Kippo Review March 2023: The Right Way to Date?

The online dating world is constantly evolving, and Kippo is one app that has caught the attention of many gamers. With thousands of active users, Kippo offers a unique approach to dating by connecting people through video games and shared interests.

Are you tired of swiping left and right on traditional dating apps? Are you a gamer who wants a more personalised experience regarding online dating? Look no further than Kippo - the dating app for gamers ⬇

However, does it live up to the hype? Is Kippo worth downloading to find potential matches? 

In this review, we will take a closer look at the features of Kippo and its effectiveness in finding meaningful connections. 

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What is Kippo? 

Kippo At A Glance ⬇

➢ A modern dating app and virtual world with a stylish, video game-like interface
➢ Members can find potential partners by bonding over video games
➢ Affordable dating service
➢ No video chat functionality is available
➢ No dedicated web version

➣Kippo is a dating app designed specifically for gamers, which is also one of the reasons why it gained so much attention. 

➣This dating platform claims to bring together people passionate about gaming and helps them build a real connection based on their interests and preferences.

➣Kippo allows users to create profiles showcasing their favorite games, consoles, and genres. 

➣The app uses this information to match users with others who have similar gaming interests. 

➣Users can also connect with others through chat and messaging features and even play games together within the app.

➣In addition to traditional dating features, Kippo offers gamers a unique social experience. Its interface is designed like a video game. Users can share their favorite gaming moments, connect with others through gaming challenges, and even earn rewards for playing their favorite games.


Kippo has become a popular platform for gamers looking for romantic partners or just wanting to connect with others who share their passion for gaming. It offers a fun and engaging way to meet new people and build relationships based on shared interests.


However, do its features, like the Kippo Arcade actually help you find a match for yourself? Let's find out in this Kippo review ⬇ 

How Does Kippo Work?

As we mentioned before, Kippo does not have a dedicated desktop version. To sign up on the platform and connect with its user base, you must download Kippo on your mobile phone. 

Once you've installed the application using either Google Play Store or App store, you can sign up and create your profile. 

Signing up on Kippo 

You'll need to sign up for the application to set up your user or dating profile on Kippo. The signup process is pretty straightforward; you only need your phone number to get set up. Since its main target audience is youngsters who love to game, the registration process is kept simple with a no-frills and fuss approach. 

This app's entire interface and usage are different compared to other popular dating apps and resemble that of coding and video games. Hence, this modern mobile dating app is like a breath of fresh air for users. 

Setting Up Your Profile 

Setting up your profile on Kippo is quite easy because it only requires basic information and details. You'll need to fill out basic information like age range, your location, and gender. You'll also need to upload four photos of yourself to complete your profile.

Another benefit of Kippo you'll notice here is that the platform is diverse and tolerant. When you'll be selecting your orientation, you'll be able to choose from bisexual, nonbinary, or open to dating anyone.

Also, while setting up your profile, you can feature cards showing other users who you are as a real person and your hobbies and interests. This can be useful, especially if you're trying to build a real relationship with someone on this dating site. 

Making Contact on Kippo

To make contacting easier and up its dating scene, Kippo allows online users to connect by putting their interests and hobbies at the forefront. With Kippo, unlike other online dating apps, you can find a potential partner based on shared interests and preferences, such as video games.

However, the fact that Kippo does not have more connectivity features like video calls makes it harder for users to connect meaningfully with prospective matches. Many dating sites added video chats, especially during social distancing, and it has been around since then. 

This is perhaps the biggest letdown of this innovative gamer dating app. 

But on the bright side, Kippo's premium subscription is affordable. The premium package allows you to send more messages, swipe through more than 30 profiles daily, and add up to seven cards to showcase your wide range of interests.

These premium features can actually make the process of finding your perfect match easier without breaking the bank. 

Lastly, Kippo has built an arcade that is a virtual world to facilitate communication and connectivity among users. It allows users to intermingle with each other with ease and convenience. 

Pros and Cons of Using Kippo

Although it might seem like you can easily build a romantic relationship on Kippo, don't download the app without knowing its pros and cons. 

✔ Pros of Using Kippo

- It lets users bond over video games and shared interests
- Easy, straightforward setup process
- Allows for diverse orientation choices
- Affordable premium subscription

✖  Cons of Using Kippo

- No video chat feature to build meaningful connections
- Limited features in the basic plan

Pricing Structure

Kippo is relatively affordable compared to most dating apps. Here are its plans with their corresponding cost:

 Duration/Credits Cost Per Month Total
 3 months $3.33 $10
 6 months $6.17 $37
 12 months $4.67 $56

Is Kippo scam or legitimate?

There are not to many reviews or consumer rating have been found by us on TOP reviewing platforms.

The Final Verdict:

Kippo is a good dating app for video gamers looking for a perfect match. It's modern interface and intuitive design make it easy and fun to use. Plus, its emphasis on video games helps users connect with those who share similar interests. 

The premium subscription option is also quite affordable, so you don't have to break the bank to get the most out of this app.

However, Kippo lacks important features like a video chat that could help build meaningful connections. 

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