TOP5 Countries to Date Sexy & Hot European Women

Hot European WomenHello, guys!

Perhaps, you have already heard that European women are attractive and passionate. Moreover, they are traditionally good wives and reliable partners.

Europe is a large territory that unites many countries and communities, that’s why it’s simply impossible to say that all European women are the same.

If you are looking for a wife or a romantic partner from Europe, you may wonder which country to start your search from ➔

As experienced matchmakers and dating coaches, we have prepared a TOP5 list of the countries where you can meet and date sexy & hot European women.

This guide will help you easily understand which country is the right choice for searching for your match.

What is the difference between women from Eastern and Western Europe?

Women in all Europe have lots in common. Most of them are good-looking. They have classic face features and slim bodies. Those women who live in Europe are often well-educated. They love to study and pay attention to self-development. Europeans are also hard-working and organized.

Western Europe has a nearly equal amount of men and women. That’s why this part of Europe is less welcoming for single men than the Eastern part of Europe. Moreover, Western women are often aimed at making a successful career and can even sacrifice their romantic relationship or family life for their career goals.

Women of Eastern Europe are more family-oriented. They keep traditions and are interested in creating a family before making their career. Many countries in this part of Europe have more women than men. Such a situation makes Eastern European women accept international relationship easier. Often, women from this part of Europe agree to leave their countries to unite with their foreign husbands.

All these facts made us concentrate on Eastern countries to set a list of  the countries to date sexy and hot European women.

Country #5: Romania

Why are Romanian women so beautiful?There are a lot of Romanian women among famous models. Have you ever thought about the possible causes of this? Lots of people believe that the reason is the excellent genetics of Romanian women.

Centuries ago, Romanian kings encouraged international marriages between noblemen. As you may understand, such relationships resulted in making the genetics of Romanian people better.

Usually, Romanians have a fast metabolism that allows them having slim, proportional bodies even after 45 years old. Women of the country are often tall with beautiful long legs and proportional bodies. Most women have dark colored hair (black or brown) and that makes a perfect combination with light skin tone.

Romanian people love having fun. That’s why you will never feel bored with your Romanian girlfriend. However, Romanian women are very serious when it’s up to creating a family. They are loyal partners and very loving mothers. Most Romanian women know how to cook lots of delicious traditional dishes. This is a great bonus for those men who dream of having warm family evenings with tasty home-made food.

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Country #4: Latvia

Latvian mail order bridesBaltic women are very attractive. Most of them are tall with strong but slim bodies and long limbs. Latvian people love sports and spend lots of time outside. Together with a very healthy national cuisine, such habits make local women look like models and be very fit.

Most Latvian women have pale skin and fair hair. There are many girls with natural blond hair color, that is hard to find in other parts of the world.

Usually, women have beautiful blue or grey round eyes. Latvian women love looking good and wearing beautiful clothes. However, they prefer looking natural and choose simple and elegant dresses and accessories to underline their natural charm.

Latvian women are very progressive. There are many great Latvian women in business, sports, science, and policy. However, most women are willing to create a strong loving family and to have children. Many Latvian ladies don’t agree to become housewives or stay-at-home moms. They do their best to balance career and family.

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Country #3: Poland

Polish women's beautyPoland is situated between Western and Eastern Europe. That’s why the mentality of Polish women often combines traditional values of the East and the modern life approach of the West.

Polish women are both romantic, family-oriented, and progressive. They often dedicate years of their life to study and career, however, they never forget to care about family and make their home a cozy place.

While most Polish ladies are interested in fashion, they rarely wear high heels or tight dresses. Being active and confident, they prefer more comfortable but stylish and beautiful outfits instead. Often, women wear makeup, choosing lite and natural colors of eye shadows and lipstick.

Polish women believe that beauty is not only about clothes and cosmetics but also about the food you eat and the way you live. That’s why many women take great care about their health. It helps Polish women stay fit, have radiant skin, and look younger. Poland is famous in Europe by its schools and universities. Most women are well-educated. They are also very interesting partners in conversation. In addition, most of them speak English and often learn other foreign languages.

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Country #2: Ukraine

Ukrainian womenUkraine is a land of brides: there are more women than men live in this country. Lack of men makes women compete for getting a partner and having a family. Such situation stimulates Ukrainian women to take care of their beauty and education.

If you come to Ukraine for the first time, you may notice how classy and feminine most women are. They often wear beautiful dresses, extravagant accessories, and bright makeup. Ukrainian women do not feel uncomfortable wearing high heels.

In the opposite, being beautiful and stylish is a part of their routine life.

Unfortunately, some women never marry due to the lack of potential partners. However, Ukrainian women are not desperate, most of them are well-educated and independent. They build great careers and realize themselves in many spheres of science or social life.

Usually, Ukrainian women are taught to take care of their home and family members since their childhood. They have good taste and like making their houses beautiful and cozy. Many Ukrainian women love cooking and often invite guests.

There are a lot of Ukrainians who speak English well. However, if a woman doesn’t speak your language, she can learn it easily: many Ukrainians are bilingual and this helps them to study languages very fast.

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Country #1: Russia

Russia is a huge country that unites women of different ethnicity and cultures. A big part of Russian territory lies in Eastern Europe.

Most Russian women are Slavic with classic European features. They have dark-blond or brown hair and green or blue eyes. Many women are medium-tall and slim. However, you can often meet beautiful women with Asian or Oriental features living in Russia.

Russian women are family-oriented. They are passionate, romantic, caring and very respectful to their partners. Often women choose family as a priority in life and can easily take a decision to become stay-at-home moms or housewives if their kids or husband want that.

Those women who live in Russian are mostly well-educated. Unfortunately, far not all Russian ladies speak English. However, most women who are interested in an international marriage are ready to study the language intensively.

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Which country is the best to date sexy & hot European women? No universal solution!

A happy marriage is not a myth. However, creating a family needs lots of work and knowledge. It’s easier to build a strong romantic relationship if you choose a wise approach to finding your life partner. Knowing and understanding some basic national and cultural characteristics of women from different countries help you to understand your future wife better.

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Before starting your search, think about the important qualities that you want to see in your partner:
Hot European Women Browse through our gallery of Slavic women, if you are searching for an easy-going lady with sharp features and beautiful almond-shaped eyes.

➣ ➣ Use our filters to search for foreign women, if you’d like to be introduced to a natural blond with radiant pale skin.
Or start to chat with Ukrainian brides if you love women with extravagant style and feminine outfits.

There’s no universal solution that would work for every man on the planet. Your perfect partner is a person who reflects your individual features. That’s why we offer a wide choice of potential partners on our site. Here, you can choose a woman due to a country of her origin or other characteristics (age, hair color, etc.). Use filters, when browsing through a gallery of single women on our site, this will save you time.

We hope that our recommendations and a comfortable user-friendly site will help you to find your future wife and to start your beautiful romantic journey together!

If you have any question about Best-Matchmaking services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Kate, a professional matchmaker and dating blogger. She offers a free consultation for new customers.

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Now Please let us know your opinion about Hot European Women. Have you ever dated one?
What in your opinion are TOP5 countries where you can meet and date sexy & hot European women?  
What ever it is - leave your comment  ⬇bellow⬇

Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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