Marriage registration


As far as the legal process for a man to get married on the territory of Ukraine, he needs to visit Ukraine twice. (This is a legal minimum, or course a man can visit Ukraine as many times as he wants to). The first time to get acquainted with the lady, and the second time for the marriage registration with the lady.

Marriage registration without the personal presence of a groom is not possible.

The groom should present:

1. A notarized translation into Ukrainian of his passport. (Our agency makes this procedure within one working day)
2. A certificate of divorce (when applicable) must be legalized in the country of the man. And notarized translation of the certificate into Ukrainian should be provided (Our agency produces this procedure within one working day)

A bride should have:

1. A Ukrainian passport
2. A certificate of divorce (when applicable)

The whole process of marriage registration, including the commission of our agency, costs only 100 -400 EUR, depending on the city of Ukraine.

ATTENTION: The process of marriage registration for members of matchmaking (provided that a man also bought a romantic tour to Ukraine from our company) is for free. This is a gift from our team!


The way that the wedding ceremony is carried out and celebrated (i.e. the wedding) is negotiated separately and requires a separate payment because the official part depends on the wishes of the bride and groom regarding the location of the wedding, amount of invited guests, etc.

Approximate cost of a wedding celebration starts from 1500 EUR.
For more detailed information and scheduling, please contact us.


To invite a girl to such countries as the countries of the European Union, or Japan and South Korea, it is not very difficult, as we buy a visa and help with the preparation of documents. The cost for the visa varies, and starts from 300 EUR, depending on the country.

To such countries as Turkey, Egypt, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Israel, citizens of Ukraine do not need a visa.

As for countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, England and New Zealand, it is difficult to get a visa for a single woman, but with the right approach it is possible.

More information on preparing a visa for the bride, can be found by clicking on this link:

Please Note:

When a girl submits her application to an embassy, the embassy will analyze the application and determine if may be a fictitious marriage. Therefore, our marriage agency advises you to:
- save the entire history of your correspondence online;
- save the whole history of your Skype sessions;
- save the entire history (checks from the bank) of providing financial support to the girl, sending funds to her, etc;
- save your tickets or receipts for payment for trips to Ukraine;
- of course, to meet the girl at least once in the country of her residence;
- make as many pictures as possible in different places, different clothes, as well as with her family or relatives;
- if you have the opportunity to travel together - this is further proof that your future marriage is not fictitious.

Nevertheless, in order to avoid problems with obtaining a visa for your country (USA, Canada, Australia, England and New Zealand) we recommend registration of a Ukrainian marriage.

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