Is Ukraine a safe country for dating?: The most common myths dispelled

Ukraine a safe country for datingHello guys!

We have devoted so many posts to online dating, online dating scams, and the safety and reliability of various dating services.

But today, we would love to keep talking about the safety of Ukraine as a country for dating and marriage. There are really lots of stories on the Internet about the danger of dating in Ukraine and Russia, about mafia and robbers, and, of course, scammer women.

We are not going to scare you and always want you to feel in Ukraine as at home, so today, we want to find out what myths are related to Ukraine when it comes to dating and marriage and whether some of them are true or not.

Let’s dispel or confirm the myths together!

Ready? Let’s start! :)

Safety of Ukraine dating sites

Martial Law in UkraineWe try to tell as much information as we know about the safety of online dating and possible risks due to our large experience in the field of online dating.

In one of our posts called "Do best Ukraine dating sites really exist?" we reveal all the truth about Ukraine dating sites, if they are safe to use, and what to do to pick up the right service. In short, we provided some helpful tips on how to avoid scam and how to find out whether the site is legitimate or not.

Unfortunately, there are really lots of sharks in that online dating ocean. If you choose a legitimate and reliable dating service, then of course using it will be safe. First of all, they have proved and verified profiles, safe banking options, and user-friendly terms and conditions. So if you spent some time to check and make sure the site you are going to use is legitimate, then you may not be worried and be sure online dating is safe enough.

The most common myths about dating safety in Ukraine

Sometimes, when you google Ukraine or Ukrainian dating, you can find lots of various information about it. At times, this information can be so funny that it’s difficult to stop laughing at it. You are adult people and probably know that you shouldn’t trust everything you read on the web. We have heard and read lots of myths (some of them are true by the way) about the “dangers” of dating in Ukraine, so we want to share them with you, too.

Lots of you are afraid of scammers on the stage of online dating. We get really ridiculous, sometimes even desperate letters and messages from men from various countries asking us if we are not scammers and telling us about their previous dating experience. We gathered the most popular beliefs and myths below and want to share this information with you.

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Myth #1. All women at Ukraine dating sites look for money

Just take it easy, there are such women not only on dating sites but in real life and you can meet them even somewhere next door. Moreover, there are such men, too. And we can tell lots of stories from our women when men used them for money and profit. This also happens. And this happens not only in Ukraine but in any other country of the world.

So no, this is not true. Most Ukrainian women are very serious towards their search and they will never meet a man they don’t like or who is too old for them. So you still think they want money? No, they for sure don’t. They search for a good man who could give them safety, financial security, respect, and love. These aspects are very important for any lady no matter what her age is.

Myth #2. Ladies are not real

Ukrainian dating scamThe question “Is this lady real?” already got the first prize among all your questions. Gentlemen, why would we put not existing ladies on the site if there are so many beautiful and single brides in Ukraine who are willing to get married?

But we keep telling that you get what you pay for. If you want free dating, you will get poor quality and a site full of scammers waiting for you.

Some of you find a lady on our site and tell us “I know her – we have been communicating on another dating site for a year and I sent her gifts”. But once you start writing her, you realize that this lady doesn’t know you. When she has a video chat with you, she tells you face-to-face this is the first time she saw you and she has never communicated with you before.

What’s the reason for this?

The truth is the profiles of women are often stolen by dishonest dating sites or people who use their pictures to earn your money. On Best-Matchmaking, we never post a lady’s profile without verification of her identity; we check her documents and make sure the person is real. We have a thorough interview in person with this lady. But unfortunately, not every site acts this way.

Some dating sites prefer stealing ladies profiles or registering them without checking their documents. Yes, this means a quicker and higher profit. But it is a scam. And don’t be surprised if the lady you have been communicating with for a long time on another site will simply not recognize you. It is not her fault. It means that someone used her pictures for profit, the site or just an individual.

How to avoid talking to a “ghost”?

Online dating scammerSo what do we recommend in this case? We recommend you have a video chat with the woman the soonest. Moreover, some sites simply record a video of a lady (if she has ever been registered there), edit it, and show it in the webcam, where you pay for every second of watching. We offer an alternative – a Skype conversation.

On best-matchmaking, you don’t have to pay for watching her video on a webcam. You have a real-time face-to-face Skype conversation with her. You talk, joke, laugh, wave hands, and act as in real life. If you use a Skype program, you know what we mean.

But if you already joined the site where you pay for watching her webcam, simply ask her to raise her hand or touch her nose or hair, etc., something that couldn’t be recorded in advance and see if she does that. If not, there is no woman on the other end of the webcam and you are simply scammed!

Myth #3. It is not safe to travel to Ukraine

Well, don't go to the woods if afraid of a bear. Traveling is not safe a priori. It is dangerous to fly, take a bus, train, drive a car, and do anything. Ukraine is a civilized country with civilized people. There are lots of foreigners coming here every day. Moreover, Ukraine has many international Universities popular among foreign students, so they come from various countries to study there.

So there is no racism in Ukraine. No one will come and steal you or your money. By the way, there are ATMs and currency exchanges on every corner, and yes, you can pay with Visa almost everywhere. And no, there are no Visa frauds as everyone may think. One of our customers from China was afraid of the mafia in Ukraine.

Don’t worry, there is no mafia in Ukraine and no one will steal you or your money. But there are bad people everywhere, so as in any other country; you should be attentive and careful when traveling. The traveling safety rules are still in force!

Myth # 4. All translators are in collusion with the local restaurants

Ukraine PartnervermittlungOne of our customers John K. traveled to Ukraine with a large knowledge of Ukrainian dating scam (read our article: What to do if your Ukrainian bride is a scam?). Before his trip, he watched hundreds of YouTube videos, read hundreds of Google articles about the scamming schemes in Ukraine.

And when he came to the country eventually, everyone seemed to be a scammer for him. At first, they had a nice dinner with a lady in the company of our translator, ate and talked a lot.

But after getting the bill, which was, of course, in Russian, he took a picture of it and started to analyze. The bill was a bit more than 100$. He supposed that was too much for two and suspected the poor translator in a scam.

However, we should admit that 100$ for dinner at the good restaurant in the big Ukrainian city is an average bill. After we translated the bill for this man, he made sure everything was right there and they really ordered all those dishes.

Myth #5. All taxi drivers in Ukraine are scammers

This is the second myth from our John K. However, it is partially true. Some taxi drivers are waiting for you at the airport to get double payment for their services. This really happens in Ukraine but only with those who don’t know the prices. Let’s return to John. When he ordered a taxi that took him from the hotel, he paid one price, and the price for his way back to the hotel was a bit higher.

John immediately supposed that the second driver was a scammer. But let’s make it clear!!! :)

In Ukraine, there are lots of taxi services with various tariffs. The tariffs of every service are different even for the same route. So the fact that his price was a bit higher doesn’t mean he was a scammer. This was just another taxi service with different prices.

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How to make Ukraine safe for dating?

Now you see that there are lots of myths related to dating in Ukraine. Some of them really have a true background but mostly, they are just a creation of someone’s imagination. Any country can be dangerous for dating if you are not attentive and don’t care about your safety. But if you want to find a Ukrainian wife, you should not be afraid of coming to her country.

Ukraine safe for datingFirst of all, we recommend choosing a safe dating service. We from best-matchmaking offer a strict anti-scam policy and 100% real Ukrainian ladies’ profiles.

You can easily choose our video-chat option with foreign girls to check if the lady really exists and that you communicate exactly with her and not with someone else behind her profile. And if you want to travel to meet her, better don’t do it on your own.

As you can see, certain troubles can be waiting for you in Ukraine. But to make your trip safe, choose one of our Romantic tours, where everything will be arranged at the top level, including your accommodation, transfer, professional translators, etc.

Remember that when you date and travel via best-matchmaking, we are responsible for your safety and success in Ukraine! :)

If you have any question about Best-Matchmaking dating and matchmaking services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Kate, a professional matchmaker and dating blogger. She offers a free consultation for new customers. Best-Matchmaking also offers great and valuable Russian and Ukrainian matchmaking programs and membership plans at reasonable prices.

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