Russian Dating in the USA: What to consider?

Russian dating in USAHello guys!

When signed up, one of our male customers, David, 31 years old, declared at once: “I am not going to come to Ukraine. I want a Russian or Ukrainian woman who lives here in the USA.” We from Best-Matchmaking were really surprised with that and could just shrug. We could only reply that we do not have women living in the USA.

But the times changed and some Russian women who live in the United States and other countries joined our site as well. They are also searching for western men on our site. And these ladies have shared their experience with us. Now we want to share their stories with you.

Is that really easier to date Russian women in America or it is another challenge? What you should know and what to expect from that dating - find out right now!

Russian women in the US and their reasons to come to your country

Finding Russian Mail Order BridesSo how and why do Russian and Ukrainian women get to the USA? In fact, they all have different reasons for coming to the States. Lots of them move there when they are young with their parents. They still have their family values and speak their native language.

One of the best news is that they speak English and understand your culture pretty well. It’s easier to communicate with them.

You probably know that lots of Russian and Ukrainian students travel to the States every year to work there in summer. So it’s not difficult for younger girls to travel to America nowadays.

The girls at the age of 19-22 come to the states in summer to learn the language and earn some money, according to their students’ programs. Au Pair is one more very popular way of coming to the States, while women can live there up to one year. So some girls do it year by year and eventually stay there in search of a better life.

Russian women in Americahow do they come to the States?

As an American, you probably know well the system of education in the USA. And you should know that American universities offer various opportunities for foreign students. So lots of Ukrainian, Russian, and even Belarussian women come to your country to study there. For them, it’s a great chance to learn your language, culture, and get a good education.

Lots of women come to the US because they marry an American man. Some of them get divorced and later go back to their homeland. However, there are women who stay in America and blend to your society fully. Some ladies just come there to work in some international companies.

So now, there is no need to come to Ukraine or Russia to meet them. You can simply turn around and notice lots of pretty Russian women in America. By the way, if you browse the Best-Matchmaking gallery of foreign brides, you will notice that we also have some Russian women living in the USA.

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What Russian women in the US expect from dating you

These women from Ukraine, Russia, and other post-USSR countries come to the States because they have to study or work. Some of them stay there after divorce with an American citizen as you already know. But none of them wants to remain single in a foreign country forever. They search for dating with American guys.

Average Russian girlThe fact they moved to the United States doesn’t mean these girls forgot their origin and dating culture and etiquette. That is not the case! They are still the same Slavic women; they have the same values and expectations.

Although they already got used that your dating culture is a bit different, they still want some chivalry when dating.

What does it mean? Some you shared their experience with dating Russian women in America with us and confessed that the man is the one who pays the dating bills.

Yes, even if a Russian woman lives in your country, she expects you to pay your dating bills. Don’t even hope to share it with her.

The perks of dating Russian women in America

Dating them in your country is probably one of the best things you could ever dream of. We bet you are smart enough to realize such dating gives you lots of advantages, including:

  • No need to hire an interpreter. If she came to the States, her English is already good enough, so nothing can interfere with your communication.
  • No need to come to Ukraine, Russian, or any other Slavic or Eastern-European country. Yes, dating our ladies in your country saves you lots of time and money, while you don’t have to suffer from long-distance relationships and travel so many miles to see her for your first date.
  • No need to prepare a K-1 visa for her.  As a rule, a K-1 visa is the best option to take her to the States and make her spend some time in your country. In this case, you don’t need to arrange it while your girlfriend is already in your country.

But here is the funny thing…

Beautiful Russian womanEverything seems to be perfect when it comes to dating Russian women in the US, but we have one thing to tell you.

One of the popular Russian bloggers who lives and works in America said: “Our women feel perfect in that country of matriarchy”. He meant that when a Russian woman comes to the States, she realizes very quickly that feminism rules there!

So, a Russian woman who spends a lion share of years in the States and is single there can quickly adapt to feministic society and when you meet her eventually, she may behave like an American woman already. It may not be the case but it happens. Especially with those who grow up in the States.

So, if you don’t want to meet an American-like Russian woman in your country, choose a lady who came to it recently and is still willing to find a good man. Otherwise, you risk meeting a too Americanized ex-Russian lady.

Once upon a time…

Russian woman for marriageStay close to the topic; we would love to share one true-life story with you. One of Poltava women went to the United States when she was a student. As the majority of all Ukrainian girls, she continued her university education in one of Virginia Universities, mainly in Virginia Commonwealth University.

After graduation, she stayed in the USA and got a good job of a Senior Risk Analyst in one of the leading finance companies in Virginia. She is slim, beautiful, smiling, has a perfect career and lives in the United States. One day she came to Ukraine to visit her family and meanwhile met her school friends.

They talked a lot about the life of each other, shared some experience, and chatted till the morning. Natalia’s friends appeared to be all married at that time, all had families. She was the only one of her friends who were still single.

So where are we going with this?

Why did we tell you that story about Natalia? First of all, she is a great example of a Russian woman moving to the USA and creating there a very successful life and career, she even owned her business there. But the fact that she was still single shows that long life in the States changed her Ukrainian nature a bit.

All her friends who stayed in Ukraine were already someone’s wives and mothers. But she didn’t manage to find even a boyfriend to build serious relationships while she was too busy with her American career. Moreover, Natalia confessed that she couldn’t cook at all. So, guys, you have to be ready that if a lady spends a lion share of her life in the States, she becomes more American than Ukrainian.

Don’t expect a lady who came to the States to have a great life and career to be a good Slavic housewife. Unfortunately, it will most likely not happen.

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So what is the way out?

Well, we would recommend you to still consider dating Russian women in the US. But pay attention to the ladies who came there not so long ago. Maybe even consider ladies who arrived in your country for marriage but for some reason divorced. Yes, that’s life and it happens – after all, she wasn’t lucky to meet you yet!

Try to find out her reasons to come to your country. If she came with her parents when she was young, OK, she is probably not that career-oriented. But if a lady came to the States a long time ago to create a career no matter what, beware, while to risk to get an American woman who still speaks Russian and nothing more. In this case, you will not get that amazing Slavic woman you were dreaming of.

Where to search for Russian women in America

Russian mail order brideYou may be surprised but an online dating site may be also a great way to meet your dream Russian woman in the USA. Can you imagine that we also have women living in your country in our database?

That’s right, these women have come to the States when they were young with their parents and now, they are in search of a good Western man.

Don’t worry, you will be able to check their true intentions and personality in our video chat, talk to them in Skype, besides they speak excellent English and don’t need the help of the interpreter.

And if you want to surprise her and see how she reacts, you can use our gift delivery service. Our matchmaking plan can help you find the right person by the way.

And in case you decide that you want to meet a genuinely Russian or Ukrainian woman who has never been in the States yet, you can choose one of our Romantic tours. We hope that your search will be pleasant no matter what country your Russian bride lives! :)

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