Anastasiadate Review - Is it Real or Fake?

You  need to tread carefully to make the most out of this online dating platforms. It comes packed with some exciting features that can make online dating pretty fun for you, but then again, things can also go awry at any moment. 

To help you dodge bullets and land the perfect partner on Anastasiadate, we have put together the ultimate guide ⬇ 

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What is Anastisiadate?

 ✔ Anastisiadate is an online dating platform that helps men from North America find women to date or pursue from Russia, Ukraine, or other eastern European countries. 

 ✔ While its concept is similar to that of other dating websites, it uses modern technology to provide an exciting environment to users.

 ✔ One of the reasons why such platforms have become so popular and widespread is because it makes it easier for singles to find love all over the globe. This means that if you have a thing for Russian Women or girls from Eastern Europe, there is nothing stopping you now!

All you have to do is read our guide and understand how Anastisiadate works and get on with your love life ⬇ 


Who Is Anastasiadate Perfect For?

✅ Basically, Anastasiadate is perfect for single men who are interested in pursuing Slavic and Russian women. It's also an ideal fit for all men and women actively seeking a long-term relationship or in search of true love. 

This web site might be also good  for people looking to hook up, have side flings, or at the same time men who are interested in Eastern European women.

✅ While there are a few fake profiles here, the team at Anastasiadate tries its best to scan and remove such people. 


Pros and Cons of Using Anastisiadate

Since there are so many online dating websites available, it can become hard to pick the one that works best for you. 

So here is a short and snappy pro and con list!

 ✔  Pros
Female members are from all over the globe
View profiles of users for free/ Upload your photos for free
Only features relevant content and profiles
Features free emails
Exciting tools for flirting and pursuing a match of your choice
You can specify your parameters and then search for a partner, globally
Customer support is always responsive 
Very High demand for membership
Site moderators are quick to filter our fake profiles or scam accounts
Interact with any beautiful woman of your choice and send her gifts, etc



✖ Cons
✖ The user interface and design is not that stylish
✖ Single men have to pay for correspondence
✖ Almost all female members are getting paid for 24/7 live chats
✖ Low% of couples creation
✖ Mainly dating, No Matchmaking
✖ Pay per letter system
✖  Live 24/7 paid Chats  with beautiful ladies, most of the members get paid for it.


Pricing and Subscription Plan for Anastisiadate

Anastisiadate uses a credit based system where you need to pay for the credits to access certain features.

You will have to explore their credit packages to find the perfect one for yourself.  While some features and services are free, others are paid.

Credits Costs in USD Total price:
150  Credits 0.13 USD / Credit 19.99 USD
600  Credits 0.25 USD / Credit 149.99 USD
1500 Credits 0.20 USD / Credit 299.99 USD


Here is a quick summary of the credit based system and features that you can get, with their corresponding number of credits.

Sending a letter with photo= 15 credits
Sending a letter= 10 credits
Virtual Gifts= 15 credits
Flowers and Presents= 29 credits to 800 credits
Call Me= 100 credits
CamShare= 5 credits per minute


Here is a quick summary of the free services that the platform offers: 

✅ Registration and sign up 

✅ Search and browse members

✅ Three-minute chats with potential partners

✅ Reading letters that you receive 


The fee-based services for this platform include: 

✅ Live chat

✅ CamShare

✅ Flowers and virtual gifts

✅ Call Me

✅ Sending emails

✅ 360° Videos

All of these features will enhance your online dating experience and make it more thrilling. 

Understanding How Anastisiadate Works

✅ You need to get in on the registration and sign-up process.

✅ Proceed to set up an attractive profile that is sure to get responses. 

✅ Learn some tricks of the trade to make contact with the woman of your dreams! 

✅ Following our rich insights, tips, and tricks to stay ahead of the competition. 

Learn Useful TIPS on how to stay ahead of the competition:

After all, it's not a piece of cake to grab the attention of European women, isn’t that right guys? 

1. Signing Up on Anastisiadate


✅ Quick, easy, and efficient signup process 

✅ Free registration 

✅ Google account can be used for signing up 

✅ Requires email verification 

✅ Gender and sexuality options are limited 


Joining AnastasiaDate is a breeze, and it's completely free of charge too! You can get registered using either your email address or your Google account. The only requirements are:

✔ Submit a username
✔ An email address
✔ Your gender
✔ Your birthdate
✔ Your preferences for a potential partner.

All accounts are validated through the use of email, and you are not required to answer any long and tedious personal questions. 


2. Setting Up A Catchy and Quality Profile 

✅ Detailed profiles are available 

✅ Up to four photos on your profile can be uploaded 

✅ Members can set up private photo galleries 

✅ Interview answers are also visible

The profiles that users create on AnastasiaDate are quite in-depth and insightful:

 ✔ Basic information such as a person's name, age, birthday, an approximation of their location, physical characteristics, and way of life are included in profiles. 

 ✔ Members have the ability to respond to interview questions that are displayed on their profiles, allowing others to read their responses as well.

 ✔ Users are given the opportunity to compose brief summaries regarding their personalities, interests, and dating preferences. 

 ✔ On AnastasiaDate, users even have the capability to print and store their profiles for future reference!

 ✔ Moreover, users are also able to upload images, which can be viewed by all of the members on the website. They even have the ability to create private galleries, which can only be viewed by paying with credits!

 ✔ Some users still report seeing fake and scam profiles on the site, despite the fact that the website claims it is regularly monitoring questionable accounts.


3. Making Contact With A Potential Match

✅ Search filters can be customized as per gender, age, and language 

✅ Emails with photos can be shared  

✅ Communicate via the CamShare feature 

✅ Users can share messages with each other 

✅ Chatroom is available 

 ✔ Users have the ability to customize the search filter by specifying their age, gender, and language preferences.

 ✔ They also have the ability to search for members using their ID numbers.

 ✔ An in-app chat tool is available on AnastasiaDate, and the first three minutes of talk time are complimentary for all users. ✖ Users are then required to spend credits in order to keep the chat session going.

✔ Users have the ability to express their interest by sending "smiles." Please take note that using "smiles" may cost you credits.

✔ Users are able to send and receive messages that contain photographs, and they are invoiced for the appropriate number of credits.

CamShare is a feature of the website that enables users to view videos of other users in high definition quality and engage in conversation with other users.

✔ Additionally, members can easily facilitate communication with one another by adding profiles to their contact lists.

✔ Users also have the ability to communicate with other users through the 'Call Me' option. -You can make a reservation using "Phone Me," or you can call me directly. AnastasiaDate also provides translation services given the language barriers, but that can cost you a hefty number of credits.

✖Just so you know, in order to communicate with other users on the site, you will need to acquire credits through one of the site's premium membership tiers.


Special Features That Set Anastasiadate Apart

AnastasiaDate's services are designed to facilitate communication between its thousands of users with the purpose of developing meaningful relationships of various lengths and types.

360-Degree Video

This features exclusive 360-degree footage of attractive members, allowing you to feel like you're right there with them.


Phone Reservation

You may now have a conversation with your online date regardless of whether or not you speak the same language thanks to the Call Me feature. This innovative feature removes language barriers to efficient and pleasurable communication. This is done by employing a professional interpreter to provide accurate translations.


Direct Call

If the member you're interested in is online and speaks advanced or fluent English, you can start a conversation with them right away using the direct Call Another Call Me feature. Only Android users can access this exclusive function, which is only available in the app.


Sending Flowers and Gifts

Sending flowers and gifts to a loved one far away is a touching gesture of appreciation for someone who has captured your attention. With this special function, you may send not only flowers but also gadgets, perfumes, gift cards and certificates, chocolates, and other tasty and unforgettable treats to a single member.



This feature has HD video chat that can be viewed by both parties, allowing for face-to-face communication.

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Pulling It All Together

✔ The best thing about AnastasiaDate is that it doesn't matter what type of relationship you're looking for – casual encounters, long-term relationships, marriage, flirt, hookups or even just friends – you'll find it here.

✔ With so many active members from North America and Eastern Europe, AnastasiaDate is more than worth checking out! And for all things AnastasiaDate, make sure to check out our complete guide above. 

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