RussianCupid Review - Is it a Legit Dating Site?

You know what they say, love is messy. This usually happens because of scam dating sites that feature fake profiles and just waste your time as a result.

Russian Cupid can be a legit website and can actually be the platform to find perfect matches with beautiful Russian girls. However, as we said love is messy so things are not simple even with this dating website!

In this post, you'll find out everything you need to know about finding love on Russian Cupid ⬇ 

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What is Russian Cupid?

Okay, so first things first:

➢RussianCupid is an online dating website designed to help Western men connect with and meet Russian women.

It is a legit website and the brainchild of Cupid Media, a powerful parent company. 

So potentially, you have nothing to worry about as long as you steer clear of fake profiles. 

Our research has revealed that the dating services of this website are pretty good and if you're looking for Russian women to marry or date, this might just be the best place. It's also suitable for casual dating, taking things with the flow and then seeing how the relationship progresses. 

Features At A Glance

Before we can get started with the features, you should know that RussianCupid offers different membership packages. For example, their platinum membership is more expensive but also comes packed with some powerful features. 

However, in this section, we will be exploring the key features of this dating site as a whole!


✅It's one of the most popular sites to connect with women from Russia. However, you can also use this platform to connect with Russian men.
👍The platform boasts a whopping 1.5 million registered members from all over the globe! Yep, it's true. This also tells you that this site is no scam.
✖ It does, however, have many fake profiles but moderators are working tirelessly to scan for scams and remove them.
💕 It's a great tool for foreign men to find Russian brides and wives.
⚤ If you're a woman, we have some good news. The platform features more men than women, so your chances of finding your man are looking pretty good.
✅You can get started with RussianCupid for free!
✅There are different membership plans including premium membership and gold membership plans.
👍The plans start from $11.25/week.


The Pros and Cons of Using RussianCupid To Find Your Match

Russian and European women are breathtakingly beautiful so who doesn't want to connect with them? But while RussianCupid might be the best way to get your foot through the door, what are its pros and cons? 

In this section, you will find it all. We will do a deep dive into the world of RussianCupid so you can analyze how ideal it is for you. 

Let's start off strong with the good points and pros that make this dating service nice to have!


 ✔  Pros of Using RussianCupid

Anyone who's looking for a Russian partner, whether it is casual dating or a serious relationship can join this platform
It has an elaborate search function that allows you to filter scam profiles and find a real person
The platform has active, single Russians who will respond to you 90% of the time (as per the statistics available)


✖ Cons of Using RussianCupid

The translation of Russian to English is a bit weak just like other Russian dating sites which might make having a conversation with potential matches harder
The site features many scam profiles and bots - again, you need to be careful!
If you get the standard subscription plan, you won't be able to access features like messaging (this feature is only available under premium membership)


How Does RussianCupid Work?

There are three main things to know to understand how RussianCupid works: 


✅ Setting up your account 

✅ Finding the right match through your criteria 

✅ Types of memberships (free, premium) and features

Let’s explore this in detail below. 


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Along with the standard information like your name and email address, you'll need to fill out a more detailed profile to attract more attention. If you put in time and effort to fill in all the blanks, especially during the registration process, you'll have a far higher chance of finding the right man or woman!

And when it comes to finding the right match for yourself, start by adding common phrases like "near me" into the search bar. A list of potential matches will be provided, just like on other online dating sites. 

You have the option of customizing the criteria by which potential matches are determined. A lady must find your profile attractive before she'll initiate contact with you.

Unfortunately, only males with a premium account can send messages to ladies, and there are a lot of women waiting for messages from guys. Men can send a wink to a woman to show their interest in her (maybe this will get her talking to you, it's a gamble and you got to play!)

Members with the Gold membership can also send messages and call women, while platinum members can even share video messages and chat. 

These are some of the special features that this site offers to its gold and platinum members!


Understanding The Subscription Plan


Gold   ||   Platinum   ||  Diamond

⬇ Compare it's prices ⬇



 ✖ All subscriptions on RussianCupid are automatically renewed, as specified in the terms. This means that when your initial membership time expires, your credit/debit card will be charged automatically.

✅Your transaction will be identified as " Southport AU," thus there will be no privacy. If you want to keep your subscription a secret, keep your billing statement hidden.

Cupid Media Pty Ltd, based in Suite 2502, 5 Lawson Street, Southport, QLD 4215, Australia, bills you. 

✅ You can cancel your subscription at any moment by going to the billing section of the Settings menu.

✅Also, you can also cancel auto-renewal at any time. If you have not opted out, your subscription will be automatically renewed for the specified periods.

✅You can cancel auto-renewal by following the steps in the website's ‘help section’. But while some services are free, some services are only available to members with a valid membership or upon payment of a price.

✅Subscriptions are available at the rates, time periods, and payment methods mentioned on the upgrade membership page. Unless otherwise noted, prices are listed in the currency shown on the upgrade membership page and include all applicable taxes.

✅ Gold and Platinum members are the only ones who can access advanced matching, translate messages, add notes to profiles, and have their profiles highlighted in search results.


How To Sign and Set Up A RussianCupid Account?

👍  Registration and profile creation for RussianCupid is can be done in 1 click 
  You can  sign up using your Facebook account
👍 You can  browse Russian female profiles for free
✅ While setting up your profile for success, you can also add cupid tags that describe you the best to your profile space.
✅ But if you want to become one of the active users and get the most out of Russian dating, then you need to sign up!
👍 Your picture can simply be imported from your Facebook account or uploaded directly from your PC. ||  There is also a quick response (QR) code that can be scanned with a mobile app.
👍 RussianCupid assures you that they will never make a post on your behalf so your privacy is respected.
✅ You can also send your photo to upload it from your mobile browser, or mail it to their physical address.


Here is the physical address, in case you'd ever need it ⬇

    PO BOX 9304
    Gold Coast MC QLD 9726



✅Just remember to sign your name in full and put your membership number on the back of each picture if you do decide to mail it. The website doesn't perform even a simple email verification so this is pretty important!

✅ But don't let the seeming lack of authentication and safety deter you, though. RussianCupid,  actually suspends accounts that behave suspiciously fairly quickly.

✅ Once you've signed up on the site, you can set a profile photo of yourself if you like, but it's not required. But you should know that RussianCupid claims that user interest in your profile increases by a factor of 10 by adding an attractive and original profile picture.


How To Set Up An Attractive and Good Quality Profile?

Last but certainly not least, you need to know how you can set up a good quality and attractive profile on Russian Cupid. 

To help you strike a pot of gold in the love land and land a good partner, here are a few factors that you should definitely add to your RussianCupid profile. 

These tips will help you stand out in the international dating realm on this platform!


✅Provide a valid ID and get your profile verified (this is a great way to get the fraud prevention team off your back)
✅Specify what you're looking for, for example dating/romance, friendship, or marriage
✅Upload and present a clear, quality and original image of yourself on the profile (please avoid edited pictures and images in which your face is not visible)
✅A quick, handy table that summarizes your partner criteria (we strongly recommend that you add your deal breakers here)
✅Detailed profiles are great but don't add anything that is not relevant or is boring


While setting up your profile, you can also take your sweet time in research and view some popular profiles on the platform. Despite the fact that it is not a matchmaking service, RussianCupid has surprisingly thorough profiles. Everyone, regardless of subscription status, can view the profile pictures of users for free.

Pretty much all users have access to the photographs in another user's gallery. Users also have the option to add a short phrase to their profiles and it can be anything under the sun (a quote, lyrics, a self-description, etc). 

Below the main items, there is a section for a long paragraph in which you can define who you are and what you want to find on the page.

The verified badge and cupid tags are two of its special features. You can use the badge to add credibility and the tags to add some flavor to your profile! The tags are also useful because it makes it easier for you to connect with other users who have added similar tags.  

Pulling it Together

If you've read this far, I'm sure you're ready to start browsing through the large pool of potential partners. If you haven't already done so, go ahead and create an account on RussianCupid right now. It couldn't hurt to check out their site before signing up!

I think that if you follow the steps and insights in this post, you'll be able to make the most out of your experience at RussianCupid. Here's hoping the guide was helpful and you find your person soon enough!



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