Slovakian women characteristics: Your detailed guide on Slovakian dating

slovakian womenYou have heard so much about Slavic women already – about their beauty, family values, and amazing personal qualities. And when we speak about Slavic women you usually imagine a Russian or Ukrainian woman.

But we would like to tell you that there are so many eligible brides in all Eastern Europe. We have told you a lot about mysterious Romanian women, sexy Bulgarian ladies, or even quiet Moldovan girls for dating and marriage. 

But we would like to go further and this time, make you acquainted with Slovak women – one of the most beautiful European ladies. 

In this article you will learn:

➢What kind of wives Slovakian women are  and whether they make good matches for western men?
What kind of relationships do Slovakian women seek?
➢ Is it really big difference between Slovakian women and Western women?
➢What type of man would Slovakian woman prefer?    
...And much more....

Let’s try to find it out right now

Magic Slovakian smile

slovakian womenIf you try to google Slovak women, you will find the pictures of so many pretty ladies smiling. The reason is that their character culture is very warm and welcoming, unlike that of Scandinavian ladies, for example.

If we just learn deeper their culture, we will know that Slovakia is known for its hospitality and smiling to guests is a must for these people. And even now, if you ever come to visit that country, you will notice so many talkative and friendly women. 

Women (and men too, by the way) in Slovakia are not only friendly but really open to guests in their country. They will desire to talk to you, find out who you are, where are you from, and why did you come to their country. So the main characteristic of Slovak women is their well-known smile and hospitality. Want to meet a beautiful and friendly lady, then welcome to Slovakia!

The appearance of Slovak women

The appearance of Slovak womenThe western standards of beauty can be easily applied to women in Slovakia while they remind Disney princesses. Girls in that country are pale-skinned and fair-haired, their eyes are of light color and they seem to look at you from the cover of a fashion magazine.

Women in Slovakia are really beautiful and their appearance can satisfy the needs of any western guy.

Here you will find not only blondes or blue-eyed girls. You will find women with short, long, curly, black, or red hair.

But their main common feature is their incredible smile. These girls seem to love laughing and when you look at them, nothing else matters. They are so positive that you want to laugh with them together. 

What kind of relationships do Slovakian women seek?

What kind of relationships do Slovakian women seek?

Smiling doesn’t mean stupid or too easily accessible girls. These women are very positive and open but not that easy to approach them. Being serious is one of their main characteristics. Don’t even try to search for a one-night stand and come to their country for that purpose because you will never find it in Slovakia. 

Women in Slovakia want guys to get into their heads first. And if that is not what you aim to, you will fail. They see through you always. If a guy has no serious intentions, he will never get this lady - that is so easy. So our main recommendation concerning Slovakian women is to have only serious intentions if you want to have one of them. 

Thinking that you can come to Slovakia, start talking to her and see how open and friendly she is and just entertain is the biggest mistake. Slovakian girls will never, never, never allow you to do that. Remember that ladies in Slovakia are only seeking serious relationships.

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Seeking monogamous relationships? Welcome to Slovakia!

What kind of relationships do Slovakian women seek?

Don’t think that Slovakian ladies are so difficult to approach. They love intimacy very much but as it was mentioned above – only in monogamous relationships.

They are very open and ready for experiments and are not afraid of anything but only if that is with their partner. In other words, they are ready for anything with the person they love, respect, and want to spend their life with.

Needless to say, Slovak women are very faithful in their relationships. They are devoted girlfriends, wives, and mothers.

So if you have had a very bad personal experience and your previous girlfriend was cheating on you, don’t worry about that if you have a Slovakian girlfriend. This lady will be the most loyal and faithful partner in your life – of course, if you are the same. 

Slovakian women are very family-oriented

Slovakian women are very family-orientedThis is probably what every western man is searching for. Women from Slovakia are really family-oriented but don’t worry, they are not obsessed with that. They are not willing to get married and have babies no matter what. They are always ready for long-term relationships and partnership. 

If it happens they don’t have children in their life, they will not suffer from a nervous breakdown. As you know already, these girls are very positive and it means, they will enjoy life as it is or will love your children (if any) as their own.

Their way of thinking allows them not to be obsessed with the idea of getting married or having babies no matter what. Slovak women know that there are other passions in life, too except for being just mothers and housewives.

Slovakian women vs Western women

Slovakian women vs Western womenIf you are afraid that Slovak women are too western-like, you are wrong. They do more household than western ladies for sure.

But don’t think to marry her just to have a housewife, this will not work out. These women are not that feminist or independent as western girls. And they are not difficult at all. 

But they have their standards. They are not very assertive; however, they need to be treated with respect. Once you lose your respect for her, you lose her, too.

Moreover, Slovakian women adore looking good. They take very good care of themselves and it doesn’t mean they are silly; they are very intelligent. 

Yes, these ladies are good housewives but have their passions in life; they look great and slim – and are smart and intelligent. Sounds like a perfect woman, huh? Yes, if you want to have a smart girlfriend – choose one of the Slovakian women, they all have university degrees.

They don’t like lazy men

Slovakian womenSimilarly to Russian or Ukrainian women, women in Slovakia hate lazy men. Very often, men call them gold-diggers while they want to marry richer foreign men. But this is not about gold-digging. These ladies are very hard-working and want to find a hard-working man as well. And there is nothing bad in it.

Yes, they want to find wealthy men and that is true. But most of them simply search for a man who can take care of his family and afford a normal life. Remember what we have told you about Latvian women? They can cope with anything but not with lazy men. They are sure that none of the men would love to settle down with a lazy chick who loves nothing but getting drunk and partying. 

They are fun to hang out with

Slovakian women love to party. And they party harder than girls in any other country in the world. But it has nothing to do with being an easy girl. They just adore dancing and behave girly. In fact, these ladies are very tolerant and don’t like when other people judge them. 

They want everyone to live and let live. If you go out with them, you will feel that energy and positive thinking. Watching a beautiful girl dancing all night long on the weekend can make any man happy probably. But it doesn’t mean they spend all their life in night clubs.

Read above – they are very hard-working and intelligent women. They love life and need to have some time for themselves. And there is nothing wrong with it.

Are single Slovakian women romantic?

Are single Slovakian women romantic?

Women from Slovakia are not gold-diggers; they appreciate many little things in life. They are glad when you make them small presents.

And they prefer activities that do not cost much money, for example, walking in nature or going to the beach. Still, they love when men can make them feel a real woman.

They are very romantic and adore being surprised by men. They are strong but very feminine at the same time. And when they come to work, they can do it in a short skirt and on high heels and still do their job perfectly. They never compete with men in career, family, or any other field of life.

These women appreciate you not to spend money on them but being original. They want you to show you really listen to them. And they are very traditional. These women adore family holidays and love getting gifts for every national holiday. 

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    36 y.o, Poltava, Ukraine

Conclusion: There is nothing she won’t do for you!

Slovakian women are not difficult to approach and they love getting small surprises from men and feel loved and needed. They are real ladies. And you know, if you can make one of the Slovak women feel loved, beautiful, respected, and cherished, she will do anything for you.

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