Elena 在住の Vinnytsa, Ukraine

ID: 17816
名前: Elena
年齢: 47
生年月日: 21.05.1975
国籍: Ukraine
都市: Vinnytsa

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宗教: 正統性
職業: economist
教育: higher
配偶者関係: widow
子供: a daughter 2002
成長: 165 cm 5' 5"
重量: 50 kg 110 lbs
目色: blue
髪色: blond
英語レベル: 初級
パートナーの年齢層: 47-62


I suppose that my most important features are openness, honesty and kindness. I am a very affectionate, caring, romantic and tender woman. At the same time I am funny, curious, and ready for changes. I cannot wait to meet my love!


I am looking for a simple man on whom I can rely on! He has to be reliable and I hope he will not give me a reason to be sad being with him. He always knows what he wants. At the same time, I hope that this man is very easy-going as I am. He is not afraid of his emotions; he knows that we will overcome all the difficulties together. I am here to find a man who I will get married to, so I believe he will have serious intentions too. Hopefully this person will be found soon


I enjoy spending time outside, love gardening, cooking, riding bike, watching movies



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