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This is the final dating site you need to visit… Because Now your are Ordering a GOLD PACKAGE of Matchmaking which includes:

  • Unlimited matches selection ( which means that if you are not happy with the first attempt- we are continue ladies selections until you are fully satisfied with your choice)
  • Unlimited matchmaking duration
  • up to 40 % cut of the price for an Individual tour to Ukraine worth 3000 eur for 7 days
  • Professional constant matchmaker support and coaching ( over skype – as many sessions as you need )
  • Dating coach and psychologist guidance ( coaching over skype) 3 sessions with Carol Page- the certified Relationship Coach for Singles with the Relationship Coaching Institute (USA) for the introduction please contact us
  • Personal assistant / matchmaker support (every day during working hours)
  • Personal introduction to any Bride of your choice
  • Personal contacts exchange with selected ladies (up to 5 ladies) before you meet them in person! However you can meet as many ladies as you like at additional cost!
  • Coaching before the dates
  • Building up an archetype of the sort of woman who might be a great fit for you at this point in your life by a dating coach and psychologist
  • Your profile will be personally recommended to ladies from our database (sent to each lady) which will give you a higher chance of finding your lady faster.
  • Check up of your FAVOURITE LADIES if they match you or not
  • Your profile additionally will be posted and recommended to ladies from our partner’s database from Belarus (sent to each lady) which will give you more higher chance of selecting the right match
  • Unlimited letters to exchange among the members
  • 10 Skype sessions (30 minutes each)
  • 10 ordered videos to watch
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents for a lady to visit your country (discount up to 10%)
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents for registration of marriage (discount up to 10%)
  • Interpreter services on your arrival to Ukraine or Belarus - 10 working ( English-Russian interpreter)
  • Organization of meeting of all selected matches on your arrival to Ukraine or Belarus ( guaranteed)
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