Inna from Odessa, Ukraine

First name:Inna
Date of Birth:22.12.1989

Where is Odessa?

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Marital status:single
Height:170 cm 5' 6.9"
Weight:50 kg 110 lbs
English level:Basic
Age groupof a partner:30-45

My personality:

I am gentle feminine girl. I believe that the family is a mainstay in the life of any woman. Therefore, it is very important to me. I am a sociable person and I have many good friends. I like to take care of those whom I love and make them happy. I am dreaming about a great and sincere love.
I'm also very fond of children and easily find common language with them.
I like to improve and develop myself every day.

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

I would love to meet a loving, interesting and caring man. Who will be also a kind and reliable person, willing to give his support and affection. I need a man with serious intentions, who can easily become a man of my life.

Аbout myself:

I go in for sports to keep my health and figure in excellent condition. I love to travel, visit new places, learn new cultures and traditions. I love taking pictures and being photographed. I like to read interesting entertaining books, watching movies, going to the cinema and theater. I love to communicate on interesting themes and make jokes.

More about myself:

I like to dance and express my emotions and passion through dancing movements. I like to cook delicious dishes.
I know how to sew and embroider.

Do you smoke?no
Do you drink alcohol? How often/how heavy?Sometimes, light drinks
Will you accept a partner who already has kids?yes

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