What's Your Price Review (2023) - Is it Legit?

Are you looking for an exciting new way to approach the dating game? Then look no further than What'sYourPrice.com – the revolutionary online dating platform that puts the power of price in your hands.

Some people even think that Whatsyourprice has made casual dating much more fun. 

But I think it's time to take off our rose-coloured glasses and see this platform for what it really is. 

So stay with us because, in this What'sYourPrice review, we'll take a closer look at the features, user experience, and price of this online dating site ⬇

Table of Contents:

What is WhatsYourPrice? 

 ✔ What'sYourPrice provides users with a unique way to approach the dating process – by placing a monetary value on potential partners.

 ✔  Users can offer "bids" for dates with attractive men and women, who can then choose to accept or reject the offer based on their own preferences. 

 ✔ Basically, the mission of this platform is to help you control who, how and when you date.

 ✔ It helps you discover other singles who share interests and passions similar to yours, to help you build meaningful connections.

Their unique approach to dating makes it stand out from other online dating platforms. 


WhatsYourPrice At A Glance

✅ Uses a modern and innovative approach to dating by using 'bids'
✅ Men bid for attractive women to go on dates with them
✅ The bids start from $50 and have no maximum amount
✅ Does not have any premium membership packages
✖  Users need to buy credits to bid and message other members


How Does WhatsYourPrice Work?

WhatsYourPrice is not like other dating platforms and we have already established that. So, that means it does not have the run-of-the-mill process. 

Hence, to help you figure out this platform better, we are going to break down how it works using a step-by-step process. 

Step 1: Sign up on WhatsYourPrice

The registration process is pretty straightforward. You need to plug in your email address, and a password or even sign up using your Google account. Once you've done this, you'll have to give your details i.e. your gender and your goals for choosing the platform. 

You'll also be required to share a display name, your location and your birthdate. Once you have plugged in all the details, you'll have to verify your email address. And then voila, your account is ready!

Step 2: Create Your Profile

And now for the fun part! You'll need to build an attractive WhatsYourPrice Profile to get the offers or bids rolling in. This is especially true for female users who'll get offers from men who want to go out on dates with them. 

To make your profile, you'll need to share basic details about yourself like body type, height, children, education etc. And if you really want the price dating mechanism to work out for you, we recommend you upload an attractive and original photo of yourself as a profile picture. 

Lastly, you can add your interests to your profile on WhatsYourPrice to easily match with like-minded people. 

Step 3: Offers

So this is where things get a little tricky. It's time to start bidding!

 ✔ There are basically two steps in this process, depending on whether you're a woman who wants to receive offers or a man who wants to make generous offers to attractive women.

Let's break it down further ⬇

Send Offers: 

Generous members only need to pay for their bids if they are accepted. Once a deal is made, you will have to unlock the conversation to set up your date.

Accept Dates:

Women, if they accept the bids, get paid to go out on dates. As a woman, you can either accept an offer or name your price to go out on a date.


Step 4: Make A Deal

If you are a generous member who makes an offer and it gets accepted, you will need to unlock the conversation and the date will be set up. 


Step 5: Go On Your Date 

You're almost there! It's time to roll up your sleeves, put on some cologne and begin dating. Go out on your first date and see if the sparks fly between you two. If not, you can always bid for other members.


Who is WhatsYourPrice Good For?

We don't want you to waste time on a platform that doesn't serve your interest. So, let's look at who WhatsYourPrice is good for and who it's not for. 


Who is WhatsYourPrice Good For? 

Singles who are willing to pay to go on their first date
Singles who are tired of sharing messages with users but don't get responses
Attractive women who want generous cash offers to go out on dates


Who is WhatsYourPrice Not For? 

Sugar daddies looking for a sugar baby
People looking for hookups or erotic adventures
Professional escorts looking for potential clients


Pros and Cons of Using WhatsYourPrice

Wondering if you should sign up on WhatsYourPrice? Not so easy. 

You need to explore the pros and cons of using the platform before you can make a decision. 


 ✔ Pros of using WhatsYourPrice

Dating site is quite upfront and clear about its model and how it works
Many attractive and good quality singles have signed up on it
Has an active customer support department that responds to suspicious activity or fake accounts
Easy to register and navigate


✖ Cons of using WhatsYourPrice

Still has fake profiles that can potentially scam you
Some members ghost their dates despite winning the bid
Has professional escorts so be careful


Pricing Structure

Like we said before, WhatsYourPrice does not have premium membership packages.

You need to purchase credits in order to bid or unlock a conversation to set up your date. 

The credit rate varies with the number of credits that you purchase. If you opt for more credits, then you can benefit from a lower rate. 

Number of Credits Per Credit Rate Total
100 credits $ 0.50 $50
500 credits $ 0.30 $150
1000 credits $ 0.25 $250


Is Whatsyourprice Legit or Scam? Rating on TOP platforms

✖ According to Sitejabber Whatsyourprice doesn't have a good rate:

✖ According to Trustpilot Whatsyourprice has poor consumer rating as well

✖ There are more than 80% of negative reviews ⬇ 


The Final Verdict 

Our verdict on WhatsYourPrice is that it is a great platform for singles looking to make real connections and go out on dates. If you're willing to pay for your first date, then this dating site offers a safe and secure way to meet potential matches and get paid for it.

Plus, the additional features like private photos and profile verification makes it much easier to stay safe while you’re out there in the dating game. However, the site still has fake profiles and escorts so you can't rely on it completely. 

Overall, we think WhatsYourPrice is worth a try but if you want a platform that is 100% secure, then you should Best Matchmaking services ⬇ 

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