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Frequently Asked Questions about Ukrainian Dating & Matchmaking

At, we receive all kinds of questions about Ukrainian dating, matchmaking service, Ukrainian women's personality or romance trips to Ukraine. On this page, we cover a few of the basic questions below. If you have questions of your own or need more information and tips, you please feel to write us a message or register for a free matchmaking consultation. Yes, it is written correctly - the first consultation is totally free.

What airport of Ukraine is it better to fly to?

Firstly, one has to select a list of ladies, and based upon the lady's hometown decide where best to fly to. For example, if most of your ladies are from Kharkov, then you may fly to Kiev and buy a domestic flight from Kiev to Kharkov or you can be picked up by taxi by one of our staff. If most or your ladies are from Zaporozhye, you can also take domestic flights to Zaporozhye or Dnepropetrovsk (closest city to Zaporozhye).

If from Odessa - you can fly directly to Odessa, there is an airport there. In any case you can also travel between the cities by bus or by taxi. Our company will take care of all arrangements.

With how many Ukrainian ladies to start communication with at the same time?

This is a very individual question. In our opinion, if a man is not sure about making a proposal to one particular lady upon travelling to Ukraine, it is wise to be in communication with several ladies in order not to narrow ones options. Being in communication with say 3-5 ladies from Ukraine at the same time would be fine, then typically a man will narrow this circle and eventually will chose only one lady.

However, everyone is different, and some people prefer to talk to 1 lady only from the very beginning. So listen to your heart and our guidance, as we will always come back to you with the feedback about how this lady feels about communication with you, and if there is something wrong, we will suggest you to select another lady until you are satisfied with your choice.

Language difference: Do Ukrainian women speak English or other foreign languages?

Ukrainians do not need any other foreign languages in their everyday life, although everyone learnt at least one foreign language at school. Therefore, a proficient knowledge of a foreign language is not common. However, students generally learn English at school, so most women will have some degree of knowledge of the language.

I would say about one third of the Ukrainian girls speak quite well, one-third speak poorly but well enough not to rely on an interpreter, and one third do not speak but all can read well. In the each girl's profile their knowledge of English is rated.

Will language difference be a problem when couples first meet?

When people who speak different languages first meet, they are concerned about how their communication will happen! An experienced interpreter will build a conversation in a way that you will never notice her presence. You can look at the girl's eyes and smile at her, and the interpreter will just translate your speech into Russian words to sound like your Ukrainian lady is hearing the words from you! Language is a subject a girl can study! If she is in love with you, she will have a strong motivation and desire to learn English for you!

Also, some time will pass from the moment your lady agrees to marry you until the day she arrives in your country. Ladies usually begin learning English during this period, and most of the women are very smart.

Are Ukrainian women looking for rich husbands?

Unfortunately, some ladies using dating and matchmaking services in Ukraine are trying to "sell themselves as expensive as possible". But they do not form the majority of the clients of International matrimonial agencies such as In spite of low level of life in Russia and Ukraine, there are rich people here, and a growing middle class. And it is they who are the main "object of chase" for this materialistic category of women.

However, the most part of women looking for a husband abroad, want a normal, stable and reliable family relationship! Such relationship many Ukrainian/Russian men do not want. Of course, there are certain material criteria. A woman is ready to move to another country and understand that she will need some time for adaptation, and during this time she will have to depend completely on her husband. But this criterion, in most cases, is not as high as men think.

I'm afraid of an Internet scam! Is your Agency for real?

YES, Best-Matchmaking (former KatesModels) is a real matrimonial and matchmakung agency based in Ukraine. Our agency has been created more than 12years ago and our NEW ( web site was found in 2017 .

And our general manager is based in Ukraine and can be reached any time you need via telephones:

  • Ukraine: +380989899919, USA:+1 (775) 410 1005,
  • or skype: best-matchmaking.

Our company’s License number is 836852. We have offices in Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Kherson cities. Additionally, there are official partners in South Korea, Japan, China and USA.

And we also are partnered with many agencies located across Ukraine to introduce you to genuine marriage-oriented women of Ukraine. To learn more about our agency please visit the page About Us.

Should I send money to the lady I contact to cover her expenses?

Our matrimonial and matchmaking agency never suggests that you send cash to any lady without really knowing her. Even though we do all the research and know most our Ladies personally, our job is to protect you too. If the woman you are in contact with is really interested in you she will correspond with you without seeking financial gain. If you really want to make her feel good, send a gift through Best-Matchmaking , then we can verify that she receives the gift and send you several photos for confirmation.

Why do you use Skype for chatting girls instead of integrating online live chats into your web site system?

We have thought about offering this service, but it is somewhat unreasonable to expect a lady to spend hours sitting and waiting for someone to start chatting with her. You have to know that in other dating agencies girls who are always online get paid for their time! We consider this practice to be dishonest. We offer to set up an organized skype call with a chosen woman at a prearranged time.

How do I know that Ukrainian ladies on your site are real?

To remove all doubts we've created several services to assure you that the ladies really exist. Those services are as follows:

Best-Matchmaking will at special circumstances provide active members with the copy of a particular lady's passport. You can be assured that if you spend your hard earned money with us you will meet many different Ukrainian women and be able to communicate with them both by letter and in person.

How do I contact Ukrainian brides faster?

If you upload a profile of yourself on our website then the ladies can access and contact you faster. The more information and pictures you add, the more success is guaranteed. Get started today and register HERE.

Is it possible to get direct contacts of the ladies from your Marriage agency?

Due to our new company policy we have decided to provide our Matchmaking members  with many new services, giving them the possibility to connect faster with Ukrainian women. One feature is to provide our male clients with the ladies’s direct information (telephone number, e-mail address, etc.). Normally, ladies and men do not include any contact information into their letters. It is forbidden. But, if your relations grow into something serious and you both have a wish to start talking on your own, then we will allow this.

Our Contact exchange Policy in an overview:

A Ukrainian woman’s contact information is shared with a male client who is Matchmaking Member only until the woman agrees to share it, is informed about your background information, and approves that we give out any personal information to you. A woman may reject giving you her contact details without any explanations. A woman may still require us to give her translation service if she speaks none of your languages. For more information please, contact us.

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