How to date during PANDEMIC ? [Proven Tips]

The pandemic of corona virus has ruined the plans of many people, including our male and female customers. Every day, we get questions from you about:

➤ How to communicate and meet your potential matches?

➤When will it be possible to travel?

➤Is it possible at all to practice dating during pandemic or better to forget it?

➤ And whether Ukraine accepts foreigners nowadays.

So we  decided to gather all possible information that could be helpful for you in terms of that complicated situation to explain to you the peculiarities of the international dating process nowadays and facilitate it as much as we can. Read the information below to find answers to your possible questions.

Dating during pandemic changed but didn’t disappear...

We understand that lots of you are really scared by the situation in the whole world and are afraid that international dating is useless these days. But let’s not despair. International dating has always supposed a sort of virtual and distant relationship at some stage.

So the international dating sites or apps didn’t disappear anywhere and didn’t stop rendering their services. After all, before traveling and meeting someone in person, you should communicate with a woman and get to know her well. This process is a must and even corona virus didn’t change that.

Especially, if you live in the USA or Australia, you cannot come too soon to meet her in reality, so pandemic didn’t influence the international dating process much. Just like before, you join the site, find women to communicate, and, actually, get in touch with them to get to know them.


Travel bans:


 ➤Did Ukraine open the borders?

 ➤Is my country in the red zone?

....These are the questions you ask us every day. There are lots of rumors, fake and confusing information, so we recommend you simply check official sources only. One of them is site.

 ➤This site is recommended to travelers by travel agencies and operators. Here, you can easily find all the latest information about travel bans in any country in the world due to pandemic. The information is being updated daily, so you won’t be confused or misinformed.

Whatever your country is or whenever you are going to travel, check the latest information on that site or on the sites of the Embassies of the destination countries. Ukraine has opened its borders to lots of states already, so just keep being updated.

Did corona virus influence international dating?

Yes, definitely. Every field and aspect of our lives is affected by COVID-19 and dating, in general. International dating isn’t an exception. Just at the very beginning of the splash of corona virus, lots of meetings in real have been canceled.

Some women simply refused to meet men from various countries because of fear to be infected, as well as lots of men have canceled their trips due to the same fear. But no worries, it doesn’t mean their relationships broke up.

All these people just decided to stay healthy and wait a bit with meeting in person until the situation gets back to normal. They still communicate and didn’t break up; their communication is as frequent as before. Now they just wait for a good moment to meet.

How to travel during lockdown?

This is the question that bothers everyone nowadays and especially those who are going to meet their matches through online dating. Traveling now is tough but possible. Don’t worry if you have communicated with ladies on our site and didn’t meet them still.

People step by step start planning their trips at the end of summer. They sell tickets to Ukraine and Belarus from some countries already and UK and USA citizens already are allowed to enter Ukraine. Our customers plan meetings in July-August, so there is no catastrophe and it looks like not much changed for those who are willing to meet each other.

Some couples plan to meet abroad in those countries where both are allowed to enter – Bulgaria, Turkey, etc. Others plan to meet in Ukraine and Belarus this summer already. So everything depends on you only, if you want to meet your lady, you will do that and find the way.

How does Should dating during pandemic process goes?

If you have never used online dating, you might not be aware of how the process works and whether you should start it at all if you are not able to travel outside your country. But don’t worry, online dating is much more than just a personal meeting.

 ➤At first, you should choose a dating site.

 ➤Read our tips on how to pick a good dating site ➔


➤Do not be in a hurry and consider all the pros and cons.

➤Pay attention to the red flags.

➤Decide what exactly you are looking for.

Starting the process of getting to know a woman now would be wise than ever while you have plenty of time, you do not hurry anywhere and can plan your trip thoroughly. Life during quarantine opens lots of opportunities and it is up to you to recognize them.

The experience of best-matchmaking customers: Some Proven TIPS:

As we mentioned already, lots of people are willing to travel but not everyone has the opportunity right now because their country is in the red zone. But men and women don’t give up or quits searching,---- people simply find their ways.

After waiting four months, waiting for another one or two months to meet is not the biggest challenge. Some guys ask us whether we arrange proposals on Skype in times of lockdown and other things. Everyone is looking for his own way out.

Of course, proposals on Skype are not very romantic but we still arrange for your convenience:

Skype calls

Gifts Delivery

Letters exchange

➤ We also start arranging Romantic Tours and meetings that are going to happen at the end of summer already.

How to enjoy dating on quarantine?

Lots of people consider quarantine and pandemic as the end of their active and normal life and the start of their long single life. However, you should not consider it this way. You should make the most of it and enjoy every moment of your free time.

Quarantine opens the doors that have always been closed to us and offers us lots of other opportunities. Yes, you cannot go for a date maybe with a new lady now, but you can find a good lady for communication and meeting in the nearest future. Trying online dating or matchmaking is the wisest decision now.

It won’t keep you bored and will give you an opportunity to meet someone wonderful without even leaving the comfort of your home. If you weren’t lucky in dating previously, you can try yourself in international online dating now and see whether it is for you or not.

Check a FREE gallery of single foreign women!

What to do if you planned the meeting and it didn’t happen due to travel restrictions?

Yes, unfortunately, it happened and lots of people had to delay their meetings and trips due to corona. But we draw your attention to the fact that the meetings were not canceled, they were delayed and rescheduled. So if you planned to meet your dream lady soon but it didn’t happen, don’t panic or despair.

All the restrictions are temporary and they will not last forever. Now, you just have more time to talk on Skype, write letters, or send gifts to your lady and get to know her much better before you meet in person. This is not a tragedy, so just perceive it as a great chance to test your relationship.

Best-matchmaking already arranges meetings that will happen in July and August in Belarus and Ukraine, so now you should just watch the latest changes in the restrictions and plan your trip once it is convenient for you both. By the way, first meetings with women in Belarus in terms of pandemic happened in June already, so nothing is that bad.

Conclusion: It’s tough but it’s possible!

Everyone suffered from corona virus and travel bans. The plans of lots of people have been changed or canceled. Someone’s expectations have been also ruined, however, international dating didn’t stop and it is still possible, it opens you lots of new opportunities.

Do not think that life stopped and now you shouldn’t search for your woman and build relationships. Everything is possible and our customers have proved that when there is a will, there is a way. Enjoy your life and be willing to meet your woman, and you will meet her for sure.

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Now Please let us know your opinion about dating during pandemiс , may be it has effected your situation? What ever it is - leave your comment  ⬇bellow⬇

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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