyfriends, so we hardly believe she will agree to date you. Besides, it is not too safe meeting girls in such places. You can easily face a scammer who is a frequent guest in such night clubs searching for a foreigner to pay for her expensive evening, so we would just recommend being careful. 

Meeting them during the day in public places would be a better idea

Ukrainian and Russian womenYes, night clubs probably are much easier for making new friends, and especially hot Russian girls. But you know already this method not that safe and efficient, while you will hardly meet your future wife there. However, if you just walk in the city, notice some cozy cafe, or even a gym, and drop by, you will have more chances to meet a great woman. 

High-quality ladies often attend top-quality places, such as good restaurants, cinemas, gyms, galleries, etc. And such women are often well-educated and speak great English. So if you want to meet a really high-quality lady, you should attend such places. If you appear in a big city, then you will surely meet hot Russian girls who are very open to new people and especially foreigners. 

So if you really decide to come and meet a couple of great ladies using this method, you should attend public places during the day. We guarantee that you will at least exchange phone numbers with some amazing girls. 

Method 2. Meeting hot Russian girls online and getting a 100% result

Why did we state that this method would guarantee you a 100% result? Because it is true. Nowadays, online dating became popular not only in the west but in the Eastern-European countries as well. More and more ladies join various local dating agencies and international dating sites in the search of their future husband.

So why would you search for a hot Russian girl elsewhere if you can simply find her online without leaving your office or home? We do not see any reasons for that. However, be careful, while there are lots of pitfalls in online dating as well. Yes, if everything was that easy, we would not have so many of you asking us for help after tons of disappointment with various online dating services. 

When dating online, you should be aware of...

Russian dating scamScammers! Of course, this is probably the first thing you should be afraid of. But don’t worry, not every dating site is a scam and not every girl joining it is a scammer.

We have provided you with plenty of tips on how to spot a scammer and what to do if you have been scammed, so we are sure they will help you make the right choice. 

When choosing a matchmaking agency, we would recommend to appoint a free (if it is paid, then run away) consultation and ask as many questions as you can to make sure this is what you need and search.

Learn more about Russian and Ukrainian online dating scam in our articles:

Making the right choice is sometimes easy when you pay attention not only to beautiful profiles of Russian brides but also when you turn on your common sense and take into account a number of factors, such as:

Online gallery will help you make the right choice 

Yes, believe us, the gallery of beautiful Ukrainian women or that of Russian, Latvian women, etc. can tell you a lot about the site. Of course, all women want to have the best profile ever and post their best pictures to attract your attention. But if you want to find a family-oriented lady, her pictures should not be half-naked and photoshopped. If they all look like 20-year-old models, then ask yourself why would all of them be single? 

You can meet a great woman only on the site posting profiles of ladies of different looks, age categories, social status, and even body types. All single Russian or Ukrainian women can’t be models and you have to realize that. There are also housewives, single moms, and even grannies looking for foreign husbands, that’s life! 

Customer support 

We always recommend applying to the customer support of the dating site to check how they react to your questions, concerns, or suggestions. Of course, the customer support professionals don’t have to reply your endless questions all day long, especially if you are not their customer yet, but they should be at least online and give at least an unambiguous answer to you. Imagine if you have troubles using the site or meet a scammer, who will help you in that case?

So testing customer support before signing up this site and spending your money there, would be a great idea. Don’t forget to check testimonials, customer reviews, watch their YouTube videos, etc. to see what experience other users had with that site. You may not see 100% of satisfied customers, but their percentage should be pretty reasonable.

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Conclusion: You may meet hot Russian girls without leaving your room!

Average Russian girlAs you can see, you can meet Russian or Ukrainian girls in their country. By the way, our Romantic tour will be really helpful in that challenge.

Or you can try and meet some of them right in your country. But there is one method that will enhance your odds – meeting hot Russian girls online

This way, you can meet them first, use our video chat to make sure she is real and looks as beautiful as in her pictures. You can even impress her before your real meeting and use our gift delivery service. If she doesn’t speak English, you can even arrange English classes for your Russian girl

And, of course, if you have any questions, you are welcome to get a free consultation from Kate, a professional matchmaker, dating blogger, and practicing psychologist. Among best-matchmaking membership plans and matchmaking offers, you will surely find yours! And it will guarantee you a meeting with your hot Russian girl!

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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