Signs my wife is not attracted to me

Marriage is a beautiful union that requires love, commitment, and mutual attraction. However, as time passes, the spark that once ignited the flame of passion may fade away, and you may question your wife's level of attraction towards you. 

It's not uncommon for couples to experience a dip in their sexual and emotional connection, but how can you tell if your wife isn't attracted to you anymore? 

In this post, we will explore 10 signs that may indicate that your wife's attraction towards you has diminished and what you can do to rekindle the flame.  As well as we will provide useful tips on How To Win Your Wife Back...


➢ 10 Signs my wife is not attracted to me

➢ How To Win Your Wife Back?

10 Signs my wife is not attracted to me

To help you navigate the complicated waters of marriage, we have rounded up the top ten signs that your wife no longer feels attracted to you. 

Use these signs to understand where you stand in your relationship and chart your future course of action.

1. Your Wife Thinks You Don't Value Her

We all are unique individuals with unique wants and aspirations who want to be appreciated. Emotional connection and body language differ from person to person, but everyone wants to be valued in a marriage. Subtle gestures like your tone of voice, active listening and affectionate touches indicate to your wife whether you value her. 

So, if you stop praising your wife with these gestures, and she starts to feel unappreciated, she can stop finding you attractive.

Your wife can stop being drawn to you if she feels undervalued. This is one of the warning signs that can lead to deeper issues.

Our sense of value and self-worth rises when we are made to feel appreciated. But our sense of self-worth suffers when we feel underappreciated.

Your wife might not feel as secure in herself if she isn't acknowledged.

We frequently like to be with someone who is powerful and can boost our confidence level so that both can feel good about themselves. Your wife may become less attracted to you if she senses that you no longer appreciate her and have ceased making physical contact with her, spending quality time with you, appreciating you in everyday life, and having fun with you.


2. You Let Her Down In One Way Or Another

If you've ever done something to hurt your wife, she will no longer find you attractive. Letting her down leads to her feeling distant, which is a telltale sign that she no longer feels attracted to you. 

When we are upset, we frequently put up barriers to protect our hearts, reducing our excitement and enthusiasm for those who hurt us. Even though she may have previously liked and trusted you, your wife no longer does due to signs of disrespect and other relationship issues.

This can lead to the beginning of a broken relationship.

Once your wife stops being attracted to you, it might be challenging to win her back. You may overcome the aforementioned factors and win back your wife's attractiveness.

Hurting her can lead to long-term damage in the relationship. She could not feel confident enough to confide in you about her emotions, secret life, display of affection, personal issues, or sexual appetites.


3. She Feels Bored

One of the deadliest enemies of attractiveness is boredom.

There is a significant risk that you and your wife have become monotonous and stale together in daily life if you have been married for a long period of time.

We frequently lack the desire to attempt new things in our intimate lives or dedicate time to developing ourselves regarding our romantic partners when we are bored.

Long-term relationships can cause partners to cease developing as people. If you've been with your wife for a while and stopped developing as a pair and attempting new things, you may have lost her interest.

However, you can fix this issue by consulting a relationship therapist. 

Relationship coaches offered a lot of useful, doable recommendations. They are able to detect the worrying signs of a loveless marriage and communicate how acts of effort can help overcome the awkwardness in conversations.

This includes practical answers to persistent problems spouses have been battling for years. You can discover competent professionals to help you out online. 

For example, Relationship Hero can help you find professionals who can help you. 


4. Your Marriage Has Become Rocky

There are various reasons why attraction wanes; it often happens slowly and gradually. She might no longer find you attractive if your marriage has been rocky for a while and you're not sure if your wife will stay with you.

She might no longer consider you a capable enough spouse to spend the rest of her life with. She could stop being attracted to you if she has concerns about the future of your marriage.

Nobody wants to spend time with someone they don't have strong feelings for or physical attraction for. You could stop being attractive to your wife if she loses faith in you or has concerns about your future together.


5. She No Longer Finds You Physically Appealing.

Has your wife backed out from displaying physical affection towards you? Does she no longer feel thrilled about intimate relations with your wife? 

That means she doesn’t find you physically attractive anymore. 

If this is the case, you could have fully lost your wife's attraction to you. It's crucial to rekindle the passion in your marriage despite your wife's lack of physical appeal.


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6. You Put Forth Too Much Effort

One of the worst things you can do is make unnecessarily desperate attempts to rekindle your wife's interest. You come across as unauthentic when you attempt to grab her attention. 

If you are trying too hard to get your wife back or persuade her to desire you again, the attraction she has for you can fade.

If this is the case, consider being genuine, putting your needs first, and making encounters more positive and enjoyable. It's human nature to appreciate authentic behavior. You'll be able to maintain your wife's attraction to you this way easily.

7. You Didn’t Put in Any Effort 

In the last point, we talked about how putting in too much effort can drive your wife away. But that doesn’t mean you don’t put in any effort. 

In fact, if you, as a husband, have not assisted your wife in making the desired adjustments on a regular basis for mutual attraction, she may no longer find you attractive.

If you don't put enough effort into your marriage, your wife can become disinterested in you. She will believe the relationship is no longer worthwhile since you are either too busy for her or no longer interested in making the marriage work. 

Relationships need to be tended to with love. 

Hence, you must ask yourself, how much have you worked on enhancing your relationship? Be honest. 


8. There Is No Intimacy

Is there no physical intimacy in your relationship? Have you both not had a physical encounter for a while? 

Then there are high chances that your wife is no longer into you.

To add fuel to the fire, if you initiate physical intimacy with your wife and she persistently refuses, then the relationship is dying. 

Once physical intimacy leaves a marriage, the relationship often breaks down completely. So you might as well be diligent if your wife is constantly refusing your sexual advances!


9. She Doesn’t Value Your Opinion

There was a time when she cared most about what you thought. But now, her new friends, family, coworkers, and even her boss are slowly making you look bad. She doesn't want to care about what you say as much as she used to. This is a scary sign, and it might even mean that the relationship is going nowhere.

If your wife doesn't care about what her partner thinks, it's one of the signs that she doesn't like your intelligence either. In this case, you would have to do something new to return to her good graces. For example, you could show interest in what she likes, learn about it, and make her world a big part of yours.


10. She No Longer Finds You Funny 

Are you thinking about all the jokes she didn't laugh at and realizing, "That's definitely a sign my wife is not attracted to me anymore."? 

Then you’re probably right!

 When a woman likes a guy, she tends to laugh more. Imagine that she laughed at every bad joke you told while everyone else just shrugged their shoulders. That was the perfect way to date, and it may have been like that when you first started going out. 

It's a great trait in a partner to be able to make a woman laugh or cheer up. But those laughs aren't as energetic as they used to be. Now, she gives you a snide look whenever you try to sound funny. She puts you in the same category as people she thinks are not funny. 

This is one of the obvious signs that your wife is no longer interested in you.

How To Win My Wife Back?

It may be disastrous for a relationship when the initial desire goes down. This means you no longer have a healthy relationship with your wife. 

But it's important to remember that just because someone loses interest in you doesn't mean they stop loving you. Although she still adores you, your wife is no longer motivated by you.

However, with the right strategies, you can still win her back. 

First, it's important to communicate with your wife openly and honestly. Ask her how she's feeling, listen to her concerns, and be willing to make changes to improve your relationship. 

Secondly, make an effort to prioritize your relationship. Set aside time each week to spend with your wife, whether it's going on a date or simply spending time together at home. 

Additionally, make an effort to show your wife that you appreciate her. Take notice of the things she does for you and your family, and express your gratitude regularly. 

Lastly, be patient and persistent. Rebuilding a relationship takes time and effort, but if you're committed to making it work, it can be done. 



Winning your wife back requires open communication, prioritization of your relationship, appreciation, and patience. By taking these steps, you can improve your relationship, increase your wife's level of attraction towards you, and build a happier and more fulfilling life together.

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