Svetlana 在住の Kharkov, Ukraine

ID: 13481
名前: Svetlana
年齢: 30
生年月日: 22.07.1990
国籍: Ukraine
都市: Kharkov

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宗教: 仏教
職業: Teacher of foreign languages
教育: University degree
配偶者関係: not married
子供: Son
成長: 165 cm 5' 5"
重量: 52 kg 114 lbs
目色: Blue
髪色: Brunette
英語レベル: 上級
その他の言語: Russian, Ukrainian, German
パートナーの年齢層: 25-50


Frankly speaking, I am an active, positive and purposeful lady. Moreover, I am a romantic and sensitive woman with a big kind heart, special honest intelligence, a good sense of humor and who is strong and ambitious at the same time.


To begin with, I am looking for a well-being, smart, sporty, reliable, honest, kind and supportive man. Someone with whom I can share all moments and interests without pressure. To my way of thinking, love is a powerful feeling, capable of changing our lives, overcoming all hardships and building outstanding relations. I will appreciate his honesty and his strong character. Certainly, we will go through the life hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, in joy and in sorrow. I suppose, we will connect being lovers and the best friends at the same time. In addition to it, I need love because it is like the fresh air that gives you motivation to improve our life.


First of all, I would like to say that I am in the process of developing my school of foreign languages. What is more, I study at the law academy. I am passionate about dancing. Therefore, I lead an active lifestyle, like successful people and enjoy my life in all its forms. I never forgot about my inner world. In addition to it, I try to do my best in order to develop myself and my skills.


I cannot help telling you that I am interested in sport. It gives me real satisfaction and motivation always to be in a perfect shape. Therefore, I am keen on different kinds of sports. For instance, I am good at skiing, running, cycling and playing tennis. To my way of thinking, life is too short to stay at home for a long time. That is why, I try to fill my life with various and interesting events such as going to the theater, visiting art exhibitions, traveling going outdoors and enjoying nature. I have a big desire to live in full force and be aware of diverse activities.

タバコは吸いますか No
アルコールを飲みますか?週何回くらい/どれくらい? Occasionally

I enjoy spending time with my friends, traveling, dancing, stretching and cycling.


I like all kinds of music


"Peaky Blinders"



子供がいるパートナーを受け入れますか? Yes

To be honest, I am a tender, reliable and interesting woman.


Actually, I am in search of a real gentleman with a good sense of humor who would never betray or offend his woman. He should be attentive, loving, caring, cheerful, generous, tolerant, intelligent with his own business. I need someone who will take my breath away and make my heart beat faster. What is more, I hope to meet a man who would share my interests, support me in all my beginnings, appreciate my attitude to him and show me the world in other colors.


I was in the process of self-realization. It was not my purpose.


Trust and honesty



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