Aleksandra 在住の Kiev, Ukraine

ID: 16920
名前: Aleksandra
年齢: 28
生年月日: 28.02.1994
国籍: Ukraine
都市: Kiev

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宗教: キリスト教
職業: lash makers
教育: higher education
配偶者関係: Single
子供: son, 20.08.19
成長: 170 cm 5' 6.9"
重量: 55 kg 121 lbs
目色: blue
髪色: blond
英語レベル: 初級
パートナーの年齢層: 30-55


I know that I am a good human, first of all. I do not harm others; I love and respect others. I appreciate what I have and lead a responsible way of life. And no matter how life can be cruel, play ticks, you can always meet not nice people, it is important to stay positive, look at a bright side of the story, learn from it.


I would like my future partner to be a good man first. And a good man on my opinion is the one who's kind, honest and loyal towards people who are beside. Well, sense of humor I adore a lot as well))
I believe the rest of the things do not matter much and may be sorted out too. I do probably sound very banal now)


Am I capable to change the world? No, I am not. But I know that I can be a better person, I can bring love and smiles to my close people and share all the joys of our life. I am here to find the one to share, to give, to meet a mind alike person.



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