TOP Reasons for Ukrainian Women to Be Interested in a Man Like You

Ukrainian women Are you fascinated with the beauty of Ukrainian women? Want to be with a girl from Ukraine?

If yes, you should be prepared to pass the test.

Here is a list of the things a Ukrainian woman considers to be present in a man.

Another section reflects the things that she does not tolerate in a man.

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Things a Ukrainian woman appreciates in a man:

What Ukrainian women hate about men?

You should look good. Looking good does not mean wearing all the expensive clothes you find in a shop. You just have to look neat, ordinary, and enjoyable. Some style is a must for you, but do not overdo. Ukrainian women will date only with guys with normal sexual orientation. 

You do not have to be glamorous. Even if you think you are a metrosexual, you should leave the habit of dressing up like a gay. Every girl in Ukraine will laugh at you if you paint your nails or wear strange clothes. They might not show you, but they will not treat you seriously.  

Be generous. Buy some flowers or sweets for her. Show that you care and express your love with such substantial presents. Every girl in Ukraine likes presents, especially chocolate. Impress her and raise her spirits with a small but beautiful gift from all your heart. 

Be mean if you want her not to date you anymore. Each girl in Ukraine hates when a guy is mean, rude, and impolite. On the first date, you should prove to her that you have money. Do not show your wallet, however, because she might not understand it. 

Confidence is a must for every man dating a girl from Ukraine. If you want to be significant in her eyes, you should act like a man. Show your strength as a personality. Make her feel safe and secure with you. You might also let her enter the room first or give her a jacket if it is cold outside. 

Looking miserable will build a wall between you. It means that she will feel not okay but in your mother or nanny’s role if you begin to complain to her about your ex or troubles at work. She is not a psychotherapist to heal you, so keep it in mind dating her. 

Be a leader. You should be a hero for her. Each of the women in Ukraine would appreciate it when a man exercises daily. These girls like strong men both physically and mentally. So show your muscles to her! However, note that the sexiest part of the body is the brain. 

Ukrainian girls do not want to be with losers. They would rather be with leaders who can take care of both themselves and their ladies. If you are looking for some support, you would better check pieces of advice from men who managed to date a Ukrainian girl. 

Invite her to the second date. If you like her and you had such a great time together on the first date, why not invite her to the second one? Ukrainian girls like when a man is active and passionate about her.

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Ukrainian girls do not like to express the initiative because it is not natural for them. If you do not invite her to the second date, it means that she is not your type. However, you should not tell her directly not to offend her. 

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Break-up statistics ⬇ 

Interested to know why most couples break up? Then check out what statistics say and avoid making the same mistake in your relationships.



20% of Ukrainian women break up with men because of them paying too much attention to their looks (more than their women) or do not pay attention at all.

In order to avoid such a sad end to your relationship, you should take care of your appearance to a reasonable extent. Ukrainian girls cannot stand careless and sleazy guys as well as those who think they are more handsome than any woman on Earth.

Attention! 71% of couples disagree on their finances and break up.

The financial aspect is extremely important for couples and you should know that Ukrainian women cannot stand greed in all its forms and manifestations. If you do not spend enough time on her, she will break up but also, if you are too wasteful, your Ukrainian wife will hardly handle it. You should stick to a golden mean always. Spare no effort in your woman but take care of the financial stability of your family.

65% of couples break up because of communication issues.

It means only that you should never be silent in your couple; do not wait for the issue to be solved somehow itself. Discuss everything and be confident enough to initiate a dialogue with your woman.

77% of Ukrainian girls ended their relationships due to their men being too helpless

None of the women want to babysit their husbands or boyfriends. Women need strong men they can rely upon. If dating a Ukrainian woman, be confident and strong enough. Be able to make important decisions on your own, protect your woman from everything, and not moan or complain. Sooner or later, she will end your complaints and stop this mother-son relationship.

38% of couples break up due to infidelity.

The solution is quite simple — be loyal to your woman always. If you are afraid of her cheating on you, keep in mind a happy woman never cheats. Make her happy and be sure she is yours forever.

67% of couples who broke up mention disagreements on essential things their core reason.

Once again, you should always discuss everything. For example, if you are not ready for a serious relationship, marriage, or kids, you should discuss it at the very beginning of your relationship. A healthy dialogue between two adults is the best way of reaching an agreement. None of you should guess each other’s needs and expectations. You both must make it all clear.


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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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