First name:Valentina
Date of Birth:11.10.1989

Where is Zaporozhye?

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Marital status:Single
Height:177 cm 5' 9.7"
Weight:62 kg 136 lbs
English level:Basic
Age groupof a partner:38-50

My personality:

Beauty, brains and sense of humor!

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

I hope the next thing that will change in my life will be my single status.)))) I have lived alone long enough, learnt a lot and can sincerely tell that can be very interesting for my partner. And I hope to find him in here - a man who will have the same free spirit, cheerful character and serious intentions. I am not looking for endless letters or relationships in the distance! I am ready to be with my man, no matter where here - in Ukraine or in his country. I can be happy anywhere as long as I know that a man who falls asleep next to me feels the same about me as I do about him!

Аbout myself:

What do you see looking at my photos? Another pretty blonde without any brain or goals in life you think? Well, you are wrong! I am a woman with a lot of goals in life. Also I have brains and good sense of humor (well, at least my parents tell me so:) ) I was born in the hard economic time for my country, my parents didn`t have a prestigious work or a lot of money and I had to work hard to achieve something, so I am used to working my way through life without anyone`s help. I got my education and now work as a pharma representative and I like it, but this doesn`t mean I will always do this! Who knows, maybe in a year I will be helping my beloved man changing tires in his garage or stay at home taking care about our child (or children;) ) - I am ready for any life`s twist!

More about myself:

I myself can easily turn the life of my man upside down! I am full of ideas and desire to fulfill them together with my beloved one! I can easily combine things that should not be combined, I love going to the gym and with this can't resist chocolate))) I can be shy in public with people I do not know and act like Lolita when there is noone but my man with me! Life to me is stability in feelings and relationships mixed up with spontaneity and constant changes.

Do you smoke?No
Do you drink alcohol? How often/how heavy?Sometimes
What do you like to do in your leisure time?

I like being active and go to the gym, I like exploring this world and learning something new.

My favorite music:

pop mnusic

My favorite movie:

comedies, dramas and thrillers

My favorite flower:


Will you accept a partner who already has kids?yes
Which terms describe qualities you want your partner to like about you?

I am full of ideas and desire to fulfill them together with my beloved one!

Which factors are most likely to interest you in a partner?

He is a man who has the same free spirit, cheerful character and serious intentions as I do.

Why do you think that you haven’t found a suitable partner yet?

I was not lucky to meet the right person

What do you regard as the most important thing in a relationship?

Passion, compromise and understanding


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