Juliya 在住の Kharkov, Ukraine

ID: 13540
名前: Juliya
年齢: 35
生年月日: 02.08.1986
国籍: Ukraine
都市: Kharkov

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宗教: キリスト教
職業: Business Owner
教育: University degree
配偶者関係: Never married
子供: no
成長: 166 cm 5' 5.4"
重量: 55 kg 121 lbs
目色: brown
髪色: blond
英語レベル: 初級
パートナーの年齢層: 34-55


You are lucky to meet the most smiling girl on the site! That's 100% garantee)). My friends say that I should have participated in Comedy Club, as I constantly tell jokes. That's not surprising, as at school I attended theater corses and planne to be a actress, though, being from a small town is not easy to get to a good theater university, so I decided to be on a life stage, not on a theater. I opened a shop of woman fashion. And now I make ladies beautiful and stylish. So, in case you need a fancy dress or a skirt, you may write me. I will give a discaunt for the men from the site. Haha.


If you love sitting home and watching T, you're not my type oof a man. I look for someone, who treasures every moment of his life, you eagers meeting adventures, positive emotions and who tries to be happy the every second of his life.


I аm а wоmаn whо dеfinitеlу саn mаkе уоur lifе аs bright аs thе Gаlаху! Mу hеаrt is а hоmе tо thе wаrmеst thоughts. I аm а vеrу tеndеr wоmаn. Mу еуеs hаvе sееn thе lifе! But mу hеаrt hаs nоt fеlt muсh оf lоvе... Аnd this is whаt brоught mе hеre. I аm a diverse person. But i am ALWAYS faithful and sincere!


Yes, I’m persistent! I’m definitely not an introvert but I love sometimes to stay on my own. And yes, I’d rather spend a quiet evening at home with a good book and in the pleasant company of my man)) Though sometimes it’s great to hang out with friends too! I’m not a very choosy person – I accept life as it is. I wouldn’t try to change it a lot even if I were given power to do this!

タバコは吸いますか no
アルコールを飲みますか?週何回くらい/どれくらい? Socially

I am professional horserider. I've been in it since childhood. I was brought up with a horse, whose name is Tor. He is strong and powerful, intelligent and at the same time graceful. My Mom says that I'm not marries, as I am still looking for someone, who would ride me better than Tor)). I love swimmig. I live on the bank of the river, so from May to October, I meet the sunrises, while swimming. Nature is fantastic in this period of time. What I diislike is winter. So, please, in winter I should be taken to a some warm place. And if we go skiing, also need some place to warm up, after that.

子供がいるパートナーを受け入れますか? yes


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