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Oksana from Zaporozhye, Ukraine

ID: 13032
Nickname: Pretty_Shy
First name: Oksana
Age: 52
Date of Birth: 04.08.1967
Country: Ukraine
City: Zaporozhye

Where is Zaporozhye?

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Religion: Christianity
Occupation: beautician
Education: University
Marital status: Single
Kids: Girl 1991
Height: 162 cm 5' 3.8"
Weight: 50 kg 110 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
English level: Basic
Age groupof a partner: 45-65

My personality:

Modern lady, open-hearted, confindend and cheerful!

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

Ideally I would like to see the world with my beloved one, I hope he will share my desire to travel:) I hope the man I will meet here will have the same passionate and life loving soul! It doesn`t matter much to me where he will live, where he will work or how much money he earns. What matters is that he is not spending all his time on a sofa, that he is not afraid to tell what he thinks and that he is open to new love and relationships in his life!

Аbout myself:

Some would say looking at my passport that I am a woman in her age, but I would never agree to this statement! I am a woman of life! I do enjoy living, being happy, staying young and active, doing things I love and still looking for my ideal partner! Being energetic, cheerful, fun loving and optimistic is my choice and my way of living life. With time I understood that life is given us to enjoy it and make the best of it, agree?

More about myself:

My motto is grow beauty inside yourself and I follow it every day! I like making people look nice, feeling them better! I like admiring the beauty of the nature, so I often go to the nature or to some parks. I like adding some beauty to my soul, so I like traveling and learning new things and cultures. So far I was most impressed by Barcelona, Portofino and Verona, but I haven’t seen all the world yet and there are many things to see in future!

Do you smoke? No
Do you drink alcohol? How often/how heavy? Sometimes

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