Elena from Barnaul, Russia

ID: 18872
First name: Elena
Age: 38
Date of Birth: 07.06.1984
Country: Russian Federation
City: Barnaul

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Religion: Christianity
Occupation: editor-in-chief
Education: Higher, journalist
Marital status: single
Kids: no
Height: 178 cm 5' 10.1"
Weight: 72 kg 158 lbs
Eyes: green
Hair: light brown
English level: Intermediate
Other languages spoken: Italian - basic
Age groupof a partner: 35 - 48

My personality:

I am kind and sensitive, I feel people’s mood and emotions very well and I can’t hide my own emotions. I am also caring and attentive to people and to small details. Being reliable and open, I prefer discussing problems, not avoiding or slurring them over. I am also funny and curious.

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

I hope to meet a man who is able to love, give, take care and trust.
Sense of humour and wide knowledge would be great too)

Аbout myself:

In a relationship, I am tender and romantic. I am neat and like cleanliness and order at home (but home shouldn’t look like a museum)), it should be cozy). As for my character, I am strong and vulnerable at the same time. I like dreaming and making plans. And I don’t like being in a hurry, I especially cherish my calm mornings and evenings, as my days at work are really dynamic and with a lot of zeitnots.

Do you smoke? sometimes I smoke iqos (when I'm nervous)
Do you drink alcohol? How often/how heavy? socially
What do you like to do in your leisure time?

Cycling out of town, where there is no one except birds and chipmunks (and other animals).
In summer, I ride 80-100 km almost every weekend. That's how I rest and it gives me energy and strength.
I like good TV series and thought-provoking films. I also enjoy reading and listening to books. One of my favorite evening rituals is to read a couple of chapters of the book before going to bed. I love theatre and going to the museums.
I love cooking, it’s always interesting to create something tasty and unusual, surprise others and yourself).
I write poetry or short stories and don’t show them to anyone. It's a hobby.
4-5 times a year I go on yoga tours to Gorny Altai (we do yoga in the fresh air, walk, play games and laugh a lot).

My favorite music:

Depending on my mood

My favorite movie:

Thought provoking movies, drama and good comedies

Will you accept a partner who already has kids? yes
Which terms describe qualities you want your partner to like about you?

My ability to take care, be sensitive and to love.

Which factors are most likely to interest you in a partner?

I dream of a relationship with true partnership, when man and woman help, support, guide each other.

Why do you think that you haven’t found a suitable partner yet?

I have been working much on my career and have lived for 15 years in Moscow, with such a crazy pace of life it was really difficult to take care of my personal life. At this point I am serious about starting a family and it's my true priority.

What do you regard as the most important thing in a relationship?

I see a perfect relationship as a “give-take” process.

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