Olga 在住の Vinnytsa, Ukraine

ID: 17655
名前: Olga
年齢: 40
生年月日: 11.02.1982
国籍: Ukraine
都市: Vinnytsa

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宗教: 正統性
職業: pharmacist
教育: higher
配偶者関係: divorced
子供: a daughter 2004
成長: 170 cm 5' 6.9"
重量: 53 kg 117 lbs
目色: green
髪色: blond
英語レベル: 初級
パートナーの年齢層: 45-60


I am young and positive woman who enjoys life to the fullest. I enjoy my work. I meet each problem with the smile and like to resolve it. I am interested in social life and attend all social events which are held in our city. I like animals and always feed homeless. I believe that we need to help those who need our help.


My perfect man is healthy physically and mentally, full of energy and has positive outlook. If you need attention, care, if you want to have a family home comfort, look at me! I dream of being the only one and desirable flower in the life of my beloved man.


I am tender, goal-oriented, fair and honest person. I need harmony inside and outside. I try to be always calm and do not argue. I like sports, reading, travelling and getting new experience. I like visiting master classes and developing my professional skills. I like to fulfill my dreams.



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