Amolatina Reviews - Is it a Scam?

Do you know the unfortunate truth about online dating?

Well, here it is: as dating sites and applications proliferate, so do scams….

Online romance scammers often build fake profiles and close relationships with unsuspecting victims, only to scam them later on.

This website promises to deliver you the perfect match from seemingly countless options.

Is this dating platform worth the hype? Or is it another scam masked as a dream?

Find out all important information below ⬇ 

Table of Contents:

What is Amolatina?

Amolatina is a dating app launched in 1993 that covers over 32 countries but more specifically, promises to connect singles with Latin women. 

Latinas are beautiful women so it's no surprise that this platform is popular. Many single men are on the hunt for Latin, beautiful women and turn to Amolatina for it. 

✅ However, this platform has a rather simple interface as compared to other modern online dating sites. But do you know what really stands out when it comes to this app? 

✅ It has some really useful communication features and broadcast abilities that facilitate easy communication between users ⬇ 


Key Features of This Platform

There are three main features of AmoLatina including call me, Camshare and broadcasts. Let's explore each one of them in detail: 


Mails exchange


You can start from the text messages  for getting to know someone on a granular level.

✅Use it to connect with a potential match to get first impression in order to move on to video chat than.



CamShare is a video chat function that extends beyond text communications to enable users with a real-time connection. 


You can use the CamShare feature with any member whose profile photo has the CamShare icon. When you click on it, you will be able to see each other as you speak, not only validating the legitimacy of the profile but also creating a closer relationship with them before an actual meetup.


AmoLatina's live streaming function is located under the Broadcasts tab, where you can observe free live streaming by site users.

This helps you to gain a better picture of the user's personality beyond their profile photos before deciding to pay to communicate privately with them.




The Feature helps you to indicate your mood and helps to attract the members of the same mood )

The Sign-Up Process


AmoLatina's sign-up process is really simple and should take less than 3 minutes to complete. Simply enter your basic information such as gender, gender preference, age range, name, email address, password, birthdate, and hometown.


All the next prompts for information about yourself, your ideal companion, your interests, and even the posting of profile images are optional. The next step is to confirm your email address before you can access the site and begin exploring.

✅ It is highly recommended that you create your profile by adding your profile photos and filling out the data about yourself and your preferences so that you have a better chance of matching with someone. After all, who would initiate contact with a faceless, empty profile?


The Pros and Cons of the Amolatina Dating App

Before you can start downloading this application, you should take out a moment to fully understand its pros and cons. This will help you decide if this dating app is the one for you!

Pros of Using Amolatina

Sign-up is quick and easy, with free credits.
Emails, live chats, phone conversations, and CamShare are all possibilities for communicating with translation services.
The majority of the profiles on the site are really attractive and of good quality.
There are many profiles of Latin ladies and gorgeous women which gives single men a lot of options to choose from


 ✖ Cons of Using Amolatina

To access the communication features you need to get a premium membership which can be quite expensive as each minute is charged.
There have been numerous allegations of fraud accounts, particularly those with high-quality yet unresponsive users.
The site's presentation is a little out of date and not very appealing


Who Is It Good For?

While some of its features are impressive, AmoLatina is not for everybody. In fact, there is a set of people this dating site is good for. 

 ✔ Let's see if you fall into this camp. This site is perfect for 

Anyone who wants to connect with and learn more about Latina women
Anyone who is willing to and can easily pay to talk with beautiful Latina women
Anyone who enjoys looking at and conversing with other live streaming users


✖ But like I said, it is not for everybody. On the flip side, Amolatina is not good for: 

Singles who have no interest in Latina women
Singles who prefer free communication features on dating sites and can't pay for a premium package


That said, you should know that AmoLatina does not have a lot of positive reviews ✖ 


And from the published, positive reviews available online, none of them are verified.

 ✖ In fact, many customers say that this website is in fact, a scam. 

But is it, really? Let's hear our final verdict. 


Is AmoLatina a Scam? appears to be a totally decent dating platform at first glance. They assure users that the platform has already attracted thousands of attractive members. 

The landing page displays several success stories from previous members who declare that this portal is the best location to discover the right match. They also vow that every new account will be manually verified by their employees to ensure that it corresponds to a real person.

 ✖ Unfortunately, online customer reviews contradict this. Many previous users have submitted reviews expressing their dissatisfaction with They openly discuss that fraud is at play on this website.

 ✖ According to them, the majority of the profiles in the members' area are made and handled by professional animators whose sole goal is to boost the profit of the firm for which they work. 

To accomplish this, they impersonate a fictional figure while never disclosing their own identity. Real-life meetings would be impossible if this were true!

But what's the real trap here? 

To communicate with other users, a new member must purchase a premium subscription. And all premium memberships are automatically renewed unless they are terminated!

Sol Network Ltd, the operator of from Silema in Malta, ensures that cancellation is simple. 

However, many online reviews claim that they refuse to accept all requests for termination without providing a solid reason.

This is why many users and platforms strongly encourage users to not spend any money on this untrustworthy platform. The danger of becoming a victim of a subscription scam is real here, so watch out!

Pricing Structure


Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, it is clear that AmoLatina is not a reliable dating platform. Despite their claims of manually verifying all new accounts, the majority of customer reviews suggest that this site is full of fake profiles and scam artists. 

Furthermore, many customers have complained about being unable to terminate their subscriptions without providing a solid reason. Therefore, it is best to avoid this website and look for other alternatives if you are looking for a safe and secure online dating experience. 

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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