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William G. USA, January 2018

3aa28641ba86a90d3bfd10441013586f-600x600Dear Best-Matchmaking!

I have to say that I was very happy in coming to Ukraine. I have been talking to Asia for a couple of months and we got along very well. And on January I decided to meet her in person. So, I ordered my ticket to fly to Ukraine and for me it was the best decision I made. I arrived safe with someone to pick me up from the airport. I got along very well with the people of Ukraine, and the ladies of course. I recommend to any gentlemen who is looking to fly to Ukraine to have a translator helping them.

I have to say it is worth it, and I would recommend at least practicing Ukraine language the basics. And from my experience it made a big difference since Asia didn’t speak a lot, and with the help of my interpreter she felt comfortable with me. See showed me a side of her that you don’t get through letters and skype. And after a few days we got along very well and had the most memorable moments together. I knew now that I found a great agency who I can trust, and with come to Ukraine again. I felt cared that someone wanted to help me find a Ukraine bride, and on other sites you keep on paying for letters and camera.

And from my experience that ladies are interested in seeing you in person. Letter and skype are an introduction. So, if any gentlemen are reading this testimonial and is thinking about flying to Ukraine. I would say invest in flying to Ukraine. I know the ladies will be very happy to see you in person, and this give you the chance to see her world. I also recommend also watching Kates the founder of best-matching and former psychologist YouTube channel.

She gives you some extra tips, and advice. I recommend watching these videos before heading to Ukraine. For me I have to say that this agency is one the best that I have encountered. They service is the best and looking forward in seeing what the future holds.

Thank you so much Katrina, And best-matchmaking team you!


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