First name:Marina
Date of Birth:15.09.1992

Where is Nikolaev?

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Marital status:never been married
Height:170 cm 5' 6.9"
Weight:54 kg 119 lbs
English level:Basic
Age groupof a partner:25-45

My personality:

I am an optimistic, sensitive, friendly, with a good sense of humor and not bad leadership quality lady. I can get along with people and I love communication.

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

I want to see beside me a man who would understand me, who can inspire and motivate me. He should be respectful to me and others, well-mannered and sensitive.

Аbout myself:

I think that each person is unique in this world. I like to set goals and achieve them, I think that there is nothing impossible. I am also welcome the views of other people. Life for me is here and now, with the possibility for tomorrow and memories of yesterday. I believe that everything in life is going on as we want this. I hope dating site can help me to find my man to discover each other. I like been on nature, travelling around my country and hope to see some other countries in future too.

More about myself:

I like travelling, learning new things

Do you smoke?no
Do you drink alcohol? How often/how heavy?rarely, wine
What do you like to do in your leisure time?

Meet with friends, watch TV, have a rest

My favorite music:

Classic, modern

My favorite movie:

Dramas, actions, histories

My favorite flower:


Will you accept a partner who already has kids?maybe
Which terms describe qualities you want your partner to like about you?

I will treat and respect my man in a very good way, just to make him happy

Which factors are most likely to interest you in a partner?

Kindness, attention

Why do you think that you haven’t found a suitable partner yet?

Don't know

What do you regard as the most important thing in a relationship?



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