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What are main characteristics of Russian women?

You have already read about Slavic women a lot and speaking about Russian in particular-  that’s where you can meet nations from all the former USSR, especially in big Russian cities. So the appearance of russian women  cannot be defined clearly. 

But all of them have one feature in common – their wish and ability to invest a lot in their good looks. And this has its reason; they live in terms of terrible competition.

Every russian woman literally fights for men’s attention. You know that it is pretty cold in many regions of Russia , so women there have very good skin not spoiled with the sun.

So they have a lot of natural beauty living in such conditions. All they have to do is to use a bit of make-up and take care of their bodies and hair to look their best. Women there know the benefits of fitness, too, by the way. And natural skincare products are one of Siberia specialties.

Why Do Russian women called Russian babes ?:-))) by foreigners? 

In fact, some Russian women ( especially Moscow) are spoiled – this is the very first stereotype we hear about these girls from Western and Asian men. And that is probably true. But don’t forget that girls in Moscow are not only those who were born in that city. Moscow is full of people from different corners of Russia and even of the world. 

That’s why they simply got a nickname Russian babes -:)) 

But if you like spoiled girls then dating Russian babes is a lot of fun. These girls live in a terrific rhythm of life.

They drive cars, adore car racing, go to universities, have great careers, they meet friends, travel, chat, and do all that every single day. They are never bored while their city is full of events and they need to manage all that. You surely won’t get bored when dating these Russian babes. During the date, they meet you for coffee and if you call her in the evening, she wants to go to a night club dancing.

If you call her tomorrow, she may already be planning to go and spend your weekend in Italy. Yes, life in Moscow is like that, everyone is busy not only with their work but also with enjoying their lives.

But Not all Russian Women and Russian babes , not all of them are spoiled! If you are still afraid that these ladies are spoiled, you can opt for choosing one of the small city, for example. Or if you are not afraid of the Russian cold, go to Yakutsk and meet local women.

 But still, meeting Moscow girls is reasonable and not that difficult.

Personality traits of Russian women

Well, if your goal is to settle down and forget about your bachelor’s life, one of the Beautiful Russian Women would be a perfect match for you. They are someone able to give a loving family to every man and surround him with care and affection. Russian women are taught to be the keepers of their families, so they know how to create coziness in their home.

Here you will surely not meet any feminist girls who want to be independent and equal to men. The views of Russian beautiful women are very conservative, so you can be sure to find real Slavic values in any region of Russia. But don’t expect them to spend all their life in the kitchen cooking for you. These ladies also pursue their education and career; they want to have a well-developed personality to be interesting for their men.

As we have mentioned already, Russian women  are very traditional and conservative. They will never choose their career. Family, children, and husband are the most important words in their life. Although they are very educated and smart nowadays, they still are very good cooks. 

They can make a tasty dish out of anything, so get ready to eat a lot of tasty food cooked by the tender hands of your cute russian wife.

They are also very good at housekeeping. People in Russia used to live in very severe conditions. There are almost no facilities, however women managed to keep their homes clean and cozy.

If you are afraid of spoiled megacity girls, you can relax and forget about it with one of the Russian women. Even in big cities -women here cherish and appreciate family values and know what it is like to be a real woman who has to take care of her family.  

Cultural differences 

No matter how great Russian women are, as a westerner, you should be ready to face some cultural differences when getting acquainted with your Russian girlfriend.

For a Russian lady, looking slim and beautiful to please her man is a priority. Most of these girls believe that cooking for their men is their duty. This is not something from western culture, right?

Most of the people in Russia are very old-fashioned meaning that men cannot even boil an egg but they have to provide for their families and fix things at homes. So equality of genders is not something that you can meet here in Russia. Get ready for that, although lots of Beautiful Russian Women married foreigners and are pretty happy in their “equal” marriages.


Can Beautiful Russian Women  be tough? 

It may sound weird but it is something asked so frequently by western men. In Russia, there is an expression “Russian women can stop running horses in their tracks”. And there is a lion share of truth in that expression. And the reputation of Russian women is exactly like that – they are thought to be tougher than the rest of Slavic women.

Yes, those women have very strong characters and ability to fight the difficulties and win. And this is why people think about them this way. It doesn’t mean women here are masculine or rude. It means only that they have very strong personalities and can face any difficulties and overcome them successfully.

And such women would be perfect for western guys. Men often cannot cope with some difficulties until a woman supports them and guides them in the right direction. And a Russian woman will be that support for you for sure.

How to find Russian babes online?

Meeting true Russian babes is not that easy while you would need to travel a whole lot to come and get acquainted.

But it probably is worth it. Better come to Russia in summer if you are afraid of colds. Lots of foreigners, who visited Russia, confessed that women there are amazing and a man who marries such a lady is very happy. That’s why “ Russian babes” as a nickname of Russian Women is so popular in the west))))

Everything is because of their personalities; they are very loving and have a lot to offer to their men. However, making a trip to Russia may not be the best idea while you may not meet an open lady willing to meet a western guy. But thanks to modern technologies, you can meet your only one online.

Do Russian babes become mail order brides?

Yes, they do! But do not think stereotypically, please, the reason for her to do that is not her economic situation and a wish to get out of her country to find a better life. Life in Russia is not that bad nowadays and people are happy there, so Russian women are not that desperate to search for a man elsewhere. So women here do not want to leave their comfort zones to find some western happiness.

Their reasons for searching their men abroad are similar to yours for searching a Russian wife. They want to have more chances to meet a good man and try to broaden their horizons, others are not happy with their former relationships and try to find better options among representatives of other countries. Moreover, a huge demographic gap also makes them trying their luck online.

Yes, unfortunately, male/female ratio in Russia, as well as in Ukraine is not that promising and women live in terms of high competition. And for that reason, local men also take them for granted. 

How you can win the heart of a Russian woman?

Doing it is not that difficult. You have read already that Russian babes have their image of a real man – he has to be strong, be a good provider for their family, and be able to fix different things at home. And women, in turn, take care of their men and children, cook tasty dinners, and do their best to please men.

This may sound too old-fashioned but this is how women here used to live. They do not strive for equality. Being equal for them means doing some men’s things and let their men do some women chores. They do not always feel comfortable with it. Such equality for them means you fail as a man. 

And when a man fails, she also has no time for doing things she has to do to be a real woman, so it will not make her happy. So just be a man and let her be a real woman, wife, and mother while you fulfill your men’s obligations.




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