Beautiful Women Videos: How to Find a Foreign Wife Via YouTube

Beautiful Women VideosHello guys!

How do we choose our future partners? Which qualities can make us decide to date a person? Experienced psychologists say we rarely take a decision based on bare facts.

Often our brain just scan an image of another person and reacts with a set of emotions to what we see!

You might know that YouTube became the second popular search engine after Google. Many Western men choose this portal to find their foreign wife. The query "video of beautiful women" is one of the most popular in the International dating world. In this guide, we from Best-Matchmaking will tell you how you can meet a mail order bride via videos at

Ready? :) Let's start.

How can beautiful women videos help you to find your foreign wife?

Lithuanian women for marriagePictures help you to understand how a mail order bride looks like, whether she is attractive or not. A profile photo is a great mean to see general features and body completion of any lady. However, most women are still different from the way you see them on the photo.

Why? Do not worry, all the mail order brides' photos on our site are genuine and belong to real girls. No one is trying to cheat by posting a picture of a younger sister here. 

The only difference between the profile images and a video is basically seeing a lady like in-person. Her manner of speech, gestures, habits, the way she laughs and sips her coffee, - all these moments are important if you are interested to know how the person really looks in real life.

If you like a woman's picture or, in the opposite, hesitate if she’s your type, don’t be in a hurry to make a decision. Beautiful women videos can give you a sort of information you need. You can easily find out how a woman looks and behaves by checking a short video at the Best-Matchmaking YouTube channel.

How can I find a video of a beautiful woman online?

Have you ever wondered if a bride is the same beautiful in real life as she’s on her profile pictures? Most our clients said ‘Yes’ when answering the question and, perhaps, you would say the same.

We’ve got a comfortable solution that makes you understand how a person looks. You can ask a manager or address the customer support team to get a link to a lady’s video on our site. Our managers do everything possible to make men find the desired partner in the shortest time, that’s why we encourage women to share videos to introduce themselves in a more interactive way.

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Some newly registered women may need time to create and share an introduction video. In that case, our manager may offer you to wait or check other beautiful women videos. In a case you have a strong interest in a lady but can’t find her video currently, you can request a video chat with her. This online dating service saves your time effectively and allows you to have a chat with a foreign girl as well as to introduce yourself to them simultaneously.

What to consider when watching beautiful women videos

Here we have prepared a list of the most important things to pay attention to when you watch beautiful women's videos:

#1: Emotions

A woman's face is a map of her soul, her inner self, and her emotions. Watching the way a lady smiles, the way she hides her eyes or frowns, you might get known her story. It is possible for you to understand if the woman is confident, happy or easygoing.

Don’t afraid to listen to your intuition as well. Most men can feel whether they can get on well with a woman on a subconscious level while watching her video. That’s not a mystery, that’s a way our brain works!

#2: Level of activity

People with similar habituate and speed of life form better couples. Sure, it’s more convenient when both partners look at the same direction in life. How to understand that you’ve got much in common with a woman on a video?

Simply pay attention to the way she moves: whether her gestures are slow and ceremonious or fast and energetic. Now, compare what you see to your own gestures. If you move in the same manner, there’s a great chance you will discover other common points later.

#3: Clothes, makeup, accessories

Men rarely pay attention to the details of a woman’s outfit, accepting her image as a whole. However, try to notice the things a lady wears as they are often means of self-expression. You may reveal which type of person she is.

Bright and bold style is a common choice of brave and risky ladies who are often passionate and emotional. Elegant classic style is an often feature of calm and balanced souls. Interesting accessories may point at an artist.

#4: Manner of speech and accent

Slavic brides are incredibly beautiful. However, it’s wrong to think that women from all Slavic countries are the same. First that differ Ukrainian women and, for example, Romanian women are their accents.

No doubts, your lady will speak the language of your country in a few months, however, her accent, some of her speaking habits will stay with her forever. You may find some accents more attractive than others.

What should you not do when checking YouTube?

Are you causing your own dating failures when watching videos of mail order brides? Improve your International dating strategy by understanding common mistakes you can make:

#2: Concentrating on wrong priorities

Some Western men rely on their impression about the video introduction itself, instead of thinking about the things that matter. Often, a man feels negative about a video, however, such emotions are caused by video length or quality, not by the lady herself.

If after watching a video you feel strong positive or negative emotions, ask yourself whether they are caused by objective and important things. Remember you are here not to evaluate the work of an operator but to understand a woman better.

#3: Watching a video with a sound off

Many busy men prefer watching introduction videos with the sound off. It’s comfortable and allows you to keep searching for your soulmate even when you are on a trip or in your office. Moreover, you may feel that silent mode helps you to concentrate on some really important details of a video.

However, you may skip a very important message a Russian or Latvian bride shares, if you mute her video. Often a melody lady chooses for her introduction helps you to understand her music taste, her inner atmosphere, and emotions. It’s a part of an image she wanted to create and share with you.

#4: Preferring only professional videos

According to the statistics of our site, girls with well-made videos get more attention from Western men than those ladies who posted a video taken with their phone. No doubts, professional videos look more attractive.

However, the informative value of high-quality videos and homemade clips are equally the same. Try to concentrate on the image of a lady and you will stop paying too much attention to unnecessary things like mastering of a clip.

How can you ask a woman about a new video?

A beautiful women video can be useful not only if you have just introduced to a pretty woman or only plan to write to a lady. You may want to watch a video of a woman that you talk to already.
If you’d like to ask a woman to share a new video but don’t know how to do it without being impolite, read the next tips:

Start with a compliment

Women are more willing to share their photos and videos when they get positive feedback. Tell your lady that she’s beautiful, compliment her style and elegance. Warm and sincere words will encourage her to share a video and will help her to behave more relaxed and natural when filming it.

Explain your motives correctly

Some women may understand your desire to see her video incorrectly. Explain why you think that watching her photos is not enough and how her video introduction can help both of you to know each other better.

Be an example

Send your own video to a woman, so she can follow your example. Some people may feel vulnerable, sharing their videos with others. Your own experience of making and sharing your personal video will help you to understand which type of support your lady may need.

5 Don’ts when you ask a woman about a video

Date Poltava WomenThere are certain differences between males and females and they may be especially important when it comes up to representatives of different countries and cultures.

Remember these 5 don’ts when you ask Slavic women about a video to avoid upsetting misunderstandings:

Don’t show you hesitate her photos are real
We know, some ladies look so beautiful that it’s hard to believe they are real. However, if you tell a woman you hesitate whether her pictures are real it may sound like you call her a liar. Be careful with expressing this type of doubts, it’s better to find another reason for your desire to see her video.

Don’t act like you are the only one who chooses
Some men forget that they are not the only ones who are here to choose. Many beautiful women may also have a choice of partners, - talking to them like you are the only one to choose is not the right approach. Use a friendly and kind tone when asking a woman about anything.

Don’t insist on sharing a video immediately
Women love showing themselves in the best light. Your lady needs a special time to make her hair, to find a beautiful location, and create a special mood for her video. Don’t hurry her up!

Don’t compare a lady to other women on the site
All people here know how the dating site works. A woman understands she’s not the only one on the site. Moreover, she may understand that she’s not the only one you talk to. However, it’s better if you let your lady think she’s a very special one for you. Don’t compare her to other ladies.

Don’t use flashy compliments to encourage your lady to share a new video
Mature women understand that physical attraction is a normal thing between a male and a female who like each other. However, most ladies who come to our site are concentrated on building a strong and serious relationship where physical attraction is only one of the many aspects. That’s why it’s better to avoid flashy compliments that may sound quite insulting when you ask a woman about a video.

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Watching a video vs using a video chat

If something goes wrong with watching a video introduction of a mail order bride or you simply feel that a standard video is not enough, you can ask a lady for a video chat. This function at allows seeing and chatting with any woman in a case she agrees to that.

Women in Riga
We work to maintain smooth and high-quality streaming and to create a convenient atmosphere for both participants of a chat to feel comfortable and relaxed. Such type of communication combines preferences of watching a video and having a small talk.

It’s a very realistic alternative to a real-life date that helps you and your woman know each other better. We create a safe and functional space for you to start your best romantic story!

If you have any question about Best-Matchmaking services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Kate, a professional matchmaker and dating blogger. She offers a free consultation for new customers. Best-Matchmaking also offers great and valuable Russian and Ukrainian matchmaking programs and membership plans at a reasonable prices.

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