Sabina 在住の Odessa, Ukraine

ID: 12490
名前: Sabina
年齢: 29
生年月日: 30.06.1991
国籍: Ukraine
都市: Odessa

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宗教: キリスト教
職業: Real estate agent, fashion model
教育: higher
配偶者関係: divorced
子供: no
成長: 165 cm 5' 5"
重量: 53 kg 117 lbs
目色: blue
髪色: brown
英語レベル: 初級
パートナーの年齢層: 30-45


I am a kind and simple girl without pathos. In my nature there is stubbornness, perseverance and justice. I try to achieve all my goals. Despite these tough qualities I also have kindness, honesty. One more thing is sociability, its important for me in all spheres. I feel like a real woman because in me the femininity and perseverance are combined, which is so necessary in our life.


I see next to me a smart man, with a sense of humor, with a solid attitude and knowledge of what he wants from life, the ability to set and achieve high goals, with an understanding of how to build a family.
I want to find such a person with whom it will be easy to live, dream, and fulfill dreams. A person who knows how to surprise in a good sense of the word, who knows how to take care of his beloved girl. I`d like him to be understanding, a good man, open-minded, not selfish egoist and most importantly not greedy and held in life!


I go in for sports and actively attend the gym, to keep myself in shape. I also like cycling, walking in new places, dancing. I like to visit different new restaurants and try different cuisines of different nationalities. I take a great interest in psychology and psychoanalysis.


I like to read interesting books, mainly on psychology and development.

タバコは吸いますか no
アルコールを飲みますか?週何回くらい/どれくらい? sometimes, light alcohol
子供がいるパートナーを受け入れますか? maybe


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