Elena 在住の Kharkov, Ukraine

ID: 12897
名前: Elena
年齢: 29
生年月日: 16.02.1993
国籍: Ukraine
都市: Kharkov

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職業: Administrator
教育: university degree
配偶者関係: never married
子供: no
成長: 167 cm 5' 5.7"
重量: 47 kg 103 lbs
目色: green
髪色: fair
英語レベル: 初級
パートナーの年齢層: 27-56


I am a true Ukraine lady.. I always try to work hard on myself, of course I am not ideal, but i am trying to develop myself in all spheres! I can be both a psychologist and a best friend, your teammate and partner! Do you want this? My life is harmonious and full of bright colors !! I am full of energy and love .. and I want to give it to Only One special man! I am bright and emotional, in my life rhythm there is so much adrenaline and positive. I always know how to make the moment more special, romantic. Any little thing can make me happy. And I always charge the positive around them. HONESTLY SAYING, I had a few doubts about dating on the Internet ... but why not? I believe in luck, in my heart and soul a lot of hope! And what is your experience here ?? In a relationship I like to give happiness, enjoy the little things and keep harmony! I am a wise woman and always try to avoid quarrels! It is better to joke and kiss) Do you agree?)


Are you a simple positive person who loves life ? A man who is ready for adventure? Because with me there will be a lot of them ... Who is responsible person, and not here for games? I’m looking for a serious man with whom I can build a strong family. I want my man to understand me, share my interests and to care about me. The most important features for me are honesty, responsibility and versatility. My The One and Only should be my friend, my husband and my lover. A woman must inspire a man, only in this case, the WINGS grow behind him, and he will know his hidden opportunities! I truly believe that MY Man is already looking for me. Or maybe you already found me?


I'm at the weird stage where I'm deeply craving something beautiful and meaningful. Yet… I think a good sense of humor is attractive. I love creating conversations with people and I give really spectacular hugs) I crave for intellect. In every aspect of life I strive to find something intellectually stimulating. And I really miss hugs and kisses.


I am not afraid of change and accept every moment of fate as a gift. Now I ask fate, so that she would help me meet a worthy person here, whom I can love and open up to him like a rose bud. I am not looking for a holiday romance or a relationship for the week. I am looking for real feelings and sincere love!!

タバコは吸いますか no
アルコールを飲みますか?週何回くらい/どれくらい? Socially

I have a lot of interests! I like being with family and relatives, and taking care of them, giving them gifts for the holidays and making great cakes and desserts for them !! I am a fairy in the kitchen and this is without exaggeration !!I like summer and a warm time when you can get a lot of emotions and entertainment. I adore swimming, water skiing, playing volleyball and tennis. I like to spend time in the circle of friends, but more and more I want romance, quiet and cozy evenings under the blanket in the arms of a beloved man. I often travel and look for beautiful places and new cultures. Travelling is my inspiration, it's better for me to spend a weekend in a new place than to buy new shoes) And the most important thing that I am ready to move to another country if I meet the sweet half!


I like very different music, disco music)


It can be a different movie, depens on my mood, sometimes I just enjoy a romantic comedy)


I like roses, my taste is classic)

子供がいるパートナーを受け入れますか? yes

I am a pretty, honest and bright girl, romantic and affectionate, sincere and open, quite confident, sociable and cheerful. Sounds too good?))


My ideal man should be clever, creative and easily adapts. He should be reliable, family-oriented, tender, and generous, tactful and educated, with sense of humor.


I dislike When people lie!


Respect, honesty, understanding and faithfulness are very important in my core values and beliefs. Communication will be open with no secrets or hidden unpleasant surprises.



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