Nadezhda 在住の Zaporozhye, Ukraine

ID: 17680
名前: Nadezhda
年齢: 39
生年月日: 09.07.1982
国籍: Ukraine
都市: Zaporozhye

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宗教: キリスト教
職業: insurance agent
教育: University
配偶者関係: Single
子供: None
成長: 162 cm 5' 3.8"
重量: 58 kg 128 lbs
目色: Green
髪色: Blonde
英語レベル: 上級
パートナーの年齢層: 39-56


I am looking for FAMILY!!!


But all these interests are not making my life absolutely happy, I think only a man can make me absolutely happy! And I hope to meet such a man in here! Who is he? He is a real and sincere person, a man who also wants to build a happy and strong family! I see him as a cheerful and optimistic, loving and romantic person who enjoys active life and values quiet family evenings. I know he is somewhere here and we will find each other soon!


Who am I? I am a woman who doesn`t need luxury from her man! I am a woman who is looking for real love, happiness and sincerity in relationships! I am looking for FAMILY!!! But this doesn`t mean that I am a boring housewife! I am active, easy going and optimistic. I like to explore this world and learn something new about it! I am not afraid to look into the eyes of my fear as well! Sometimes I can be adventurous, but I do not go to extremes with this!

タバコは吸いますか No
アルコールを飲みますか?週何回くらい/どれくらい? Sometimes


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