Tatyana 在住の Warsaw, Poland

ID: 17675
名前: Tatyana
年齢: 28
生年月日: 29.10.1993
国籍: Poland
都市: Warsaw

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宗教: 正統性
職業: dermatovenerologist)
教育: higher
配偶者関係: was never married
子供: a daughter 2018
成長: 160 cm 5' 3"
重量: 50 kg 110 lbs
目色: green
髪色: blond
英語レベル: 上級
パートナーの年齢層: 33-48


I am a true Ukrainian and I dream to create a family, based on traditional values, where the husband is the head of the family and the wife is the keeper of the hearth. I am ready for changes in my life and I will be a devoted wife and mother. I am not keen on career. Therefore, I decided to look for a partner abroad. I am very romantic, sensitive and feminine. I like to cook, to sew, to play with children. I will love my husband dearly, I will feed him with tasty food and I will create comfort at our future home. I am soft and kind. And I hope my partner will have the same neat habits.


I would like a man, who will be ready to create a family and become the head of it, responsible, reliable, faithful, loving children, who is honest in a relationship, who will need my love and care, the man, who stands firm on his feet and ready for serious actions. His feelings and emotions, love and care are very important to me


I am soft and kind, appeasable, sensitive, feminine, understanding, affectionate and loving


I like to cook, to sew, to play with children, to spend time with the family, to dance



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