Do Russian women attracted by foreign men for real?

russian women➔ Do Russian women attracted by foreign men for real?
➔ Why Russian women marry foreign men?
➔Is Marriage in Russia  still expensive and stressful ?
➔What is  crisis of trust the majority of Russian women have?
➔ Pragmatism in Russian women’s relations to men.....Does it really exist?

To answer all this questions, we first have to look at what Russian women expecting for in a mate. My colleagues and I also conducted a survey of Russian women who are dating foreign men, and asked them about their reasons for doing so. ⬇  Keep learning ⬇


Almost 30 percent of expats do not believe that Russian women are attracted by foreign men for real. Some 60 percent of people said that Russian women are attracted by foreigners for all kinds of reasons, including sexual desires and economic interests.

However, thanking to some survey conducted we have delivered the next results which answers the question  Why Russian women still want to marry foreign men . And about 65% of Women responded positively to several positive personality traits:

- kindness and patience.

The women also seemed to appreciate that foreign men are more sincere, romantic and respectful than men from Russia. In fact, it appeared that Russian women liked the foreign man they were dating the least.

russian women beautifulAs a result, I think that many Russian women are also attracted to foreign men because of the positive qualities they offer.

✓ These include masculinity – many of the foreign men are tall, muscular and masculine; plus, they dress and look more fashionable than Russian men.

✓  Many of the foreign men also have impressive careers: many of them are in finance and working with the government.

✓ Warmheartedness and attention may also play a role. Russian women seem to find foreign men more sensitive and sincere than Russian men. And as one women told us: “If I dated a Russian guy, we can argue for hours and hours. But if I date a foreigner, it’s over in 30 minutes and we’re still talking afterwards.”

✓Dating foreign men is the best solution to many women’s problems. It can provide them with a secure, as well as other positive aspects such as warmth, affection and attention. But it’s not the only options Russian Women are looking for..

Why Russian women marry foreign men?

russian-women-personalsRussian women are really indecisive Russian women have told the “Average woman in Russia” project about what kind of a man they would love to marry.

The percentage of respondents who said they would prefer foreign men was 38%, while 23% preferred Russian men.

The overall number of respondents who said they would prefer foreign men to Russian ones increased by 19% between 2019 and 2021.

There are two reasons for this:

1--People are likely to vote with their heads, especially when given a fair chance. It is hard to choose someone you really have no intention of seeing married.

2-- Russians are prepared to take a bigger risk when choosing a foreign man, which means they have to think longer and more carefully before making a choice.

According to overview made by Professional Psychologist in 2021 40% of Russian women said that they would prefer to be a foreigners than a Russians))))

 This is a kind of explanation of why there is such a large difference in the quality of Russian and foreign men.

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 Is Marriage in Russia is still expensive and stressful ?

✓  One of the consequences of Russia’s poor economy is that a wedding is still a luxurious event. A person in Russia can’t just get a car, but must first buy a new shirt, sofa, fridge and television. It is almost impossible to get a loan from a bank and to sign a contract with an apartment in Moscow. The amount of debts of people who get married in Russia is growing constantly.


Is Marriage in Russia is still expensive and stressful

The official statistics of the Ministry of Justice show that there were 82,547 registered marriages in 2020. The number of divorces in Russia is also growing, which means it is important to get married within a few years if you want to get rid of the state’s guarantee to support you if you are sick or have children.

When paying for a wedding in Russia, you have to pay for everything:

-the invitations,

-the celebration,

- the clothes,

-the decorations,

-flowers, and even the bridesmaids.

 One lady said she spent 300,000 rubles on her wedding, including 150,000 on the invitations alone. Not cheap….

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What is  crisis of trust the majority of Russian women have?

russian women✓  It is because they are harassed and almost raped on a daily basis. Russians treat women as weaker beings and they do not know how to express themselves in words.

✓  Although almost every corner in Russia has made women and girls feel uncomfortable in the eyes of society, there is a lack of an official answer as to why or how. However, some pro-women activists have been making the headlines lately.

✓  While Russian women spend much of their life working, studying and raising their children, most often their duty is to support their families and their spouse has to bring money home from the job.

✓  Female workers have no rights. Men, on the other hand, are treated much more equitably, as they are owners of factories, companies, shops and land.

✓  Men and women have equal opportunities in the workplace, but, despite of the enormous potential of Russian women, only a small number of them take part in the labor market.

Pragmatism in Russian women’s relations to men...

There are many Russian women who prefer to devote themselves to their career and find a compatible partner for a happy family life. However, among Russian women, the attitude towards a long-term relationship is highly pragmatic.

There is a high level of practicality in Russian women’s relations to men, which is in stark contrast to the Western women, who have a much more romantic view of love and marriage.

There is a high level of pragmatism in Russian women’s relations to men In Russia, women place more value on the work of their male partner. For women, as long as they work and earn their own money, it is generally seen as acceptable for them to share household duties with a man.

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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