The most common stereotypes about "buying" Russian women

buy Russian womenHi all,

When you want to find your soul mate, you do this according to some characteristics. Probably, they are like this: she must be pretty, respect you, have a good temper, intelligent, healthy, be a homemaker.

Finding an ideal person is complicated. That is why you try to do it not only in your country but abroad.

A lot of men go to different countries to look for their future wives. One of these countries is Russia, which is famous for the most beautiful women in the world.

Of course, you can spend much time searching on the internet the information about the mystery of Russian ladies, but it is better to come and to see once than to read a hundred times. Before you make a decision, we from Best-Matchmaking want to lift the veil and tell you about some common stereotypes about buying Russian brides?

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You can “buy” Russian women with money

Maybe, you have read or heard that these ladies love money. They are beautiful, so that is why they need to be in funds. Where to get cash if not to ask a boyfriend to support her. All that we can say – it depends. Not all Russian women think that you are an ATM!

In fact, they are smart and intelligent enough to find their own job and to earn their own money. There even can be a situation, when a wife supports a family, but not a husband.  The years when women were depended on men are in the past.

Buying Russian womenOf course, she would like to see that you are a gentleman. The situation is that all Slavic women, including Latvian brides and strong Polish women, want to feel that they are little girls who are protected by strong men. In this case, you can buy her some flowers, make romantic presents or invite her to have dinner with you.

But remember, it is only up to you. She will not push to do this, on the contrary, your girlfriend will feel self-conscious, because of your attention.

At the same time, she can make the same to you. They like to take care of others, so you can expect that she will buy something for you, or cook something, or, even, invite you on a date.

You cannot buy everything with money. Even if you rich and count on your such attractiveness, do not lie to yourself. You can buy her body, but not her love. You can buy one evening, but not stable relationships for the whole life. Russian women treasure your personality more than you cash. It is better to behave than to show that you can be an ATM for her. It will not bring you a good result.

Answer: It is false.

She will like my hard sculpted body

Yes, it is true. The healthy living style also had not bypassed Russia. Russian people prefer to stay healthy, drink less and go to the gym twice or three times a week. That is not a secret that Russian women prefer to date and then get married to men who have sculpted the hard body.

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Of course, such type of men is attractive for ladies. If there will be a choice to commit her life with a strong and а fit-looking man or with a well-padded man who has never been to the gym, she will choose the first one. Usually, Russian women have high expectations for their men.

At the same time, remember that your brain is the sexiest part of your body as some women think as well. So if want to “buy” a Russian woman, but found out this stereotype, rely on this weapon.

Answer: It is true.

I can “buy” a Russian woman if promise to marry her

Ukrainian DatingActually, all girls in the world dream about their perfect wedding with a prince from a fairy country. For Russian women, such prince can be a foreigner, who will take her to another country with a better life. But it is not true that every woman will trust you if you say “I will marry you and we will live together forever. I promise!”.

At the same time, it arouses the suspicions, when a man, who you know not for a long time, proposes you this. Some women are taught by the information about gone bad relationships of others with foreign men.

That is why they will think twice before saying “Yes” or “No.” Before going into contact with a foreigner, she will try to know as more as she can about him, his way of living, habits.

The life turns not in a fairytale. Russian women are clever enough to understand where the lie or truth is. Do not promise her something you can't keep.

Answer: It is false.

Ok, here is another stereotype which becomes a truth.

If I am friendly with my Russian girlfriend`s family, I can “buy” her.

It is common for Russian people to have close relationships with other members of the family, especially with mom. Mom plays an essential role in the life of every Russian girl. Daughters can share with their beloved moms all hopes and sorrows, discuss their private life, and ask for advice. So, if you want to find the key to your Russian lady`s heart, you have to meet her mom and to prove you are the only right candidate for her daughter.

The same situation is with your Russian girlfriend’s dad. He can be too strict to you and, maybe, will not trust you. Try to show you are a real man - you can protect dad`s “treasure” and take good care of his daughter. Never refuse their invitations for a family dinner together. This is a way how you can “buy” your Russian woman.

You can also buy some small presents for her parents. Here we are not talking about you as an ATM. In this case, you will show your respect to her family. Your Russian lady will be happy to see this, and the parents will notice it. All that they want for their daughter is to be satisfied.

 Probably, you will not face this situation in Western European countries, but for Russian, it is a crucial question.

Answer: It is true.

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I will “buy” a Russian wife with my excellence in bed

Ukrainian dating adviceIt is genuinely that Russian girls are hot and, if they have a good lover in bed, they will not refuse to continue their relationship. Rarely you will hear about her headache, bad day or some other problems.

For real hot girls, who like sex, it is not a reason to finish a beautiful day badly. Besides, maybe, it will be interesting for them to spend some time in a bed with a foreigner, to try something new in bed. And, perhaps, that is all.

But in this case, you have to understand, that sex is just a part of the relationships. How long you can hold her beside yourself, if you cannot propose her nothing, but sex. You will enjoy a moment, but not the whole life. At the same time, you should feel comfortable while playing the role. Will you feel like this? Probably, not.

So, you might find another way to “buy” a Russian woman.

Answer: It is false.

I will be her best friend

Polish women for datingSome people think that there cannot be a friendship between a man and a woman. Maybe, it is true, but at the same in our lives are a lot of examples where a man behaves just like a friend, without expecting anything more in this relationship. We do not say that you should do this.


But if you want to “buy” a Russian lady, firstly try to become a good friend for her. This is one of the stereotypes of Russian women. They really recognize the value of a male friend.

Do you know what good friends do?

They listen carefully, give a piece of indispensable advice, lend a helping hand without expecting something. Try to become such a person for her. She would really appreciate it, and then you can “buy” her.

But do not play this role too long, because in this case, you can stay in the friend zone forever.

Answer: It is true.

I will “buy” a Russian bride with a spur of the moment thing

Of course, Russian ladies like any others in the world like surprises. There are many examples of spontaneous acts devoted to winning the heart. In this situation, you can do whatever your heart and mind tell you but always remember about the girl`s reaction. For example, you have decided to sing a song under her balcony. It seems nice, but are you sure that you have a beautiful voice and she will like your singing? Not all girls trilled about such attention, especially if you have decided to do it at night. It might look ridiculous if you are not in close relationships with this lady.

It is more appropriate at the initial stages to choose something less shocking. For example, present her a puppy or help with the relocation. Pulling heavy boxes makes you closer together, believe us!

Answer: It is true.

I will make her smile

Russian mail order brides costThis is a common stereotype about all Russian and also Ukrainian women. Usually, if you want to know how much your girlfriend likes you, just pay attention to how many times she smiles to you. It is so true that you can “buy” a woman while making her smile.

Here appears another question: “How to do that?”. Actually, girls often like when a guy makes fun of his own mistakes, just not in such a way as if you are overly sensitive or asking for praise. Write your girlfriend funny messages – such action creates a relationship and allows you to joke about everything. Tell her, finally, a joke or any other ridiculous story. Use a pun, perhaps even a little indecent. And the most crucial thing is - just be yourself!

Try to use this stereotype to your advantage. Now you know one of the ways to “buy” a Russian lady.

Answer: It is true.

So, here in the article, you found out the central stereotypes about Russian women. Some of them were revealed as truth, but some of them, as you can see, are false. We cannot talk about all women in Russia, because every woman is a mystery. You have to understand that everything is only in your hands and you need to stay yourself if you really want to attract somebody`s attention. Do not play a role, because Russian women can see that. Act as a MAN! :)

We hope that the decoding of some stereotypes will help you to avoid common mistakes in communication with Russian and also other Slavic brides. Forget that you can get everything with money. It does not work, when we talk about true love.

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