Dariya from Kiev, Ukraine

ID: 17150
First name: Dariya
Age: 26
Date of Birth: 27.11.1996
Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev

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Religion: Christianity
Occupation: Pastry Cheif
Education: Higher
Marital status: single
Kids: no
Height: 175 cm 5' 8.9"
Weight: 56 kg 123 lbs
Eyes: hazel
Hair: blond
English level: Basic
Age groupof a partner: 30-55

My personality:

What can I say about myself? I am modest and open woman. Some people think that I am a kind of “Instagram Queen”, funny but it’s not so. I am simple woman but not that picky one people usually see just according to my appearance.
I never judge about people according to how they look like or what they wear. This first impression will always be fail.
I am serious person. I have my little business it’s a pastry shop and YES I am a pastry chief… it’s small but I am very proud of what I achieve. So if you are sweet tooth be careful I will feed you with cakes! LOL

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

My man should be active! That’s the first condition. The second one is that he should be a sweet tooth, because he we will that one who will test all my new cakes and pies. So active sweet tooth, with good sense of humor that’s whom I really need.
Of course, I need serious man, who clearly understand that woman is not a toy and not a kind of item, she is real, she has feelings, aims, desires, and man should support her and try to help her to feel herself the real woman.

Аbout myself:

Well, I am quite busy with my pastry shop and I have not a lot of spare time. But I like to walk, I like to be active, to ride a bicycle , to visit gym ( at least I should after tones of cakes)). I like to draw and I draw pictures. It helps me to relax a lot especially when I feel that I am tired. I used to draw to change the activity.
I like to travel, I like nature, animals….

Do you smoke? no
Do you drink alcohol? How often/how heavy? rarely

More interesting facts about Ukrainian Women....

Ukrainian Women are not all Russian.

The majority of our ladies originate from Ukraine - the beautiful Black Sea coast. They say Ukraine is the country of beauty and it is true. Our females are also very beautiful, well educated, and charming - which makes them very very- very appealing.

Ukrainian women seem to be slightly above average height for a Russian and have more longish legs, which are accentuated by the dress that is normally very short.

Ukrainian women have very seductive eyes, a round face, beautiful eyes and noses, and thick plump lips that are very soft. The ears are very tiny and the cheekbones are high.

 They are very gentle and well-mannered, have an angelic smile and friendly personality. They have a very kind temperament and are warm and hospitable. They are more emotional than Russian women. They speak with a beautiful accent.

Ukrainian women often have a soft, lilting accent which sounds like they are speaking Russian and they often understand Russian, so there is no problem communicating with them at all.

Ukrainian girls are easy to understand because all of them  speak Russian.

Ukrainian women are very open minded and friendly, whereas Russian women are more shy and reserved - but can be very friendly if they know you well. Russian women may feel it is not quite right to talk with a foreigner. Ukrainian Women and Men can be friendly and sociable if you speak to them in Russian and are willing to chat.

Ukrainian Women seem to be slightly taller for a Russian, are more attractive in physical appearance.

There are of course thousands of Ukrainian women, but there are thousands of Russian women as well, so it can take more time for you to get to know a Russian woman and perhaps make a match.

The Ukrainian women in Ukraine can be quite a challenge in many ways, however, you need to speak their language or even better speak Russian well.

In most cases, you are likely to be welcomed into an urban environment with open arms in the western Ukraine or in the central cities.

However, even in the countryside, many women in Ukraine are still more interested in marriage and a stable family, they do not necessarily want to be single for long - however, their social standing is often somewhat less than in Russia, and there are less men in Ukraine.

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