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Michael Kaplan, USA (April 2019)


“ Hi Dear Kate,I hope you are well. I Have been working with Zlata for several months and she is WONDERFUL. I am so impressed with her kindness and professionalism and hard-work ethic. At times I have been a bit frustrated and she was understanding and insightful. May I offer my highest recommendation for Zlata. Michael

I have met a very nice lady Olga through Best Matchmaking and it is going well. We have had many conversations and I think we both feel comfortable with each other. I offered to meet her in Odessa (her home town) of in Western Europe if she prefers. We decided to meet in Amsterdam in early June (I am often a professor there so I know the City very well and I will play 'tour guide' for 4 days). She will also bring her mother and I am fine with that as I want Olga to feel comfortable. I am a little bit nervous as I want them to have a good time, but i guess that is normal. I'll let you know how it goes. Best wishes, -Michael, USA


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