✓ 12 Best Tips in 2021 on How to Pick up Girls!

how to pick up girls➢Wonder how to pick up girls?

➢Tired of all them saying “No” to you. We guess we have something for you in the hood.

➢ Also carious about  Ways on how to turn a woman on?

➢With our list of main pieces of advice, you will easily get to know how to get a girlfriend fast. Sounds interesting? 

➢ Body language is as necessary as the language of communication. If you learn several rules of how to use non-verbal communication, you will get to know how to turn her on effectively. So try to mind all the tips on how to use the language of gestures to pick her up as well as to turn her on when the right time comes.  

Here we go with the pieces of advice on how to

➢ Turn a girl on from the very 1st meeting

➢ How to impress her with your attitude and behavior ... then it will be much easier for you to simply get a girlfriend which have been your desirable dream....

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Maintain eye contact. Every woman likes when you watch directly in her eyes. For some of them, it means that you have already looked over the rest of her body and decided to choose her. Eye contact is a must to make her interested in you. If you know how to make eye contact, she will treat you to be a much warmer, approachable, and likable partner if compared to others that only stare at her bust or hips. especially, you should hold eye contact when you are talking to her because it means that you pay attention and listen carefully to her.   

Never cross your hands or legs because this is a posture of not accepting. If you cross some parts of your body, even your fingers, it means that you are against the things she says to you and likely to ignore her and her opinion. Do not cross your hands or legs since it is a gesture of dislike. Open arms and legs is a subtle sign for her that you like her and want to move on with her. This is the best way for you to learn how to pick up girls because all of them would react the same. If you control your body and keep the arms open, she will trust you sooner. 

Touch her softly on the shoulder. A little touch might be a sign for her that you like her and want to proceed with her. Also, it is a notification for her that you not only like her as a personality but want to have intimacy with her. In other words, a little tap on the shoulder might mean that you want to have sex with her and there is chemistry between you. It is up to her to decide whether to proceed with you further, but this touch is essential for every man on the date if you want to learn how to get a girlfriend. Never be afraid to touch her but make sure you do it gently and with love.  

Do not talk too close to her face. All ladies like it when a man looks at her face but being too close to her might do the opposite thing and she might dislike you. So make sure there is always some space between her and you for her to feel comfortable. If she sees there is a distance between you, she will think that you do not push her to move on with her in your relationships, so she will relax more. Keeping a distance between both of you will leave her a chance to step back and say “No” if she does not want to be with you which is a big plus for her.  

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Stand in a power pose if you are nervous. If you want to create a positive impression, you would better try standing in a pose of superman or lift your both arms to look big. Stay in this power pose for two minutes until you feel confident enough to move on. If you are going to date but are afraid that she might not like you, just imagine yourself in this pose on the date. You might also go to the restroom while being on the date and practice this pose one more time to boost your confidence. We guarantee that the woman you chose will like you more because all girls like confident men. So keep on practicing until you believe in yourself by yourself.  

Do not ignore your tone of voice because it might tell a lot to her. If you want to pick her up, you should be calm and accepting when you talk to her. All women like calm men who are not afraid to say something wrong. Mind your tone of voice. For instance, you might say the phrase “I thought you are visiting Miami today!” meaning “I am glad to see you anyway!” or “You are too late again!” Therefore, never ignore the tone of voice you use to create the right impression on her and pick her up. Ideally, you should look friendly and relaxed if you want to turn her on.  

Nod. By nodding, you might prove to her that you are listening attentively to her. You would better do it from time to time to show that you are involved in the things she says. If you nod, it will mean that you agree with her, so she will trust you even more after your conversation. Note that if you date a girl from Bulgaria, you should nod the opposite way because they nod if they want to say “No”. However, the message of nodding is similar in other countries and means “Yes, I agree”. 

Do not ignore the way you dress up. You should wear the best clothes you have when you are going on date. If you want to pick her up, you should prove to her that you respect her and have been preparing for the date to impress her. She must feel that she is precious to you. You might dress up in a weird way, but at least you tried to create a positive impression, and she will understand it if you do. Make sure you put on some perfume on your neck to smell good and turn her on. 

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Smile and laugh. If you manage to laugh at the things she says and smile from time to time, you will remove the invisible wall between you that might separate you from one another. Even if her jokes are not very funny, you still have to put a smile on your face at least with the intention to admire her try to make you laugh. All girls like men who understand them and have a similar sense of humor. If you laugh at the same things as her, our congratulations!

Do not bite your fingers. The worst thing you can do is biting your fingers or nails. It might seem to her that you are a weird guy who disrespects women. Some of them might treat you as a little kid but is that what you were looking for? Did you want to find a mama? If you want to pick up a girl, you should learn the number one rule of how to get a girlfriend which is that you should act like a boyfriend, not like a kid.  

Raise your eyebrows. This is a sign for her that you are flirting with her. She will not treat you just like a friend but will consider you to be a potential candidate to win her heart. Do not hesitate to use your face and express your emotions on your face. Of course, it might seem complicated to control your facial expressions. Try to relax and let things go their way. Let yourself go and open up your heart for a new love. Raised eyebrows mean that you like her and would not mind moving closer to her. If she reacts at that with her eyes wide open and her pupil broad, it is a sign that she likes you and would not mind moving on with you.  

Do not touch your nose. One of the rules of non-verbal communication that most girls know is that when a man rubs or touches his nose, it means that he lies. If you do not want to create the wrong impression on her, you should avoid touching your nose. However, it might happen unintentionally so you should not be afraid of that because not all women are that smart. Just keep being calm, relaxed, and confident. Control your gestures not to sound and look nervous. Good for you if you cope with that on your first date, so she will trust you and you will turn her on easily with little effort. 

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Ask her whether she likes certain things you do in bed. Her opinion is very important if it comes to sex and mutual satisfaction. Feel free to ask her if she liked your previous sex and do your homework. Get to know what exactly makes her happy and satisfied in bed. Practice everything you found to be new. She must trust you if you really want to turn her on. One of the best things you can do if you want to turn a girl on is to build a strong relationship between both of you before you go to bed together. She must feel that you are a strong man who is able to accept critics. Therefore, you should never get offended by her if she says something negative about your previous intimate contact. Of course, she must use polite words, but even if she does not, you should understand her despite all the emotions she might have. In other words, you have to acknowledge the fact she is a woman that is more emotional than you are. If you both want to be pleased next time, you will need to make sure she expressed herself for you to do the correction work.   


Spend some time together. Seriously. Kissing and touching are okay, but you can turn the woman on only if you spend some time with her. There is a category of women whose love language is spending some time with them, according to the author of the book “Five love languages” Gary Chapman. He claims that some women would understand and feel loved only when you spend a particular time with them. Therefore, if you want to have awesome sex, you would better get prepared for it in advance. For instance, you might start to show your love to her from the early morning. You might, for instance, go to a cafe to have a cup of coffee in the morning. Then, you would better call her a few times per day or write her messages, saying that you love her. Once you do it, you are guaranteed to have incredible sex in the evening. Keep this rule in mind and always practice it if you want to turn her on. The more time you spend together and she thinks about you, the better your intimate life will be late at night. Make sure, however, that her telephone is switched on.   

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Be specific. All women are different and they like different things in bed. You should be creative and ask them directly how they like certain things to be done. For instance, she might tell you that she likes her breasts to be kissed and touched, however, you would better ask her about the exact way you want it to be performed. The more details you get from her, the better sex you will have and both of you will be satisfied. Check out the sexual values of Ukrainian and Russian women in bed with a man they like. You might try out various poses, but you should always do new things with her in bed in order not to get used to it and experience more fun and exciting moments. As long as you love her, you should do your best to satisfy her in bed. For instance, you would better mind the hygiene before you plan to have sex because most women like clean guys that smell good. However, she might be an exception to this rule. Therefore, you would better ask her whether she likes you to put on perfume or not, for instance, because the tastes of all ladies in bed might differ.     


Have a shower together. Some women think that they will not be “nice” if they have oral sex. They might have specific prejudices about that. However, if you want such thoughts to disappear and she to change her mind about it, you are recommended to spend some time in a shower together. At least, she would think and make sure you are clean. So she will not be afraid to do it with you because you will smell good. If you do want to turn her on and motivate her to have oral sex, you would better work on her prejudices and reassure her that no one will judge her for that. However, if she is totally against oral sex, no matter what you do or say, you would better stop pushing her to do that because she might be afraid to do it because of her religious beliefs. If you do not have a girlfriend but do want to have marvelous sex, you would better find a girl from Ukraine because she will fulfill all your desires. If only she like you and choose you, so check out the reasons whether she would select you. Go ahead and get to know if you are okay for her now! 

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Use more lubricant. The more slippery, the better. If you want her to experience orgasm, you would better utilize a lot of lubricants. Also, if you want her to feel awesome, you might even use some toys. However, note that you should buy them together. For instance, no way you should buy an eight-feet vibrator for the first sex with her. Toys are good, but only if you both agree to have sex using them. Stimulate her clitoris because there is the same number of nerve endings as on the head of the penis. Note that the vagina features fewer nerve endings so it would be better to stimulate both her vagina and clitoris. You might also ask her to stimulate her clitoris by herself if she does not mind. Make sure you both agree to have a specific kind of sex you both like. Stop doing it if one of you has a different opinion about a particular thing in bed. If you manage to find a common language concerning sex, you will be such a happy family.   


Live a sex life. In other words, your sex should be special and unique every time you have it. You should never do the same things the same way at the same amount of time because both of you might get bored. We recommend you try various things at various times. Note that perfect sex will not just happen one day. It is reached by a number of different attempts and experiences. The more you have sex and even make mistakes, the more incredible sex you will have in the future. Sex is compared to life because you should never know what to expect from it. It must be original but well-done if you want both of you to be happy. Also, you should respect your partner and keep in mind all the preferences and likes that she has about sex with you. Make sure you treat each other with love and care, and never go to bed if you had a quarrel. For instance, you might resolve the conflict with the help of awesome sex. Wish you to always have a great sex life and enjoy every single moment with her. Note that real orgasm is a result of love and harmonious relationships.  

How to Pick up GirlsIf you want to know how to pick up girls, you would better use all these pieces of advice. It might not be easy to control all the aspects mentioned above, but the more you practice, the more successful you will be.  

            If you wonder how to get a girlfriend, first of all, you should examine your motives. If your intentions are dirty and you want to take advantage of her, you would better forget all these dos and dont's not to hurt her. However, if you are planning to create a family, feel free to use these tips and have fun. 


Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Are you hunting for a woman? Or May be you are able to provide even more useful tips for our readers?  Feel free to share then and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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